Boris and Wilma

Boris the duck from Blue’s Clues finally done…the paper pieced marvel…alright perhaps not marvel but I’m always a bit excited when I actually accomplish something! He was all echo quilted by hand while kinda watching a few movies and a couple seasons of the X-files much to Jim’s chagrin! Boris is a free pattern:…

Detail of the quilting…hey now don’t be measuring…I know there aren’t 10 stitches per inch and if there are it was purely by accident…the super cute ducky buttons are from a knitting/spinning shop in Buffalo…Boris is a free pattern:…

Boris in his new home amongst the other assorted bucks in the bathroom.   Yup all this work and effort to hang in the bathroom…hey it’s how I roll.  Now to draw a rubber duck on some adequate plywood so Jim can cut it out and I can make a nifty jewelry holder to put by this shelf!  I’ll have to buy some paint and brushes too…so many silly ideas so little time! Boris is a free pattern:…

wilma home 8-18-13

Wilma’s home in the TV room.  Eventually I’ll have to get her a larger tank but I’m pretty sure it will reside in the same place.

wilma w fish 8-17-13

Wilma contemplating the tiny rosy red minnows we put in her water dish…contemplating mind you, she prefers crickets and monster worms to fish at the moment.

wilma water dish 8-17-13

Wilma hanging out in her casserole water dish…hey! It works for now but when she gets bigger …



Critters hairless & furred

500 GW in the sun 8-12-13

Green Wilma getting some real sun…we’ve discovered that Wilma is a male Chinese Water Dragon…but the name has adhered…thus Green Wilma will remain his stage name…he’s a cross dresser of Julie Newmar stature!

500 GW over the shoulder 8-12-13

Green Wilma either come hither or don’t you dare touch me…hard to tell…Loved watching the flies and other bugs flit around…very wary every time a bird would fly over.

500 Helga escape 8-12-13

Helga-Hiss-a-Lot contemplating this here crack…her head could fit but her tiny appendages were far to small to get all of her up high enough

500 helga on the move 8-12-13

Helga-Hiss-a-Lot on the run…hard to tell from the photo but she can really move er slither once she knows where she it…she had to stop and taste ever dead leaf and wee weed along the way…

500 Helga scouting the patio 8-12-13

pretty spry for an 8 year old blue tongued skink! Helga creeping under my mom’s chair…good thing my mom isn’t totally terrified of the hairless beasties!

500 Shamus on mommy 8-12-13

Shamus getting over his jealous moment when he didn’t get to go outside with the lizards…not an attractive view but I know he loves me!

500 shamus RUN 8-13-13

just after 5 am…pretty dark in here…just had to say where’s daddy and here he comes to look for him… 🙂

Flock, Flowers & Flannel

Flock of Hens & Chicks living quite happily in mom’s terraced garden August 5th 2013

Star Gazer lily living outside my window. I can’t take credit for any of these fabulous flowers…Mom did all the work! August 5th 2013

2 more star gazers living in a short yet fabulous row in the garden outside my window August 5th 2013

Small teeny tears diapers (18 week gestation sized) bound for Saint Mary’s Hospital in Rochester Minnesota once I get the large ones completed tonight. I used up my entire stack of larges sized diapers that were cut out…am totally bummed but flannel is where the mad money will be going this week…so I can get another pile cut out for the next hospital…need needles for the sewing machine as I’m using the very last one I have…shocker! August 5th 2013

paper pieced heart WIP -n- Shamus

Good Works heart WIP

for my All Who Dwell in my Heart Quilt. Made this block out of cottons and flannel I’ve used to make quilts, lovies, angel pockets and teeny diapers  I plan on making a super teeny diaper to sew onto the orange spackled fabric.  The monkey in the heart is for all the sock monkeys and sock beasties that now reside across the planet and that wee sheep with the pacifier is for all the babies I’ve helped keep warm.…the pattern is free and can be found at: I blew it up a bit on the copier…paper pieced by hand…that’s how I roll…I’ll be adding ribbons by machine and hand embroider ‘good works’ on the frame of the heart.  Paper piecing Completed July 15th 2013…block is about 8.2 inches square. One more block to go and I’ll have all 20 blocks completed for this quilt!

fabulous feline fabric

Fifteen fabulous feline fat quarters arrived today!

All ready to iron and chop up for the 2 (so far) cat box quilts…eeeeeeee can’t wait to see ho dandy these turn out! And I LOVE the selection of really fun fabrics at when I start the great Shamus quilt of Puppy butts I’ll have to go back to get a plethora of canine cotton. I have way too many great ideas for quilts…perhaps now that I have my creativity niche I can really get to work accomplishing a few. I should have more than enough left over kitties to make a couple more knee warmers too!  July 1st 2013

Sew I’m sewing again…just like riding a bike…

almost completed a sweet baby/toddler/wheelchair-bound-knee-warmer quilt…flannel with Minky front with coordinating flannel for the back.  Sea foam and lavender really go nicely together.  Used a thin iron-on batting that gives it a nice drape, very comfortable for the summer months.  Now…do I donate it, Give it or sell it.  If I sell it I can use the funds towards my next donation shipment that I have 2  currently waiting to leave…If I donate it, it will have to wait till I can afford to ship it…and who to give it to… It’s approximately 36 inches square, machine quilting for durability…the squares were already together, it’s a cheater quilt on the bolt…I’ve noticed one area where their stitching is a bit loose so I’ll be adding a little something, a butterfly or flower to cover the loose stitches when I’m done quilting.  Oh all those fabulous shiny safety pins…just there for the moment…lol…think there’s about ½ hour of work left on this one.  I have a boy version of cheater quilt too…perhaps that one will be next…oh who knows! June 24th 2013

500 room getting better 6-24-13


The white is slowly breaking up into pleasing negative space…I have a massive Jimi Hendrix poster to put up, along with Henry Rollins young and screaming into a microphone and a few more painting adventures to hang once I find them in the closet full of boxes…ugh a closet full to still empty…perhaps over the next holiday I’ll have the energy…or maybe I’ll just sew! Oh I love 3M Velcro mounting deals that don’t damage walls! June 24th 2013



Lights Camera goldfish?

behold the international fabulousness that is the lighting of the vintage trailer in the sprawling metropolis

of Watertown MN…yup…well…there ya go…Oliver enjoyed it…all oh 3 minutes or so till the excitement wore

off… December 3rd 2012

Oliver’s goldfish, Nemo and Nemo…we needed their picture for a school project…ever notice fish won’t pose or smile?!? December 4th 2012

lollipops and SOUP

4 more fabulous lollipop head dollies…baby safe (squeaker tummy, rattle head, hand embroidered), still need to be tested for hug-a-bility by Olivia, and ready for the wash, then will bagged and boxed for the next box out to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia…pattern found FOR FREE at:…  completed November 12th 2012


Beer Cheese Soup

Note: when you cook said beer all the alcohol content goes up in steam…this is definitely not a light soup…thick hearty…not very healthy…but super yummy and will stick to yer bones…good for winter noms!




One 12 ounce can of beer, pilsner or light ale I used Budweiser, no idea how this would turn out with a dark beer…

Three 10 ¾ ounce cans condensed cheddar cheese soup

One 14.5 ounce can of no salt chicken broth

8 ounces heavy whipping cream

12 ounces frozen mixed veggies

½ small white onion diced

14 ounces of quartered small red skinned potatoes, leave the skin on

8 ounces sliced mushrooms

8 ounces baby carrots


Dump everything into a large crock pot and put on low for about 8 hours or until potatoes and carrots are done to your liking.  This amount of soup will feed 10 for one meal or 4 for a few meals.  Very yummy with buttered toast squares or garlic bread!

sock stew and sock slicings

Old sock and lemon stew…

not quite as hearty as some of my crock pot adventures… this was brought to light by my friend Angie… ‘Discolored socks will look white again if you boil them for a few minutes in a pan of water with a slice of lemon in it.’ Well out of all these socks I got one pair I feel will work for a sock monkey, the rest are well quite used and still rather ugly, back into the sock drawer! Although it was fun to have the family come out smelling the chicken in the oven then look into the stock pot full of old socks…I didn’t ladle any into a bowl however… October 23rd 2012

1 monkey and 6 will be baby proof stubby legged beasts chopped and ready to sew.  There will be stubby monkeys, stubby cats and at least 1 stubby puppy/bunny depending where I put the ears. The baby safes will be going to God’s Tiny Angels in WV.  No idea how quick I can get them all done though…Gotta get to that sewing machine I’m on the last ready to finish monkey! October 24th 2012

Mz Lavender Wee in process, since these are all by hand I don’t have to contemplate getting to the machine.  This one may be for my mom.  She said this is all she wants for X-mas…sigh…How do I spoil a person with one lone sock creature?!? October 24th 2012