Sea Life at Mall of America

Went to Sea life at Mall of America this weekend with Jazmin…

great populations of fabulous aquatic beasties to behold… we went on the behind the scenes tour with a group of well behaved adults and kids…really neat, couldn’t take any photos for security reasons, but we met a HUGE snapping turtle, a slightly damaged sea turtle and got to watch the big saw fish get fed…very informative!

after the calm tour we were blended in with great expanses of pushy mildly aggravating humans and their unruly spawn…sigh…when did it become OK for children to beat on fish tanks and their parents being totally oblivious not to mention totally self absorbed with the tweeting and chatting loudly on cell phones…but I digress…no photos of tiring people…just wicked cool beasties!  November 17th 2012


just a walkin

Jaz, Shamusand I went for a walk on the trail at Lake Rebecca on Sunday between rain and tornado watches…

Blood root

Columbine blooming


Empty Turtle shell

Fern Gully Minnesota style

weird blue fungus on the trees

so nice to see the green again!

baby tree growing on a lumpy adult

extreme close up of moss

rushing water


the path

yummy smelling shrubbery

Chrystaline Brontosausus

Chrystaline Brontosaurus…look no really look…not at my shadow…
do you see him (I’m just figuring it’s a him, have to be pretty tough to be out in this cold)?
he has no tail and he’s looking over his shoulder…during my lunch walk


The combination of salt, ice inhibitor and water makes bulbous crystalline monster foot prints in the breakdown lane where I walked today. 

Made it all the way to the 1st mailbox past 90th street…that makes 1 mile in half an hour. 

My breath billows hotly in the slight breeze. 

Whilst the Dresden dolls scream angst in my ears…the occasional call of a crow makes it’s way past the ear mashing headphones. 

The sounds of the tires rushing past me sound odd in the cold…kind of a ripping sound of pain. 

860 calories with NO fat calories all day for breakfast & lunch…shouldn’t I be loosing weight?!?

Tons ~o~ Turkeys!

January 2nd 2009turkeys-1-1-2009

K, so Tab had to work on the 2nd, as did quite a few people (not me or Jim however) The dandy thing is Oliver had Daycare so I had the day to sew (see quilting page, angel page, project linus page, HLHS page).  Bitha got off early totally forgot I was home so had my dad pick her up and bring her home just about the time I was getting ready to go get her and Oliver…er duh…so I still got to drive through the frozen wilderness to Delano to get the wee cermudgen.  Jaz came with for a ride to the Tattoo shop that took all of 3 minutes as she was only pricing a piercing.  On the way to Delano we saw the BIG flock, or gaggle or whatever of wild turkeys.  We hoped they would still be there on the way back so we could take their photo.


They were…Oliver loved it…didn’t want his window opened to see them better though.  Guess he figured they might want a ride home too.


There was a good 30+ of the feathered beasties.