just a bit of gardening

Mind you I have no idea what some of these are…yeah I’m that kind of gardener…I go so far as to make sure the plants are where they may be happy…but who they are…well…

Alright I know this one is a massive funky mushroom eating at the dead stump in the yard…bigger than my hand…ooky

Honey suckle…:) still had the tag on it…HA…with a Hosta and copious weeds…with the cool Shamus Jaz found for me for mom’s day…I need to paint his eyes he appears a bit blind

totally purple iris…well I know what some of the plants are…

Jazmin’s Jack-in-the-pulpit…neato!

Oliver’s daisy looking thing…one of the few things in his garden actually blooming

Oliver’s purple leaved plant deal…um…yeah…kinda matches the dirt…

plants awaiting placement in the ground

the shade garden…bum-bum-bum (dramatic music) lots of hostas, some blood root no longer blooming, Dutchman’s britches also done blooming and a wee bleeding heart contemplating life…and WEEDS for one and all

Short fern with a violet

one of Jazmin’s many strawberries blooming…pay no attention to the creeping Charlie…he’s just creeping

The tall fern…hmmm some crane’s bill ah creeping Charlie and weeds caused by the bird feeder that has since been moved…weeds…sigh

can almost smell these too yummy…hey look…more creeping Charlie!


learning to sew

Guess who has started to learn to sew last night…YUP…Olie!

Hasn’t gotten the hang of the beginning knot yet but totally has buttons figured out and how to do theending knot! 4-9-12

Put the felt together to make a pillow…did a running stitch and whip stitch…stuffed it and sewed the opening shut.

he’s so proud he brought it to school today.  He worked steadily for 2 hours…such concentration!  He kept saying some day he’ll drive the sewing machine…some day may be sooner than later!

What a diligent little guy! Next I’ll teach him to patch holes…well just put a patch on something, probably felt again since it’s pretty easy to work with…when he’s a little taller we’ll tackle the sewing machine! 4-9-12

Olivia is almost smiling while watching her big brother sewing. 4-9-12

the next sock monkey quilt adventure

And the next sock monkey quilt…for a baby yet to be born…no idea who this wee one is (male or female) so making it painfully bright…eye scalding almost!OK so here’s the fabulous graph paper contemplation:

The orange and green sock monkey fabric for the checker board, the squares will be 3 inched squares…haven’t decided how big the checker board will be yet…

The light colors for the cream border; this border is squares 5.5 by how ever long it turns out to be…

This is the tan sock texture sashing

Here’s the dark blue sock monkey for the 3.5 in wide boarder…

Don’t have a photo of the light blue fabric for the corner squares but it’s kind of aqua with blue monkeys on it…the only non sock monkey fabric…

Thinking I’ll purchase another yard of the lime monkey fabric for the outer border…then wrap it all up with prairie points, red with bananas, yellow with dots…and 2 other colors…hmmm…something blue and something orange perhaps? Maybe I’ll go with a rainbow of prairie points…oh…who knows till it all happens!

April 9th 2012

craft swap WIP

this is the 1st half of a wee pillow front for a swap on Deviant Art with Sparkling-Ziggyhttp://sparkling-ziggy.deviantart.com/…it’s a paper pieced heart like the many others…pink and black…should be quite fetching when it’s done…working on the other half now…am incorporating a machine embroidered Cheshire cat smile on that one. 10-10-11

please leash your pets

I witnessed a gut-wrenching ordeal this weekend…past 10:30 pm during a horrible storm that took down trees…me in my P.J.s which are black) after bringing my daughter to work…I couldn’t save a dog that had been struck by a cop car…a second car almost ran me over…and ran the poor thing down again…burnt into my memory forever…
dear people with companion animals who let their animals outside: leashes save lives! even a cat or a bunny will grow to accept a leash…keep your loved beasties safe…collar, harness, leash…and remember ID tags! just saying…
need to go cry some more…
~just another chick with a dog who will never be allowed to run free…bummer Shamus this is how it has to be…


Aubriana bib made to order for an Etsy Customer…machine embroidery…5-9-11

Couple quilt belly buttons made from left overs…5-10-11

Boy Bear quilt top I made in the 90’s…perhaps I should finish this soon…45 inches square…5-10-11

Girlie polar bear quilt top I made in the 90’s when thinking I could make a living by quilting…since it is unfinished you see where my cottage industry got me…45 inches square…5-10-11

Fun rainbow block quilt made from a charm set and a few extras picked out by Jazmin…this one’s totally ready to be finished…even has the prairie points on it…45 inches square…I think the next rainy weekend I could get this one going…5-10-11

Rainbow kitty quilt I’m hand quilting (so this may take a while) lemon yellow backing…hmmm…no idea how big this one is…probably just crib sized give or take…5-10-11

SMHQ (spur of the moment Halloween quilt) stitching…pretty sure I’ll get this done in time!5-10-11

sold 2 bibs!

the green pocket protector and the orange retro floppy disk…SOOOOOOOOOO last night I made 2 mare pocket protector bibs and one floppy disk bib…

I drool there4 I am bibs

Wacky fun drool bibs show a little more personality than your average rather bland spit catcher…

Fabulous colors and characters make your little drool factory a spectacular saliva producer!

Terry cloth with Velcro closures for quick on and off for those more rowdy of the newly erupted tooth.

Machine embroidery survives the many washes these spittle catchers will need to go through.

7 inches by 10 inches of absorbency


Have a special event coming up and want you goo dribbler to go in style? Convo me and I’m sure I can whip something spectacular up for you!  No added charge!


Spooky eyed doll not included with bib…


Payment = Postal Money Orders, Personal Checks and well hidden $ mailed to me…No Pay pal payments yet… L


Shout Out to Urban Threads http://www.urbanthreads.com for their GREAT designs!


Can be purchased at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/YaneZweeLovies


valentine’s embroidery

Found a site that has Skelanimals machine embroidery designs…too cute http://www.needlework.ru/shop/CID_62.html! They work great on cotton…

not so much on terry cloth…quite a learning curve with this machine embroidery! 2-14-11

Also found a wee puzzle piece to embroider for Autism Awareness…no idea if this is THE puzzle piece shape or not.

I had purchase one that had Autism in the title but it turned out to have too many stitches for my machine to handle…go figure…2-14-11


a little this a little that

Hmmm sometimes free just doesn’t hit me as a great deal…these Autism embroideries looked great on the computer screen but I’m not quite knocked for a loop…don’t get me wrong they’re lovely…think I’ll search out some I can purchase that are a bit tidier and filled in…still they’re cute on the tie dyed hankies! 1-31-11

Now free from Urban Threads is always a good thing!  Love this love! It will be great in the I Spy quilt…almost have enough practice squares to get that started…I need a few more irons in the fire! 1-31-11

Oliver picked the colors for the peace splat practice square…you can never go wrong with orange! Peace out! 1-31-11

HEY look what I found in my digging while the machine was whirring away…a massive basket of previously viewed hankies!  Some to embroider some to put back away for that ever elusive hankie quilt…think I’ll embroider the black one for my wedding with blue thread…something old…something new…something borrowed…something blue…I’ll have them all covered ‘cept the borrowed part…I’ve got time! 1-31-11


Santa’s can SEE

Santa’s can SEE and well smell, not in a bad department store Santa way…dare say I think my French knot abilities are getting better!  Each is 4 inches square thus far…one for mom, one for Tab’s 1st X-mas tree, one for one of the QC chicks at work and (whew) one actually for my tree…go figure!  Pattern = http://www.azpatch.com/bom/pp2000/patterns/santa.htm


My Santa…I was running out of the fossil fern reds so his hat is a bit pieced…think it turned out pretty good! 4 inches square give or take… Pattern: http://www.azpatch.com/bom/pp2000/patterns/santa.htm