Chi Chi Laroo!

Chi Chi Laroo 10-4-14 1

Chi Chi La Roo (Euathlus truculentus) newest member of the family… can’t tell if she is a she or if he is just Fabulous! She…He… They will be getting a much better tank to live in very soon… till then Chi Chi will reside in the box she came in… she sticks her leg out of the air holes occasionally and doesn’t take it personally if you pet her fuzzy appendage … eeeeeeeee… found her living by many a furry legged cousin at Twin Cities Reptiles… October 4th 2014

Chi Chi Laroo 10-4-14 3 Chi Chi Laroo 10-4-14 2


One comment on “Chi Chi Laroo!

  1. I had a tarantula as a classroom pet for years. I was so sad when it died finally. I did find that fuzz extremely irritating to my skin, causing a great deal of itching. =) Interestingly, it was always more active in the classroom than at home in the summers!

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