Teeny hexies


Fussy cut birdie flower,  2.5 inches across


Busy work on the back


Kaffe Fassett dainty flower


another house quilt


Another House quilt all quilted by Rose of Sharon (Sharon Scott) out in Onyx CA, edged, washed dried and ready to be either hung on the wall in our new chunk of home or perhaps put on the couch to keep wee knees warm!

A little about this quilt…Found these blocks while tidying my fabric stash back in August 2012.   Jim made the template for these out of Plexiglas for me so I could get a consistent sized house…yes houses again…I had already put the sky pieces on these and put them away…got this fun laundry day fabric for no apparent reason and wa la the next quilt I’ll be sending out to be quilted…this quilt is about 45 inches by 54.5 inches…couldn’t locate the tape measure so I had to use my ruler…I’ll have to bring this with to the quilt shop to locate the perfect backing…

The perfect backing was found at JoAnn one day on one of those whim shopping trips, doesn’t go with the front in the least I think that’s why it works…fabulous teal peacock frappe’ too gorgeous…best part I bought enough that I could edge it in the same color.  Sharon quilted Another House Quilt in a shade of lime green that’s in the backing…too perfect…she also quilted a cat, dog or flowers at the base of each house while adding a door, window and a heart…she quilted in clouds in the sky…I am so glad I’m actually keeping this quilt, the color the little details you have to look for…I’m really quite proud of this cookie cutter quilt! If you look very close at this photo you can see a wee puppy quilted on the house block at the bottom…cute! There’s a bird in the sky as well…

Well I actually accomplished something in a sewing/creative way this weekend…yay…April 28th 2013

silly ornament

walken around the christmas tree

each year I try to come up with an ornament that when seen on my hot pink tree makes people really think…really…think…and perhaps then laugh when they get it!  I’m pretty sure this year’s ornament will get a giggle and a few questioning looks! printed on card stock, laminated and strung on a fabulous ribbon…this just screams…er…whut?
walken in a winter wonderland
feel free to make one for your tree! Consider it a horribly cheap gift from me to you! lol…

hmmm I’m a fawn swamp…

Originally an Old French form of Helen, but now generally regarded as an independent name. The Greek and Latin forms of the name had a long vowel in the second syllable, which produced this form (as opposed to Ellen) in Old French. In Arthurian legend, Elaine is the name of one of the women who fell in love with Lancelot. The name occurs in this form in the 15th-century English Morte d’Arthur of Thomas Malory. In the 19th century it was popularized in one of Tennyson’s Idylls of the King (1859). Most of the characters in Arthurian legend have names that are Celtic in origin, although subjected to heavy French influence, and it has therefore been suggested that Elaine may actually be derived from a Welsh word meaning ‘hind’ or ‘fawn’.
Norwegian: habitational name from any of numerous farmsteads named Myre, most from the dative case of myr ‘bog’, ‘swamp’ (Old Norse mýrr). Compare Myhr.

new fabric arrived

The fabric from fabric.com arrived yesterday…

I waited till I was done gardening and feeding Olivia…then I opened the envelope…it is SO lovely in person! I may slice and dice the next available moment I have even though I’m currently working on a baby quilt…just so I can lay out a block and look at its luscious blinding combination of fabrics!

Here’s the block pattern: http://www.jeannesquilting.com/free/barn.html not grossly intricate as I want to see the fabrics specially the glorious floral belly buttons of the blocks…(internal happy dance) May 9th 2012

And in my boredom or perhaps it’s a want to use up some of the fabric lounging around my house waiting for a place to be I threw together a contemplation for all this fairy fabric that’s been piling up…Use Up All That Fairy Fabric Quilt-I’ll think up a better name for it once its being made!

Grey Squares = 6.5 inch fairy fabric

4-squares = 3.5 inch pink fairy flower and blue fairy fabric

Grey corner squares = 6.5 inch kitty fairy fabric

Sashing = 2.5 inch pink that goes with the pink fairy flower fabric

Light blue border inner = 6.5 sliced up fairy panels, yes I’m going to cut up panels…hey it might work out wicked cool, you never know! I have 2 or 3 fairy panels, I think they are 30 by 45 inches or so…

Lavender outer border…left over slabs cut into squares 6.5 inch perhaps…

If there are still left overs…all chopped into 3.5 inch squares for prairie points

I made this contemplation in WORD on a graph paper template, then frappe’d on a photo editor to make it a jpeg…copy & paste…it’s what I do…:P

on the ever growing bucket list…


no no no not the before I die list…that one’s relatively short…I want to go to the giant red wood forest and just listen to the trees…yeah I’m like that

this is for the quilting bucket list…I want to one fine day make an New York Beauty quilt…in my silly off fabric way…I printed all the patterns…just need the time and energy now…not asking muck am I?!?

Addicted to Crafting?



[n. ad-ikt; v. uh-dikt]




1. A person who is addicted  to an activity, habit, or substance: a drug addict.




Verb (used with object)


2. To cause to become physiologically or psychologically dependent on an addictive  substance, as alcohol or a narcotic.


3. To habituate or abandon (oneself) to something compulsively or obsessively: a writer addicted to the use of high flown language; children addicted to video games.




It must be possible to be addicted to making things…crafting…creating stuff from found objects…I find it quite impossible to sit with my hands quietly folded and just stare off into space…I have to be doing something…if not reading and watching TV (yes it is possible) I have to be chopping up socks for sock monkeys/monsters, gathering the eyes and accoutrements for said stuffed beasties…or mod podging previously sliced up papers, photos, magazines to something…preferably non living…lol…gathering fabrics into pleasing piles of yet unformed quilts…slicing and dicing piles of fabric into ready to be sewn piles of squares and strips…or if I want to actually gather information from the TV I have to still have my hands busy…stuffing socks beasties, hand sewing, hand quilting, hand paper piecing quilt blocks…even when out and about I’m constantly feeling fabric, checking out the drape, contemplating wooden or chipboard things for collage-ability…seeing designs in nature…wanting to burn them into my memory so I can recreate them somehow with something…Hoarfrost, clouds, diseased bark on a dying tree…weirdness could become something quite lovely if just the right paint is splashed on it…if the perfect fabric is edged with the perfect trim and dangled the right way…there it is…a furry chunk of fungus on the side of that one tree…remember?!?  Stuff that white sock the right kind of lumpy…there are the butt clouds after that one horrible storm that broke trees and damaged roofs but no one was hurt so it was all OK…


Am I a crafty addict or perhaps just damaged the right way that I can make something out of nothing and keep from going insane by doing so…


plethora of plushies

Black & Grey yoga monkey….22 inches tall standing…alas he’s not overly muscular so standing really isn’t his forte’…perfect for a boy or a girl…has a curly wiggly grin and belly button in blue to match his lovely washer backed eyes.  Completed 1-8-12 Will be for sale on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/YaneZweeLovies 


Doily Flower eyes…who needs makeup when you have flowers! Fun funky knee socks from Douber’s make this 19 inch skinny monkey too cute and feminine… washer backed eyes and nose with a wiggly lavender grin…completed 1-7-12 Will be for sale on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/YaneZweeLovies 


Grape Striped ape…er Monkey…made of toddler knee socks that REALLY stretched…16 inches tall standing…he really doesn’t stand very well though…guess it’s that lack of bone and muscle…for sure not baby safe with the stacked button eyes and button nose….fun wiggly grin in white…completed 1-8-12 Will be for sale on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/YaneZweeLovies 


iMonk…not an Apple product…lol…custom made baby safe monkey for a Facebook friend…the I is the initial for the little person who will be getting this hot pink orange grey and white yoga monkey…I think she turned out quite nice! Completed 1-11-12


Olivia Safe Monkey butt…Oliver picked out the socks at JoAnn fabrics and decided Olivia needed a monkey at my house…totally baby proof…embroidered lips, nose and ‘Olivia’…have the owl placed just right that it’s eyes are the monkeys eyes…the ears turned out funny so I guess this is a teddy monk…with super long knuckles dragging on the floor arms…now just need to wait for Liv to get big enough to play with it. Completed 1-7-12


Peace Monkey butt…22 inches tall yoga monkey made of cool peace sock my mom found for me…purple cat eyes and a fun purple button nose make her face cute…yes she’s a girl…see the eyelashes? Added a little more peace to her ears and finished her off with a peace ribbon…really can you have too much peace? Didn’t think so! Completed 1-10-12 Will be for sale on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/YaneZweeLovies 


Plush Pile…some (not all) of the beasties I’ve made thus far that are waiting for their forever homes…three of these do have a home they’ll be going to soon…the others…totally for sale! 1-9-12


Shamus doesn’t like the doughnut…it’s not glazed… 1-9-12


Liv and Grandpa Jim having an in depth discussion about Dime Bag Darrel… 1-10-11

wedding sewing, paper piecing, Oliver

Muskrat pelt made for Jim’s Mountain Man costume for our wedding…just didn’t feel like bringing home any road kill for this occasion…

Note the intelligent gaze in his mismatched eyes…9-10-11

Stephermini’s paper pieced heart…she loves greens…paper pieced by hand, ribbons attached by machine, name embroidered by hand… 9X10 inches, will be cut down to match all the other blocks… Pattern: ‘crazy hearts’ http://www.paperpanache.com/guests/aheart.htm this block will join 19 others to make my quilt: Those Who Dwell in my Heart. Hand pieced ribbon added by machine. Block completed 9-10-11

Oliver at Lake Rebecca Playground in Delano…that’s a faux bat…9-11-11