quilts piecing, bonnets and crabby pants

‘Starlight in my Eye’.

Completed the top of the waiting room quilt! Its 56 inches square give or take.  The center fabulous block was given to me by Anna darknight-sky of Deviant Art http://darknight-sky.deviantart.com the first border is left over rainbow stripes from the quilt with a view at work, the purple border is made of scraps I got in the mail from a friend, then a border of left over monkey squares from last year’s baby quilts, a strip of fun Autism puzzle pieces and white-on-white in between.  Noticed that this picture isn’t horribly clear either…must be a setting on the camera messed up…oy! Nonetheless, this will be keeping my sanity in place during the many visits to assorted waiting rooms.  This one will be kept I think…as it’s dedicated to my ever lovin Husband and Lima Bean Man: Jim to the Myhre.  I plan on making a star template to fit the monkey squares… the center block will be quilted in the ditch…as will the multitude of sashing and borders… the white borders are 3 inches wide so I’m still contemplating what I could put there since this will all be hand work and I’d like to be able to go in one direction most of the time…dispensing with all the flipping of this beast to turn the corner and what not… January 20th 2013

Tiny little ecru burial bonnets.  I think these turned out perfect…love the prints I found at Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia. Need to get more attractive ribbon though, it’s hard to locate ribbon that actually matches the variety of off white fabric out there.  The pattern for these can be located for free at:http://www.sewingforbabies.com/Patterns/Angel%20Wing%20Burial%20Bon… half of these will be going to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia http://danettesangels.tripod.com/ , the rest…I’m thinking a hospital the teeny diapers are going to… January 20th 2013

Welcome our newest member of the critter family! Oliver’s hermit crab Sponge Bob (crabby pants) I hope to get a better photo if him very soon.  January 19th 2013


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