Surgery +1

one day out from the surgery and I’m working on breathing…crying at home only, think I’m doing pretty good since I’m waiting to get home to break down…Jim is still in ICU waiting for a bed to open in the neurology wing…

as the tumor was a different variety then they thought it was initially he should improve quickly…well quicker than expected in the 1st place.  He’s not as dizzy as before the surgery, dizzy in a different way…more like seeing double when he’s moving rather than spinny barfy…

I visited today till 2 pm and I thought he felt warm when I kissed him for the b-zillionth time…he poo-pooed it since he is such a man…so I told on him on my way out the door…hey…it’s my job to be the man nark…oh he had heart burn too that he was blowing off…told on that too…that’s what he gets for trying to be all tough in front of me…

I’m getting better at driving in the big cities…not truely enjoying it or anything silly like that and I lost the jeep in the parking garage…CHA I know loose a jeep covered in bumper stickers…who would have thunk it…I’m just not getting used to the big city folk…they don’t make eye contact and when I smile and say hi I’m looked at like I just escaped the psych ward…am I such a freak? and those looks are just from the one’s that do make eye contact…the rest are absorbed with their phones or watching their feet walk…I gave up eventually in the tunnel to the garage…I watched my feet walk…not nearly as exciting as looking up…

here’s Jim on the mend…he wanted this picture taked so I could show Oliver that Jim is a little damaged but he’s still rocking on…

on a wacky note…hey this stress crap is a wonderful diet plan…either that or that horrid hospital food I tried yesterday…lost 5 pounds…don’t worry now…as soon as I get him home I’ll pile all that lard right back on!

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