cast box quilt

Judi’s cat box barter quilt…yup still on the design wall…

500 cat box quilt Judi WIP 7-4-13

OMG I was 2 cat fabrics short…can you believe I miscounted…I’m shocked too…thankfully I had hot pink with kitty foot prints and Hello Kitty Halloweenie fabrics to fill in the blanks…just to make it exciting the entire design wall fell off the wall onto me…not a square moved…good thing I had some massive diaper pins to hang it back on it’s hooks…don’t care what anyone says…QUILTING IS WICKED EXCITING!  OK so here are the 49 different cat fabrics in all their glory patiently waiting for me to cool off a bit on this toasty 4th of July then I can start stitching them together and contemplate the borders! eventually I’ll be hand quilting a kitty foot print in the center of each square…neato! July 4th 2013


a little happy…a little sad…

It is with heavy heart I shopped my favorite quilt shop with the understanding that it is for sale …Oh to have $ and business sense I would so snatch it right up if only to keep it in existence for all the quilters in the area… >tears< I just hope someone will buy it and keep it a fabulous quilt shop…hinting to anyone out there in the mood for a business to own…hint…hint…but I digress…purchased this lovely pile of fat quarters and yardage to make teeny diapers out of…have the fat quarters all chopped up already…LOVE the elephants and owls…so cute! No idea where these teeny diapers will eventually be going…

on a postal note I shipped out my first batch of teeny diapers to Banner Churchill hospital in Fallon Nevada via Teen Tears yesterday…also shipped out the bulging box of sock critters to Clown without Boarders South Africa and the holiday monkey swap for 6 Degrees of Creativity holiday monkey is on his way to Italy…ITALY…wicked cool!…there’s something fulfilling about going into the post office with the arm load of packages and knowing they’re all on their way to making someone’s day! Let’s making it the giving season 365 days per year…really lets! I’ll get off my soap box now… November 29th 2012

Monkey Business

Twenty four more monkeys ‘eyed’ and a few ‘nosed’…they’re rather hollow and humorless at the moment.  I think one of them may just stay with me though, upper right hand corner, has color combinations I really like! You can’t tell with them all deflated but I think they will be fabulous! September 26th 2012

Stubby legged monkey faced tail free beastie made for a tutorial I made up last night.  Think he turned out pretty fun, in spite of having a rather phallic appearance about half way through the process…Thankfully once he got his arms, ears and personality, he looks like himself! First tutorial I’ve made, I’m hoping someone will try it out and let me know if it works! Tutorial can be found at:… I’m planning on doing a sock monkey tutorial this weekend! September 26th 2012

So many button choices for the tutorial monkey butt I think his name will be Tut (pronounced Toot) September 26th2012

SOCKS…sorting, contemplating

Sock Sorting with Olivia September 25th 2012

Got out the big bucket –o- assorted socks and I put together piles of monkey while she took all the socks, knee highs, anklets, and booties out and contemplated them as a whole…a whole pile of mismatched multicolored silliness.  Some of these will become your basic monkey…others will still be monkey in face but since their legs will be too short –I used just over the ankle socks rather thanover the calf socks – I’m adding baby socks/booties to the ends of the legs so they won’t be too stubby…not exactly like the big brained cat…these monkeys will have regular monkey arms…and no massive brain…


A few will probably be stubby though…just because all kids are different so are their monkeys.  No idea how many monkeys I chopped up last night…a few were already given eyes and noses to get the show on the road.

I have a plethora of super short socks, the type that get sucked into your shoe as you walk.  Gotta come up with an idea for them other than just the

Lucky (legless, really how lucky can that be) Kitty…lucky kitty take 1 ½ super short socks…sigh…perhaps over the weekend I’ll think up something fabulous!

this weekend’s sock troop

Peace Rainbow Mutt-key.

Seems some of the socks I chopped up for monkeys didn’t have enough to make all the parts for now I have a few Mutt-Keys using assorted sock pieces…I think blue argyle goes fabulous with rainbow! Hand embroidered grin in one of my favorite thread colors…no idea what it’s name is but it’s lovely! This monkey will probably go to September 22nd 2012


Blue Argyle Artful Monkey with eyes

I painted to match! Complete with copper disk on rainbow satin cording. Hand embroidered sheepish grin gives him that slight side eye look about him! This monkey will probably go to 23rd 2012


Striped green machine monkey…

these socks were purchased in March for St. Patty’s day…I think the button nose and green hand on the ribbon really spiff him up! Hand embroidered grin that turned into a curl. This monkey will probably go to September 23rd 2012


Pink and Black flower child monkey…

this photo for some reason came out blurry so I diddled it in Picasa…in real life the monkey is quite cute with a laser cut pink wooden flower on ribbon around her neck, hey she’s got so much pink she has to be a she! Felt flowers behind her eyes and stacked flower button for her nose.  Hand embroidered hot pink smile. Very cute! This monkey will probably go to September 23rd 2012


Little Mismatched butterfly monkey…

EEEEE I really like the way this one turned out! She’s made of 3 different socks to make her way miss matched. She (yup another girl) has a butterfly button for her nose and a felt flower on the ribbon around her neck.  Supper cute hand embroidered loop-the-loop lips.  This monkey will probably go to  September 23rd 2012

This weekend’s troop of foot wear simians… September 24th 2012

Favorite Quilt Block Patterns

Which block patterns do you just LOVE to piece for your quilts?!?

Hmmm let’s see…one of the first blocks I learned was the Hole in the Barn door or sometimes called monkey wrench I really like this block because it is so versatile, you can use 3 or more colors of fabrics…even mix and match the outer triangles so the completed quilt top will have even more design to it!

Next would be the Square in a Square (in a square in a square infinity) I bought a pattern called tropical depression which turned out to be a simple square in a square block pattern, but once you got all your block pieced your top looked like wee hurricanes…I’ve also used this pattern as an eye spy with a different fun belly button for each block and all different outer triangles to add to the flow of movement across the top.

I love the idea of eye spy quilts for babies and children…so much that I had my sweet hubby make me different geometric shapes out of Plexiglas to make fussy cutting easier…once I get enough sashing added to the center shape I plan on trimming them all square, slightly wonky…this will be a fun quilt for babies and kids alike!

Since I’ve become a paper piecing fanatic and so love the ‘perfect’ look of the completed blocks I’ve searched high and low through books and the web for as many patterns as possible, I should be kept busy well into the next millennium lol…Houses and trees are my current passion…I have growing piles of each so one fine day I’ll have 2 tops made, one of pink and purple houses, the other will be a sprawling pine forest full of fabulous greens and earthy brown with peeks of blue sky…my own personal old grove forest if you will!


Well there are my bits of block insanity, what are your favorite blocks or patterns to work with in your quilted happiness?!?

Quilts at the Fair…MN…

Quilts at the fair…

After searching ever building…really every one…we located quilts in the agriculture building…this fabulous paper pieced X-mas wreath caught my eye…such tiny pieces! August 10th 2012

Purple Black & White, beautiful color combination! And hand quilted, hand embroidered…so many of the quilts on display were machine quilted…took a bit of searching to find hand stitching… August 10th 2012

Minty and cabbage rose…another hand quilted beauty! August 10th 2012

Quilting demonstration, a group of ladies had a frame and quilt set up and were hand quilting a top made in the 30’s, not a reproduction these fabrics and the top were made way back when…beautiful! August 10th 2012

While I was admiring their tiny stitches one lady asked if I was a quilter…perhaps my tattoos were a dead give away (LOL) after a brief chat I was invited back from 6 to 8 to help on the next quilt as one of the ladies had cancelled…WOW…not to mention ouch…I’ve never worked on a frame with the quilt to tight…I never really got into the groove with the needling…I’m a one with the rather large block head…wow I have a huge head…Ok enough of that silliness… August 10th 2012

Hole-in-the-Barn-Door eye burner fabric purchase

>Silly happy dance only another fabric addict can understand<

Ordering the fabric for the orange and pink Hole in the Barn Door quilt…even located the dark purple for the outer border…TODAY

Belly button of each block = Kaffe Fassette Collective 2010 Hot Variegated Leaves Red DG-123

Inner rectangles = Kaffe Fassette Diagonal Stripe Pink BJ-779

Outer rectangles = Orange Crush Abstract Geo Citrus EU-665 (noted wrong on block contemplation)

Inner Triangles = Kaffe Fassette Roman Glass Pink BJ-668

Outer Triangles = Soul Garden, Garden Sketch Tonal Orange FA-268

There will be no sashing…just block next to block so there will be big squares of orange formed by the outer triangles…I like quilting ¼ to ½ from the seams of these squares…yeah…I’m silly like that…

Outer border = Artisian Batik Patina Handpaints Purple EG-247

I figure I’ll make 9 Hole-in-the-Barn-Door blocks at 12.2 inches square, add a 6 inch border of the yummy purple and finish up with 3 inch prairies points around the edge made out of left over barn door fabrics in lieu of binding…yarn tie all the belly buttons and shadow hand quilt the blocks…either orange or pink backing…yeah…I usually don’t totally plan a quilt like this…I tend to fly by the skin of my teeth (gross saying…I’ve yet to notice skin on my teeth) start with what I have in my stash…run to the quilt shop for something that goes with the current monstrosity…make it way too big for my confined creative space…yadda ~ yadda ~ yadda…

OH to get free shipping from I just had to order a Halloween panel…I may have wall space when my office moves at work…I’ll have to decorate for the seasons!

AND it’s on sale…lol

Tricks & Treats Halloween Panel Orange FG-826

Concept for the great and powerful sock monkey quilt

Okey dokeywell here’s the ‘concept’ of the sock monkey quilt…still think it will come out quite sizeable! probably 90 inches square at least then I’ll be adding prairie points out of all the monkey left overs.  in looking at the color frappe’ here…kinda hitting me as vomitrocious…yes I made up that word way back in the 80’s, at the time it fit most of the rip-stop fashion and massive hair…I don’t know if this will be the quilt of my dreams…I really dislike the color red and the outside border will be red with yellow bananas…cute…it fits with the monkey insanity…but red…bleck…but if worse comes to worse it will be the quilt of some monkey lovers dreams…sigh…some day I’ll gather all the perfect colors using the perfect block pattern and finally make the perfect quilt for me…

made in WORD…copied to photo editor…colored in Gimp 2…with a dash of photos hop…lol