sew sew, Shamus

preemie angel bonnets 10-26-14

Made a pile of preemie sized bonnets out of wide cotton edging, I think they turned out great! Also hand sewed 3 angel bonnets. These will all be going to GTA with the next box. 10-26-2014


Shamus celebrated his 4th birthday with scrambled eggs… look fast he snatched them up before the camera could focus!




Chi Chi Laroo!

Chi Chi Laroo 10-4-14 1

Chi Chi La Roo (Euathlus truculentus) newest member of the family… can’t tell if she is a she or if he is just Fabulous! She…He… They will be getting a much better tank to live in very soon… till then Chi Chi will reside in the box she came in… she sticks her leg out of the air holes occasionally and doesn’t take it personally if you pet her fuzzy appendage … eeeeeeeee… found her living by many a furry legged cousin at Twin Cities Reptiles… October 4th 2014

Chi Chi Laroo 10-4-14 3 Chi Chi Laroo 10-4-14 2

Shamus in glorious color


Shamus with his nifty hair cut in front of the fabulous Judi made rainbow afghan…lovely! November 23rd 2013

Shamus looking pointedly at me while I’m cutting flannel…guess he needs something! November 24th 2013

Tired Shamus after his day at the groomer…hugging his giant honker dog… November 23rd 2013

Shamus gazing at the boob tube…or perhaps just snoozing November 23rd 2013

Ah Shamus over the shoulder stop-taking-my-picture look November 24th 2013

cool multi-legged creatures


Hinrik 5-5-13

and Gustav

Gustav 5-5-13

my mother’s day darkling blue death feigning beetles Cryptoglossa verrucosus …

death feigning beetles 1 5-5-13

eeeeeeeeee…a couple of bug-a-boos I can occasionally hold…Tabitha gave these 2 wicked little critters to me a week early but that’s OK…I can’t quite tell them apart or if they are both dudes…pretty sure they won’t come when called… May 4th 2013


Morticia drinking 1 5-5-13

Morticia our really neato Emperor Scorpion Pandinus Imperator, getting a drink from her new bowl…J oh and I don’t hug her…love her to bits but fear her stinger…

Morticia drinking 2 5-5-13

no idea if she is indeed a she for that matter… May 5th 2012

Gotta Skink in the Bucket

Helga Hiss A Lot –

Blue Tongued Skink, 8 years old – in the big green bucket while her tank lid was being modified…

modified meaning Jim was using the grinder to remove the latch that Olivia really wanted to impale her little baby head on now that she can pull her self up on things…I figured Helga wouldn’t enjoy the sparks flying and the screaming of metal on metal oh the excitement at our house! September 17th 2012

Poor Shamus got hurt

Poor sweet Shamus…

he was so excited on Thursday waiting on the deck for Tab that when she arrived he spun in a circle like usual…unfortunately this time he got his toe stuck between the boards on the deck… he tore his toenail almost totally off…poor baby…

I feel horrible as I was the one who said ‘SHAMUS…who’s here?!?’ we took him to his vet clinic which one of the best I’ve ever been to and they did a fabulous job with our little injured dude…if you’re ever in I guess central Minnesota go to Dr. Mattson did a great job keeping Shamus and his family OK with the goings on… August 2nd 2012


Sadly my sweet Tiberius the tarantula was found deceased Tuesday morning… 😦 I didn’t even have him a year…

😦 non arachnid loving people can’t understand how someone can become attached to a spider…sigh…I’ve been around spiders all my life heck you probably are within 10 feet of a few right now…My mom had tarantula’s till I was about 8…I’ve had my own tarantulas as soon as I could afford them… RIP Tiberius…

Mind you I’m not blindly replacing one beast with another…my daughter and I were out and about and found Endora…and yes it’s the same gravel well washed…

introducing Endora the Rosy haired tarantula…sex and age unknown (yeah I’m shocked too…well no) with her fuzzy legs spread out she’s about as big as my palm…she likes hanging out on the glass in the corner of her tank…OH yeah sh’s named after that fiery redheaded mom on Bewitched…