ART like a ceative me!

home-sweet-much-better-6-22-08Home Sweet Home…
I LOVE this painting… It turned out just like I wanted it to!
Painfully bright…slightly crooked…Sigh!
Jim hung it buy my tarantula tank so I can look at it every day when I turn on her light.
I bought 2 super fine line brushes and a pin striping brush for all the black outlining.
I think it’s lovely!
Photo however seems blurry so I’ll have to take a better on real soon!

June 16th 2008


Corrosive Erosion:

As long as I quit looking at it…it’s done! BOOWAHAHA
This is what you’d see if you pried open my head…yeah metallic paint… too much color? not enough?!? what do ya mean not enough??!?!
Biggest canvas I’ve had to date…36X42…MAUDE in Himmel! this was fun!


April 7th 2008


Crooked Mac-a-Roni Sidewalk!

This painting began with a shape in my head.  A wiggly, curly cue hill that would fer sure kill you if you tried to skate from top to bottom…

Once I had the teal-ish hill contemplated on the canvas I used this 3-D gell ggo to make the side walk mixing in a bit of yellow orage color along the way… once it dried it took on the shade of cheap assed mac-n-cheese, you know, the kind that never really mixes all the way so you end up chewing little chunks of dried orange whey?!? yeah! 

Well, my hill needed a home on top where my death wanting skateboarder could live, hense the odd Dr. Seuse-esque house and I needed trees, flowers, a wee swamp for the frogs to sing in…a raindow for acceptance…and of course a green sun…hmmm… life could really be a techno color dream if ya try!




space-man-monkey-toesI have drawn, Sketched, painted, sculpted…created since I was hmmm ’bout 5 ish when I found out it was better to misbehave and be in the corner with a coloring book and crayon than attempting to play basketball as a kendergartener.  I have continued my ‘hobby’ of making stuff ever since.  Oh it would be WAY cool to make a living with my art…WAY COOL!  but I’ve no education, and no funding (hey where’s my bailout Mr. Bush) so alas I shall perhaps forever be an occasional artist.


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