cool multi-legged creatures


Hinrik 5-5-13

and Gustav

Gustav 5-5-13

my mother’s day darkling blue death feigning beetles Cryptoglossa verrucosus …

death feigning beetles 1 5-5-13

eeeeeeeeee…a couple of bug-a-boos I can occasionally hold…Tabitha gave these 2 wicked little critters to me a week early but that’s OK…I can’t quite tell them apart or if they are both dudes…pretty sure they won’t come when called… May 4th 2013


Morticia drinking 1 5-5-13

Morticia our really neato Emperor Scorpion Pandinus Imperator, getting a drink from her new bowl…J oh and I don’t hug her…love her to bits but fear her stinger…

Morticia drinking 2 5-5-13

no idea if she is indeed a she for that matter… May 5th 2012


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