Rather productive StayCation

Very productive 5 day staycation!


Celestial Rainbow a large lap quilt I started in 2009 and just finish will be going to my Auntie Ev when my mom visits her…lots of hand quilting in the 2 large circles one’s a sun and the other is a moon.  I machined the borders…love all this bright happy fabric, frogs, bug and buttons…it’s backed with black that has embroidered dots in a rainbow of colors. Finally finished December 29th 2013.


Christmas gifts of fabrics from Tabitha and my mom! Mom got me a massive pile of cottons, socks for beasties and fun buttons. Tabitha got me scrumptious flannels and a fabulous Gingher scissor! I can cut through 5 layers of fabric at a time… December 25th 2013 wow I really need to get sewing!


Tagasaursi (multiple tagasauruses) the cute Camo one and giant lady bug one already have homes, the other 2 will be going to God’s Tiny Angels.  The pattern for these via: http://www.bubblesandbobbins.com/2012/03/tutorial-how-to-make-dinos…

December 29th 2013

Massive stacks of flannel…Think I’d better get to work! December 28th 2013


My modern troll audience hanging out on my lamp (thanks Tab) can always use more color in my sewing space! December 26th 2013

Fabric Box, 1st try, found this idea on http://seaside-stitches.blogspot.com/2013/03/fabric-box-tutorial.html but rather than putting the little triangles on the inside I put them on the out so they can be used as tiny pockets…perhaps I’ll make up a tutorial for this version.  With the copious amounts of fabric I will be making quite a few of these for Christmas 2014…December 29th 2013

Blue & Green Fabric box made for my Shoebox Swap partner (2014) December 29th 2013

Think I’ll make a tutorial for this version with the little pockets on the outside…


QWAV detail TLH pink Operation Sock Monkey ;)

Tiny Little Houses quilt pink house # 2

…not quite finished…but looking neat! Pattern was FREE athttp://www.forestquilting.com/paperpiecing_free/paperpiecing_free_p… (Crazy Crooked House by Patrice Trnka Adams) this house I did as planned…blue window, definitely different colored door so it sticks out and eventually this fun green for the grass…did most of it while trying not to pay attention to the Republican convention poo on the boob tube…vomitrocious…will be embroidering a door knob on the door in some fabulous color…this block is about 8 inches square…I like the crookedness of it…totally a bubble off if you will! Almost finished on August 30th2012

Realized I never took detailed photos of the Quilt With a View…the 3D flowers are really fun and add some tactile aspects to it along with the wee quilt hanging in front of the wee Shamus…call me a freak…really go for it…but I really like the look of hand stitching on a quilt even if my stitches aren’t fabulously even or tiny.

I like that I can look at this and see the effort I put into it…I can remember what was going on around me while working on it…like the discover that Olivia doesn’t like it when I quilt rather than pay attention to her…and Shamus doesn’t really mind pins when laying on a quilt I’m working on…

Oh and that I should have put the clothes pins on last…my thread was forever catching on them when I was quilting near them…as I totally prattle on…giggle…and guffaw… pics taken August 31st 2012…during a lovely Blue Moon!

On a great googily moogily happy note: the 2nd box of sock beasties has made it to Operation Sock Monkey in Canada http://www.operationsockmonkey.com/…these beasties will eventually be given to needy children in other countries…they could be in Africa, East Asia…who knows…but some little someone will have one of my beasties as a squishy little friend… massively huge grin! August 29th 2012

finished 1, working on another, contemplating more…quilts

Jungle bassinet lovie, baby blue backing hand quilted.  This will go to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginiahttp://danettesangels.tripod.com  7-14-12

Our House baby quilt grew to an approximate twin sized quilt…62” X 78” I’ll quit adding rainbow borders now…still have prairie points to add to 2 hopefully 3 sides then I can bring it to my mom’s to sandwich it, it’s too massive to sandwich at my house…the backing will be rainbow peace symbols on white. Figure allot of machine quilting and I’ll hand quilt the houses…no idea where this one will live…pretty massive for a wall I’ll probably send it to a Heart baby/young adult at the children’s hospital since it’s pretty big.  If it’s too big for that I’ll send it to Project Linus or perhaps a battered woman’s shelter if I can find one that will take one lone quilt…7-15-12

Prairie point ready to be attached to the Our House quilt…I’m aiming for Tuesday for prairie Point adhesion 7-15-12


Picked up some fun Skelanimals flannel at Douber’s in Waconia (Yeah they had Skelanimals!) and a solid to go with each…backing will be this fabulous peace Minky…put together a boy pileand a girl pile…since I have a yard of each Minky these quilts will be 36 inches square…I’m sure I’ll have left overs of the flannel so I’ll be making a few other lovies with the flannel. These lovies will all go to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginiahttp://danettesangels.tripod.com  7-14-12

Cherish’s sock monkey quilt almost done!

Cherish Sock Monkey Quilt…

Quilted blocks…this will in fact be completed by the time of the baby shower for wee little Cherish! Fabric

from: Amazon, Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia, Etsy, Fabric.com and a bit of X-mas 2010 from Kris to the K.

each block is 17 inches square including the log cabin strips…bits of each block was hand quilted as I can’t

quite drive my sewing machine with that much accuracy… added ties of almost the background color to

further restrain the batting… April 29th 2012

Cherish Sock Monkey Quilt continuing

Thanks to the rain I managed to get some quilting done the Cherish Sock Monkey quilt!

Hard to see but I finished the belly button block quilting around all the wee square monkeys.

Note the fabulous tie dyed backing! Mmmmmmmmm PINK!4-22-12

Gotta look super close to she the name Cherish quilted under the ‘The End’…think I’ll add a heart or 2 above the rectangle to further hold the batting in place.  I have 28 days to finish this quilt…HOPE I MAKE IT!4-22-12

working on Sock Beasties

neckless wonder made of 2 newborn ankle socks…safe eyes…puff ball nose…felt tongue with swarovski (sp) crystal piercing…sewn all by hand…yeah like I could get this tiny deal on the sewing machine…lol…12-22-11


eeeeeeeeeeee…massive pile of fuzzy toe socks…think of the multitude of monster type beasties these will make!!! 12-22-11 I love Amazon!


Ape armed slouch…beginning…made of 1 Halloween toddler sock 12-22-11


Used to be a hippo…unstuffed and taking apart at the seams so I can use the fabric…this is what I’ve stooped to since I can’t locate fabulous fake fur…sigh…what a linty mess! 12-22-11

a few sock beasties

Tiny toddler sock monkey…OK not that tiny…actually about 9 inches tall. Machine and hand sewn, hand embroidered wiggly lips, repurposed sock tail…definitely not baby safe! Small wooden bead nose and jingle bell necklace…very cute and Oliver approved! Will eventually be for sale on Etsy…completed 12-3-11

Tiny Toddler sock monkey for my mom for Xmas. OK not that tiny…actually about 9 inches tall. Machine and hand sewn, hand embroidered wiggly lips, repurposed sock tail…definitely not baby safe! Small wooden bead nose and tiny glass bottle necklace with an ‘I Love You’ note inside…very cute and Oliver approved! 12-4-11

Toddler Sock Monkey Brothers


3 eyed candy cane sock monster made of a pair of thigh highs and a pair on knee highs and the finger tips of 2 gloves…not very baby proof with the bells hanging off the jester danglers…used red ribbon to give her jointed arms and legs…

pretty sure this is a her…Oliver says she’s silly…machine and hand sewn…’safe’ eyes and nose…need to measure her to see how tall she really is…she’s kind of gangly…weighted beads in her butt so she sits better…completed 12-6-11

wee lucky cat

Wee Pink Lucky Sock Cat made using the book: Stray Sock Sewing: Making one of a Kind Creatures form Socks http://www.amazon.com/Stray-Sock-Sewing-Making-Creatures/dp/B004KAB… … out if a tiny newborn pair of socks… sewn all by hand…I didn’t even think of trying to sew this on the machine. Note size compared to the spool of thread…wee and adorable! Again…no idea who this will go to…but she will eventually! Completed: 11/14/2011

Lucky Sock Cat

Lucky Sock Cat made using the book: Stray Sock Sewing: Making one of a Kind Creatures form Socks… gotta admit lime green and purple argyle…gets your attention. Think I’ll be saving this kitty for the holiday gift exchange at work! Completed: 11/10/2011…sewn all by hand with wee bell on Hello Kitty ribbon collar

sewing painting beastie making

Jazmin’s Glove Squirrel…kinda looks like a fox but I made it using the pattern for the chipmunk…oh well…Jaz likes it none the less…

Big Brained Cat Rabbit…no pattern used…just let the socks speak to me…lol…made this for Heidi for her birthday…$1.50 worth of socks…on sale at Target…

Ella’s Zarzak…Ella so loved my Halloween sock beastie from an art trade that I made her a Zarzak of her very own for X-mas…
From a kit off Amazon make your own sock monsters (John Murphy)

Chicken Headed Frog Chameleon…a chunk of a toe sock and a pair of cool girls socks left over big brain cat rabbit sock…and WA LA…chicken headed frog chameleon for Jazmin’s birthday…also this month…


Olivia’s Oonie…doesn’t quite look like the original Oonie…But I hope Olivia like it when she gets bigger…1 red heeled sock and baby safe eyes & nose…

Sock beastie family portrait…group portrait before shipping out the cat rabbit
can you see the resemblance?

In between the wedding, Olivia, and copious sewing I decided to repaint the trim in the kitchen…unknown to me Shamus was the QC on this job…can you tell what color I did the trim?

Course I was so on top of things I didn’t notice his new eye-shadow till it had dried…I managed to comb most of it out although he still has a few little dots of orange on the short hair…OY!