and edventures of Jim’s tumor

wrote this last night…

just walked in the door moments ago, I can finally cry with relief so you’ll have to pardon my spelling…Jim Myhre my sweet husband went into surgery today at oh 6ish am…his surgery started at almost nine in the morning and wasn’t over until just about 12 hours later…the neroma they thought they were removing turned out to be a himangioma (sp) growing from the covering of his brain into his ear canal.  the surgeon (wonderful man who live forever in my heart) said he managed to get all if not most of it.  Jim will have to get yearly MRI s and if this NON cancerous beast comes back they can radiation it away without any more surgery.  After 10 tonight my mom and I finally got to see Jim, Note I didn’t take a photo, I am so tired and I didn’t want to freak the dude in the next bed…he smiled…called mom Gracey and told me that he loved me…I wish it was tomorrow so I could see him again…I miss him horribly…he’ll be in ICU over night at least, they are very happy with how he’s recovering, no breathing tube…chatting…well off to attempt to sleep before the alarm wakes me up so I can drive back down there…thanks you all for your healing thoughts and prayers…keep it up…I need to get him home!

J & E 2-10-13

it’s now 5:44 am…in a couple hours I’m off to see him again!


the perfect toenail of a moon in the morning

taking a pic of the moon 12-11-12


Today in the darkness of morning Olie and I saw the sliver of a moon with a very bright star above it.  We pulled over on the road and with 4 way flashers a flashing tried to capture it on the camera…I set it for a long exposure and no flash…ugh didn’t work…once we got to Gumma’s house we stood in her drive way leaning on the jeep, holding our breath, both of us holding the camera still at the same time…wiggly jiggly looking light on the pictures…we looked at all the pictures and noticed they all kind of jiggled in the same way and decided it must have been out heart beats going though our hands into the camera during the long exposure…guess I’ll invest in a small tripod I can carry with the camera and perhaps next time the moon is especially lovely I can actually get a photo of it with out the bum-bump wiggle! December 11th 2012

Sewing Machine Happy Dance!


Oh blissful glee!  I’ve a new, oh BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW sewing machine!  I shall call her Sally the Singer! She makes a plethora of stitches and even button holes, perhaps I’ll have to look into making things with button holes soon!

Now I can finally complete Mary’s grand baby name quilt, the 10 baby quilts for Project Linus and Angel Baby’s and finally get the really cute heap of sheep quilt done for the heart baby’s…then I can get back to the Queen Sized retinal damage rainbowie keep Jim warm quilt.  Yippie… Oh so filled with creative gigglitude! 

Sigh but the day has just begun here at work… 3 new molds need books, one mold is tentatively approved, 2 ECR’s, a small stack of ECN’s and the painful pile of filing…

BUT eventually I can go home and tidy the sewing area, get Sally all set up, and I guess do the Table runner I made out of the left-over’s from the tacky assed hotishpink tree-skirt…tree-skirt-2008

Hey…Tacky huh?!?  We’ve a hot pink tinsel pre-lit with pink lights Yule tree…FINALLY a tree that fits out freakish little family! I need a wee menorah, a Kwanzaa corn and any other December holiday I can come up with to make sure the Yule tree covers ALL the holidays…

Last evening in the fervor of purchases with my X-mas $ from my parents (I got it early, my parents are SOOOOO cool) I got myself some really nice winter boots so I can walk during lunch here at work without freezing my b-jeezez off, some leggings to wear under my pants, and a new nightgown…hmmm, yeah that’s it… I gave Tab $40 (basically her X-mas gift from me) so she could pay her rent to me and Jim…yeah kinda round about.  I gassed up the beast, and bought a batch of bobbins for Sally the Singer. And between Tab and I, bought dinner at KFC (I know PETA…bad chicken practices, but we were all hungry) for me, Tab, Oliver, Jazmin, Travis and Jim for under $30.

Pay day which will be mighty tiny after missing 2 days last week will rearing it penny pinchin’ head tomorrow.  I need to hit the quilt shop for my ten er so fat quarters for the Block Buddy Swap fat quarter birthday deal I signed up for… Gonna contemplate a few extra purplesand white on whites for Mom’s yo-yo birthday wall hanging/table topper I’m making for January. What ever may be left…I need to save out $50 for the budget and $25 for Thursday’s co-pay for my (bleck) physical. 

So that’s today…8:11 stinkin’ AM in my little icky life… thus far

My latest sweetie pie wallypaper

freaky-sweetie-wallypaperWe (Jazmin, Jim & I) hung out with Jim’s daughter Heidi and her man Kin in Minneapolis on the 29th of November, got a TON of fun photos.  This is the 1st time I’ve met Heidi, like my mom would say, she fits right in!

SO I made a lovely desktop wallypaper for my work computer…Heidi, Jim, Me, Jazmin, then a wee me & Jazmin, Oliver and Tabitha…Full meal deal as it were.