Sun Shiny Tangle WIP

Sunshine Tangle WIP 5-6-14

Glibby Glop Gloopy Nibby Nobby Nooby La La La Lo Lo…Silently Smiling Sunshine Work in progress…
The paper is actually quite white…I took the photo without flash using the lighting from Green Wilmer’s (Water Dragon) tank…he has one red bulb and one green…very festive.
When I get my book published (eh hem…cough…slight sarcasm) this will be the end papers as well as S is for… He may take a while as in my mind’s eye he will be quite intricate and busy…and in full fabulous color since I have an assortment of markers now…
Look forward to getting home just for a bit of Zen! April 6th 2014
Oh and straight lines are totally not my forte’…just sayin’

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