sea foam & lavender for sale on Etsy

This is the perfect size lovie for wrapping a baby against the cold,

covering the stroller against the sun, lying on the lawn so baby can explore the great outdoors without getting in the grass and

as baby grows into a toddler is a fine drag about or blanket for daycare nap time.

available at:

All items sold in this store are to fund the making and shipping of baby goods for preemie and at risk newborns via God’s Tiny Angels also the creating and shipping of sock beasties via Operation Sock Monkey.

sweet toddler not included with the quilt 🙂


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Sewing in a heat wave

with the heat index of 110 outside this weekends and it was a balmy 84 inside…

Burp cloth & Bib set to sell (hopefully) on Etsy




pink pile of happiness probably will be from Oliver to his baby sister for his mom’s baby shower



35 inch square flannel bigger than a receiving blanket, blanket for Olivia Grace…White with Lavender paw prints on the back…too cute!



bibs bonnets bartering & shamus

Just a Little Hankie ‘

I am just a little hankie, As square as can be; But with a stitch or two, They’ve made a bonnet out of me. I’ll be worn home from the hospital, and on special days, and then I’ll be carefully pressed and neatly packed away. Then on the wedding, I have been told, every well dressed Bride must have something old. So what would be more fitting than to find Little Old Me, A few stitches snipped and a wedding handkerchief I will be! And if per chance, it is a boy, someday he still will wed. So to his Bride he can present the handkerchief once worn upon his head’

Made 3 girl bonnets and one boy bonnet…

Pile of goodies I’m bartering with a scarf maker for an eye burning winter scarf…hey, till I can walk in the garden without sinking to my knees winter isn’t over yet… 🙂

Hot pink ninja bib on Etsy

Punk in training bib for sale on etsy

Rocker in training bib for sale on Etsy

Zombie ducky bib for sale on Etsy, I’ll be adding this little ducky to the table cloth I’m using at my wedding…

Shamus in need of a haircut stretching on me during a brief interlude between sewing projects…

The 1st Braingnet

This is your embroidered Braingnet (yup I made up that word…) Your embroidered Braingnet can stick mysteriously to just about any metal object…a metal light fixture…a previously viewed dryer (perhaps a new one too), a metal bed post…even the metal strings of a guitar although I don’t think it will improve your playing ability…it can even stick to a vehicle exterior but I don’t think it will still be there once you reach you destination or survive a car wash…If you’re really old school you can put your brain on the refrigerator…so retro the whole magnet on the fridge!

This fabulous machine embroidered brain is all of 1 14/16 X 1 9/16 inches on a dime sized magnet…and it can be all yours with free shipping…yes FREE shipping

Dark green brain matter with silver grey sulcrus (brain wrinkles)

If you just love this Braingnet but were thinking different colors would better fit your brain just convo me and I can totally create a brain of a different color!

For sale on:


hoping to sell on Etsy…

HOPING mind you!

I drool there4 I am bibs

Wacky fun drool bibs show a little more personality than your average rather bland spit catcher…

Fabulous colors and characters make your little drool factory a spectacular saliva producer!

Terry cloth with Velcro closures for quick on and off for those more rowdy of the newly erupted tooth.

Machine embroidery survives the many washes these spittle catchers will need to go through.

7 inches by 10 inches of absorbency

Have a special event coming up and want you goo dribbler to go in style? Convo me and I’m sure I can whip something spectacular up for you!  No added charge!

Spooky eyed doll not included with bib…

Payment = Postal Money Orders, Personal Checks and well hidden $ mailed to me…No Pay pal payments yet… L

Shout Out to Urban Threads for their GREAT designs!

Can be purchased at: