haven’t been creative for a while

I haven’t been very creative of late…in fact I haven’t actually made anything for about a month…it’s not for lack of stuff to make, I have plenty of diapers cut out, I have receiving blankets that only need the top stitching and they would be done…I even have newborn quilt all sandwiched and ready to go as well…you see I’ve been building a new and very fabulous sewing nook at my mom’s house

For a while all I had was this diagram…drove me a little crazy so I started packing up all my creative diddle dee doos, and bringing Jeep loads over…Bought some fabulous metal shelving units at Menard’s, picked up a felt backed vinyl table cloth at Walmart to make a design wall…all these years of quilting I never had a design wall…the blocks really stick to the felt!

I have a lovely window that looks out at the gardens, if it ever stops snowing I plan on transplanting the bleeding heart plant I’ve had for oh 20 years or so right outside my window and move my lovely Buddha out there as well…

There’s a ledge for some light stuff and my radio so I can have music while sewing/cutting/creating.

This photos a bit blurry…I couldn’t get back far enough…let’s just say I have never had all my supplies where I can see them…WOW…I won’t need to buy fabric or socks for sock beasties for quite a while!  I have all my complete quilt tops in one place so I can get to work on those…well…I have a lot of work ahead of me!

Can’t forget about Shamus…Sprawled in his bed in the sun for a bit…sweet pupper-butt!


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