another house quilt


Another House quilt all quilted by Rose of Sharon (Sharon Scott) out in Onyx CA, edged, washed dried and ready to be either hung on the wall in our new chunk of home or perhaps put on the couch to keep wee knees warm!

A little about this quilt…Found these blocks while tidying my fabric stash back in August 2012.   Jim made the template for these out of Plexiglas for me so I could get a consistent sized house…yes houses again…I had already put the sky pieces on these and put them away…got this fun laundry day fabric for no apparent reason and wa la the next quilt I’ll be sending out to be quilted…this quilt is about 45 inches by 54.5 inches…couldn’t locate the tape measure so I had to use my ruler…I’ll have to bring this with to the quilt shop to locate the perfect backing…

The perfect backing was found at JoAnn one day on one of those whim shopping trips, doesn’t go with the front in the least I think that’s why it works…fabulous teal peacock frappe’ too gorgeous…best part I bought enough that I could edge it in the same color.  Sharon quilted Another House Quilt in a shade of lime green that’s in the backing…too perfect…she also quilted a cat, dog or flowers at the base of each house while adding a door, window and a heart…she quilted in clouds in the sky…I am so glad I’m actually keeping this quilt, the color the little details you have to look for…I’m really quite proud of this cookie cutter quilt! If you look very close at this photo you can see a wee puppy quilted on the house block at the bottom…cute! There’s a bird in the sky as well…

Well I actually accomplished something in a sewing/creative way this weekend…yay…April 28th 2013

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