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Man crashes vehicle into Planned Parenthood in St. Paul

ST. PAUL — A man purposely rammed a vehicle into front door of Planned Parenthood in Highland Park.

The incident happened at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday in St. Paul.

A 32-year-old man told St. Paul Police he intentionally drove his SUV into the front door of the Planned Parenthood located at 1965 Ford Parkway in St. Paul.

A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood says one employee was at the front desk ten feet from the door. Most of the staff was in the building preparing to open for the day. No one was injured.

The man was immediately arrested on the scene for aggravated assault.

Planned Parenthood showed a KARE11 crew surveillance tape of the incident. They could not release it due to the ongoing investigation.

The tape shows the man driving his SUV down the sidewalk and clipping a retaining wall before steering into the front door of the clinic. He then backed up, and rammed it two more times. The driver got out of his vehicle and began waving a crucifix. He surrendered to police when they arrived.

KARE 11 crews on the scene say the damage to the building is minimal. There is damage to the trim of the front door from the vehicle.

Planned Parenthood CEO Sarah Stoesz says she is saddened by the incident, and adds that nothing like it has ever happened at the clinic on Ford Parkway. While that clinic is the only one in the Metro area that performs abortions, Stoesz insists that only 5 percent of its patients actually are there for an abortion.

Tim Stanley, executive director of Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, said patients were still being seen at the clinic on Thursday.

Thursday marks the 36-year anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The Roe decision said that most laws against abortion in the U.S. violated constitutional rights to privacy.

K…here I go with my wee bit of WTF-age… WHY do men think they have to do anything like this?  Has this man ever had sex much less fathered a child?  Why does he think he needs to make a decision for the entire female species?!?  Hmmm?  Why?  Women have the RIGHT to make their own decisions about their bodies, reproduction and anything that dwells in there.  And YEAH I am PRO CHOICE!  Not pro abortion…pro choice…if a woman any woman even my own daughters feel that for their well-being that they need to abort a fetus…then so be it.  I will not ever stand in anyone’s way or stomp on their rights to make their own decisions about their bodies! Damn already…grow up and cope…we are ALL different and ALL have different beliefs…LIVE WITH IT!


Elder Abuse in MN update

January 21st 2009

ALBERT LEA, Minn. — Two young women have made their first court appearance on assault and other charges for allegedly abusing 15 residents at an Albert Lea nursing home.

However, Brianna Marie Broitzman and Ashton Michelle Larson did not enter a plea Wednesday in Freeborn County District Court.

District Judge Steven Schwab ordered the 19-year-old woman to report to the county jail by 5 p.m. Wednesday to be booked, fingerprinted and photographed.

He set bail at $6,000 for their unconditional release and $2,000 if the women accept some restrictions on themselves. Both women say they will post bail and avoid jail time. 

The women were working at Good Samaritan Society nursing home when the alleged abuse occurred over several months in early 2008.

Prosecutors say they inflicted humiliating physical, emotional and sexual abuse on 15 residents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or both. ‘Scuse me for interrupting here…$6,000 bail?!? WTF…this is SEXUAL ABUSE and they’re allowed to be free on $6,000 bail?!?  UGH!  a man abuses his daughter he get $100,000 bail, which doesn’t get paid and he stays in…why are these brats special?

Update January 22nd 2009

Nineteen-year-old Ashton Larson, charged with 11 criminal counts of abuse against the elderly wouldn’t show her face to the media cameras Wednesday.

She wouldn’t answer questions.

But she did have to answer to a judge.

Larson and 19-year-old Brianna Broitzman were in a Freeborn County court today, both accused of abusing elderly residents last year at the Good Samaritan nursing home while they were nursing assistants.

Larson and Broitzman are accused of spitting into residents mouths, performing sex acts on them, flipping water on them and taunting them repeatedly while sometimes taking pictures.

“I am very sad that my mother in law and other victims had to go through this in order to draw attention to the fact that we need so much change and help for our elders,” Jan Reshetar, a relative of a victim said Wednesday.

The young women were in high school at the time of these allegations.

Once Good Samaritan staff became aware of the allegations the girls were fired. 

Wednesday in court both of the girls stayed silent under fire.

But the victims, 15 in all, have families that speak for them.

All of the victims named in the complaint were suffering from either dementia or Alzheimer’s.

“You feel frozen, you don’t have anything, no feeling just frozen and you don’t know how to feel,” Jean Hanson, a daughter of two of the victims said.

Both women are charged with only misdemeanors, 11 for Broitzman and 10 for Larson.

Jan Reshetar’s mother in law is named as a victim by the prosecutor but her sadness spilled over today not just for her family but for the accused.

“As angry as I get with them at times I am still very sad for them, they could have done anything, and they could have been anything.”

Snomobiling takes an bloody turn!


Friday January 9th 2008

WAUPACA, Wisconsin — Authorities plan to give an update Thursday on their investigation into the killing of several deer when snowmobilers herded and ran over them last weekend in Waupaca County.

Four deer were killed and another had to be euthanized after the incident believed to have happened Friday night in a field along a snowmobile trail south of Waupaca.

A reward fund for information leading to those responsible has grown to more than $10,000, most of it offered by snowmobile clubs.

Waupaca County Sheriff Brad Hardel and wardens with the state Department of Natural Resources scheduled a news conference Thursday afternoon to provide an update on the investigation.

State wildlife officials say a group of snowmobilers ran over five deer, killing four of them and severely injuring a fifth in what a warden calls a senseless act of cruelty.

Department of Natural Resources warden Ted Dremel said Monday no arrests have been made in the incident that occurred early Saturday morning about five miles south of Waupaca.

Dremel believes three or four snowmobiles were involved in what amounted to a roundup of deer in a farm field. Dremel says one deer was left tied to a tree and choked itself to death. Another deer had broken legs and was euthanized.

Dremel says five miles of snowmobile trails in area have been closed due to the carnage. Some snowmobile clubs have offered $4,000 in rewards for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

According to Conat, investigators are hoping snowmobile parts recovered in the area will yield fingerprints and identifying information about at least one of the sleds.

Wednesday January 14th 2009

FOND DU LAC, Wis. — Investigators are trying to find a snowmobiler who ran over and killed 57 mallard ducks on a river near Fond du Lac Wisconsin.

The Department of Natural Resources says the ducks were killed Tuesday and found in a hole in the ice and on both sides of it in the Fond du Lac River.

Warden Supervisor George Protogere says it appears a single snowmobiler performed two passes of water skipping over the ice hole and hit the ducks. The warden calls the killer a person with no concern for life.

The incident comes as public outrage grows about another thrill killing near Waupaca. A group of snowmobilers herded and ran over five deer last weekend. Four were killed, and one was euthanized.

OK people…this is indeed another of those WTF news stories…One groups of idiots does something so stupid it’s unimaginable quickly followed by a 2nd group of idiots copying the 1st group…1st off hate to be sexist but if they catch these pukes…think any of them will be chicks?!?  Better yet…will any of these overachievers be people of color?  Yeah white boys with everything handed to them on a platter since they were fetuses in the pampered womb.   Gotta great idea boys…GET A JOB…GET A THOUGHT OF YOUR OWN…THEN GET A LIFE!

Just my feelings…

Oh and hey!  All you well behaved snowmobilers out there who follow the rules, and obey the laws…feel free to continue the snowmobiling!  There’s just a few of ya’ like in any population that are bad eggs and need to be weeded out…

Frozen Sun Dogs in Minnesota

Today’s fabulous weather in Minnesota!


Extremely cold today in the Twin Cities. Decreasing clouds during the afternoon. Temperatures today will range from -9 below (wind-chill -35 below) at 8 A.M. then -6 below (wind-chll -30 below) at noon and -3 below (wind-chill -25 below) at sunset (4:32 P.M.) – winds today will be gusty from the West at 11 to 22 mph then becoming light and variable this evening after 6 P.M. Skies will be clear tonight and 8 P.M. temperatures will be near -8 below (wind-chill -20 below) then overnight lows by sunrise (7:45 A.M.) Tuesday will be near -12 below (wind-chill -22 below).


Many years ago, the nature-essayist Hal Borland wrote in his book Sundial of the Seasons that “Sun dogs and moon dogs are beautiful accents to a winter day or night as the rainbow is to a showery Summer day.” Sun dogs usually appear in pairs, and are loyal to the sun (as moon dogs are loyal to the moon), sitting on each side of the solar orb along a horizontal line through the solar disk. Sun dogs appear in January, April, August, and October, the month does not really matter, but they are most regularly seen close to their solar master during winter months when the sun is low in the sky and ice crystals in the atmosphere are more common, but we can see them in any of the other seasons whenever cirrus clouds fuzz the sky above.


Sun dogs, or mock suns, are technically called solar parhelia (parhelia meaning “with the sun”) and appear as bright bursts of light formed when sunlight passes through ice crystals at the proper angle. Usually, cirrus clouds in front of the sun produce sun dogs, but other ice clouds, such as ice fog and diamond dust, may also generate them. Sun dogs are sometimes so brilliant that dazzled observers mistake them for the sun. They are often bright white but may show a partial spectrum of color with the red wavelengths on the edge nearest the sun. Sun dogs often have comet-like appearance with a bluish-white tail facing away from the sun.


Sun dogs are the second most frequent halo phenomena behind the 22o halo and often accompany that halo. The difference between sun dog and halo formation is the orientation of the ice crystals through which sunlight passes before reaching our eyes. Halo formation requires a mixture of random ice crystal orientations in the sky. But if the sky has only horizontally oriented, flat ice crystals, we just see a sun dog.

Ice crystals in the atmosphere are hexagonally shaped. Crystals forming most optical phenomena in the air are typically hexagonal rods, shaped like pencils, or flat, hexagonal plate patterns, like microscopic stop signs or dinner plates. When plate-shaped ice crystals fall unimpaired, drag forces automatically orient them horizontally so that their larger, flat surface parallels the earth like a large maple leaf drifting down from a tree.

Sun dogs emerge when sunlight passing through the ice plate’s thin sidefaces is refracted. The more perfectly aligned the falling crystals are to the horizontal, the more compact the resulting sun dog. Crystal misalignment from true horizontal will spread the sun dog vertically — its angular height being approximately four times the maximum crystal angular tilt.

Sun dogs frequently display a reddish tint on the side facing the sun and may sport bluish-white tails which stretch horizontally away from it. The degree to which colours are visible depends on the amount of wobble in the ice crystal’s fall: the more wobble, the more colour. The sun dog’s tail is formed by light passing through the crystal at angles other than the optimal deviation angle.

Sun dogs typically appear when the sun is low to the horizon, usually just prior to sunset or after sunrise, or during winter months at mid-latitudes. If the sun is low (horizon to about 15o above it), each sun dog is separated from the sun by 22o (or about two handsbreadth on extended arms), and both will lie on the circle of the 22o halo if one is present.

Sun dogs form tightest to the sun at lowest solar altitudes, but they are never less than 22o from it. As the Sun climbs in the sky, the sun dogs slowly move away from the 22o separation, although they remain on the line through the sun parallel with the horizon. When the sun has climbed to more than 45o altitude, sun dogs are fainter and noticeably off the 22o circle, and they vanish altogether above 61o solar altitude.

Over two millennia ago, the Greeks recognized that haloes and sun dogs foretold rain. Today we known this is often a valid prediction, because haloes and sun dogs are produced by ice crystals that form the cirroform clouds which make up the typical cloud sequence preceding a precipitating warm front.

One last word. There are also moon dogs that appear alongside the moon and are formed by lunar light passing through ice crystals. Moon dogs (or paraselenae) are less commonly seen because the moon can only produce them when bright and because they appear during the night when most of us are asleep.

Swimming at the chicken shack


ANDERSON California?!? — A trio of Anderson girls are in hot water with their fast-food employer for dipping themselves into the sink used to clean dishes.

One of the girls bathing in the sink at the Anderson Kentucky Fried Chicken posted the photos on the Internet and after management learned of them, all three were suspended today, said Cheri, assistant manager at the restaurant. She declined to give her last name.

“The girls are being reprimanded for it,” Cheri said.

She said she learned of the photos, which had been posted publicly on the girl’s MySpace.com social Web site, during the dinner rush today.

Cheri did not give the names of the girls.

The photos, which appeared to have been posted late last month, showed the girls bathing in the deep commercial sink and posing in their underwear and swimwear.

“I was in shock when I saw it,” Cheri said.

She said no manager was on duty when the photos were likely taken, when the three girls closed the restaurant themselves. In her more than a year at the store, Cheri said she hadn’t had any incidents similar to this.

The photos had been filed under a gallery called “KFC moments.” Captions for the photos included “haha KFC showers!” and “haha we turned on the jets.”

On her MySpace page, the girl lists herself as a 17-year-old worker at the Anderson KFC.

“I’m a KFC worker, they are my best friends and my family,” she said on her site.

Although the pictures were available to the public earlier today, all of the photos on the girl’s site were restricted to private viewers tonight.

The three are not the first to cleanse themselves in a fast-food sink and get in trouble because of the Internet.

In August a 25-year-old Burger King worker in Xenia, Ohio, was fired after a four-minute video of him taking a birthday bath in the restaurant’s sink appeared on MySpace.com and YouTube.com.

The spiky-haired Timothy Tackett became a minor celebrity earning national news attention for the video, in which he appeared to be naked in the sink.


Hijinks in the sink at an Anderson fast-food restaurant have cost three girls their jobs.

After closing the Anderson Kentucky Fried Chicken one recent night, the girls stripped to their underwear or changed into bathing suits and took a bath in the dishwashing sink. One of them posted the photos of the event on her public MySpace Web page.

The girls’ manager said she first learned of the photos on Tuesday and suspended the trio.

On Wednesday, they were fired, said Rick Maynard, a KFC spokesman.

“KFC has zero tolerance for violations of our operating standards, and our franchisee has taken immediate action by terminating the employees who were involved,” he wrote in an e-mail.

Asked whether there had been similar situations at other KFCs, he replied, “Of course not.”

Having seen the photos circulated by the media, Fern Hastings, senior environmental health specialist for Shasta County’s Environmental Health, said she’s going to talk with the restaurant’s owner.

D&D Food Management of Hanford owns the KFC, one of about 80 in the company’s fold, said the woman who answered its phone Wednesday. She declined to give her full name, saying only that her first name was Jennifer.

The restaurant had passed its last health inspection in September and is due for another next month. Looking at the pictures, Hastings said the girls are violating state Health Code 113971 – which details that restaurant workers are required to wear clean clothes.

“Obviously they are not wearing clean outer clothing,” Hastings said.

She said the deep multi-section sink is designed to be used to pre-rinse, wash, rinse and sanitize dishes.

“You just don’t think someone is going to get in there,” Hastings said. “It’s definitely not made for humans.”

Word of the workers’ late night bath in the kitchen sink surprised a pair of customers who’d just bought KFC chicken dinners Wednesday afternoon.

A stack of meals next to her on the seat of her pickup, Angie Williamson of Whitmore said she gets food for her family at KFC once a week. But the thought of workers bathing where they wash dishes might change that.

“I will have to see how the family reacts,” she said.

The restaurant’s deals – $2.99 for a chicken fried steak meal on Wednesday – will probably keep Al Meridith of Cottonwood coming back despite the girls’ antics.

“People do strange things,” he said.

After removing the photos on her MySpace page from public access late Tuesday, the 17-year-old girl who had posted the photos made her entire page private Wednesday.

She also put up what appears to be a message for the media.

On the lone part of her page that is still public, she wrote: (sic)”Its a sad world when one has to stoop low enough to go through ones dirty laundry….one womans trash is anothers treasure! -Thanks alot for having good respect how can you live knowing the little bit of money you made was made hurting someone!”

Sheboygan shepard frozen to sidewalk

Dog frozen to Wisconsin sidewalk; fat helped it survive


SHEBOYGAN, Wis. – A dog weighing more than 120 pounds survived being frozen to a sidewalk overnight, probably because he was insulated by layers of fat, authorities said. The Sheboygan County Humane Society says the “morbidly obese” dog, an aging border collie mix named Jiffy, froze to the sidewalk when he was left out overnight Wednesday. Shelter manager Carey Payne says few dogs could survive the single-digit temperatures, and it was probably the fat that made the difference.

Jiffy’s 59-year-old owner was arrested Thursday morning on suspicion of animal neglect, Sheboygan Police Lt. Tim Eirich said. She told police she tried to get the dog inside but couldn’t, and instead checked on him every few hours.

The dog is 11 or 12 years old, Eirich said. Shelter workers poured warm water over Jiffy’s back end to unstick him from the sidewalk, Payne said, and it was too soon to say whether he suffered any long-term effects.

DON’T have sex if you can’t cope with babies

Personally as a mom, Nana and a HUMAN I think this is the right judgment for this chick!  IF she’s ever allowed out they should steralize her to make sure she never does this again!

Police say the darkest of crimes happened early Monday morning on a quiet Oakdale Street.

According to the criminal complaint from the Washington County Attorney’s Office, that’s when, 17-year-old Nicole Marie Beecroft gave birth to a baby girl and put her into a garbage can.

Beecroft first told police the child was stillborn. But that wasn’t what police found when they searched her home.

Investigators found a baby’s body inside a garbage bag, inside a garbage can, along with a knife and some towels. The Ramsey County Medical Examiner later confirmed that the baby had been born alive and then stabbed more than 100 times.

When police confronted the teenage mother again, she responded that she’d been in a “panic” state and had stabbed the infant.

Hospitals say these cases are especially tragic, given the alternatives available to every parent, everywhere in Minnesota.

“Every hospital in the state of Minnesota is prepared to receive babies with the Safe Place program,” Sue Shaft, with Fairview Ridges Hospital said.

Under the Safe Haven law, anyone can leave a newborn three days or younger at a hospital, no questions asked. In fact, officials say someone dropped off a newborn at a Minnesota hospital just this week. That child is safe and in foster care.

Hospital staff says they only wish Beecroft knew she too had a choice.

“It brought tears to my eyes,” Shaft said. “I thought to myself, I wish so bad that that girl that made that choice would have known about this as an option and made it at the time.”

Beecroft is charged with first-degree murder.

Her mother says she didn’t know her overweight daughter was pregnant.





There is no doubt that a teenage girl who hid a pregnancy for nine months might feel frightened or even desperate.

“It’s just so sad,” says Washington County Attorney Doug Johnson.

But once the baby is born, why resort to murder? That question may never be answered in the case of Nicole Beecroft.

In April 2007, authorities say Beecroft, who was then 17 years old, secretly gave birth to a baby girl in her mother’s Oakdale home. She then took a knife, stabbed the infant 130 times and then threw the baby’s body in a dumpster.

Nearly two years later, a Washington County judge had found Beecroft guilty of murder.

“We expected a guilty verdict? There was evidence way beyond a reasonable doubt that the baby was in fact born alive,” says Johnson.

But Beecroft’s defense attorneys argued the baby was stillborn and Beecroft stabbed her after the baby was already dead.

“We were surprised by the verdict by virtue of the fact that we presented evidence in this case by two medical examiners,” says defense attorney Luke Stellpflug.

But prosecutors presented their own testimony from medical experts who said they believe Beecroft’s baby was born alive.

So what drove this young girl to such violence?

Prosecutors say Nicole Beecroft knew about Minnesota’s safe haven law that allows mothers to drop newborn babies off at the police station or the hospital with no questions asked.

They hope other women will make a different choice.

“It is a very safe thing. They can come into any part of the emergency room and give it to any staff and then walk away if they want to,” says Mary Woodley, a registered nurse at Hennepin County Medical Center.

Because the judge found Beecroft guilty of first-degree intentional murder, she received a mandatory life sentence. When asked if she had anything to say to the court, Beecroft did not. Beecroft waived her right to a jury trial.

6 teens charged with elder abuse in Albert Lea…WTF

These horrid children need a good ass kicking!  then their parents need to really get a good looking at that their spawn would behave like this!

ALBERT LEA, Minn. — For six assistants at an Albert Lea nursing home, poking, taunting and groping the vulnerable adults in their care was a laughing matter, prosecutors alleged Monday in filing criminal charges against the teens.

Two of the former Good Samaritan Society employees — 19-year-old Brianna Broitzman and 18-year-old Ashton Larson — are charged as adults, while the other four are considered juveniles in the Freeborn County case.

Messages left by The Associated Press for Broitzman and for an attorney representing Larson were not immediately returned Monday.

According to the criminal complaint, the teens laughed earlier this year as they spat in residents’ mouths, poked and groped their breasts and genitals and at times taunted them until they screamed.

The four juveniles are charged with failing to report the incidents. A total of eight teens were allegedly involved in the incidents, but there was no record of criminal charges being filed against two of them.

Broitzman and Larson are charged with assault, abuse of a vulnerable adult by a caregiver, abuse of a vulnerable adult with sexual contact, disorderly conduct and failing to report suspected maltreatment. All are gross misdemeanors.

If found guilty, Broitzman and Larson “most likely will face suspended jail sentences and probation, so they’d have the threat of jail hanging over them if they get in more trouble,” Freeborn County Attorney Craig Nelson told the Star Tribune of Minneapolis.

The Minnesota Department of Health released a report in August showing that 15 residents with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia disorders were abused at the facility between Jan. 1 and May 1.

According to the complaint filed Monday, one of the aides said the group gathered at work or school to “talk and laugh about the incidents.”

Mark Anderson, administrator at the Good Samaritan Society in Albert Lea, said that the past few months have been difficult for the staff, the home’s residents and their families.

“We are just really thankful that the proceedings are moving forward and hopefully can see some closure to this whole process,” Anderson said.