Heavenly Fabric

Heavenly cotton

from Heavenly Patchwork Quilt Shop http://www.heavenlypatchworkquiltshop.com/  in Waconia…massive thanks to Kris for the gift certificate for some more fabulous hippy-esque cottons for the tacky hippy quilt I’ll eventually be making…I’ll be bring all the hippy fabric to the shop so I can find the perfect solid shade to sash the hippy squares with. The bubble gum pink with little Shamuses will be going into the pink box rather than the hippy quilt. December 27th 2012


Heavenly flannel

from Heavenly Patchwork Quilt Shop http://www.heavenlypatchworkquiltshop.com/  in Waconia… eeeeeeeeeeeeeee lookit the wickedly fun green with bugs! Love it! The stripy blue is for the opposite side of the plethora of diapers I can make via Teeny Tears for God’s Tiny Angels and any other hospitals I hear from here in MN…think I’ll make a couple preemie flannel lovies out of it as well.  Out of each fat quarter I can make 2 large teeny diapers, 2 small teeny diaper and 1 microteeny diaper…the itty bitty scraps left over are so tiny my heart is hardly broken to throw them away (usually I safe any scrap larger than 1X1 inch) The pile of small square is a charm set of flannel…at least 2 or 3 preemie lovies there…and now that the sewing machine is home safe and sound and ready to sew…so am I! If you’re in the area this is the dandiest place to get your machine adjusted: http://www.papasshoerepair.com excellent service and the prices are totally affordable! The Embroidery machine will be going in next! December 27th2012


on a sock monkey note…got 3 pairs of FABULOUS holiday knee hi’s at Target for half price! BOOWAHAHA!!! fear the savvy shopper!

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