Autism Spectrum info Gleaned from the web +

This is a page for me to store anything I might find helpful on the web pertaining to the versions of Autism I’m working with…mostly PDD NOS in a youth and an adult…mind you this is stuff I’ve located that might help me…might being the operative word…I will comment if it actually was…I’ll be sure to add the web pages hopefully they will stay in the same place so you can just click and go…also this might work for me…and might not work for you…since it a SPECTRUM disorder…we’re all over the place… 🙂 luck to us all!


One comment on “Autism Spectrum info Gleaned from the web +

  1. purchased this for O a couple weeks ago…it’s a very nice concept but it’s currently collecting dust by my chair…think I’ll put it in the Jeep where’s he’s trapped with no entertainment perhaps he’ll check it out…and we can work on a few things occasionally…

    since they used real children’s pictures rather than line drawings he seems a bit more interested in it.

    ‘Teach your student emotional intelligence (EQ). IQ gets you through school but EQ gets you though life!This emotion set is one of a kind. A superb quality photograph on the front of each card teaches a child to label emotions. The back of each card teaches a child how these emotions feel and when they could occur.

    What’s in this pack?

    This convenient ring set keeps the cards intact and is the perfect size to carry around. Cards can easily be removed from ring to provide multiple learning options. There are 30 emotion cards with a size of 3″ x 3.5″ each. Emotions in the set include happy, sad, angry, frustrated, excited and many more.’

    at $12 a great buy…actually something I could afford for a change…I have made a picture ring using photos of O, his friends and emotions from Google Image search…but since I can’t professionally laminate anything…my lovely picture cards are falling apart already…

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