Jim’s Meningioma quilt is done

Jim’s Meningioma Tumor Star Quilt…

started February 1st 2013 completed March 4th 2013

All cotton fabric with polyester batting, 52 inches square the center star was made by darknightsky@deviantart.com and given in an art trade, the rest of this rainbowie happiness was machine pieced by Elaine the ever lovin’ wife of James A Myhre My Lima Bean Man the stripe border was made from left over rainbow colors from the Quilt with a View there are monkey squares left over from a couple monkey baby quilts made in 2012 the purple/blue chunk border is made from fabric received from a lovely lady in the Quilter’s Coven. theres also a border of Autism puzzle fabric… the quilting was done all be hand by Elaine…in each of the monkey squares there’s a star quilted… a star for each hour Jim was in surgery…a star for each day he was in the hospital…and a star for every day Oliver, Olivia and Shamus missed him while he was gone… there are 3 monkey squares too small for the star template, in those there’s a J, I, and a M quilted.

In the first white border there’s a poem quilted:

Star Light Star Bright

First Star I see Tonight

I wish I may I with I might

Have the Wish I wish tonight

On the back of the quilt in the signature square there’s the words from the book I Like Stars that Oliver can read to us this year! Quilt was kinda named (well it says this on the signature square) ‘Starlight in my Eye’


Surgery +1

one day out from the surgery and I’m working on breathing…crying at home only, think I’m doing pretty good since I’m waiting to get home to break down…Jim is still in ICU waiting for a bed to open in the neurology wing…

as the tumor was a different variety then they thought it was initially he should improve quickly…well quicker than expected in the 1st place.  He’s not as dizzy as before the surgery, dizzy in a different way…more like seeing double when he’s moving rather than spinny barfy…

I visited today till 2 pm and I thought he felt warm when I kissed him for the b-zillionth time…he poo-pooed it since he is such a man…so I told on him on my way out the door…hey…it’s my job to be the man nark…oh he had heart burn too that he was blowing off…told on that too…that’s what he gets for trying to be all tough in front of me…

I’m getting better at driving in the big cities…not truely enjoying it or anything silly like that and I lost the jeep in the parking garage…CHA I know loose a jeep covered in bumper stickers…who would have thunk it…I’m just not getting used to the big city folk…they don’t make eye contact and when I smile and say hi I’m looked at like I just escaped the psych ward…am I such a freak? and those looks are just from the one’s that do make eye contact…the rest are absorbed with their phones or watching their feet walk…I gave up eventually in the tunnel to the garage…I watched my feet walk…not nearly as exciting as looking up…

here’s Jim on the mend…he wanted this picture taked so I could show Oliver that Jim is a little damaged but he’s still rocking on…

on a wacky note…hey this stress crap is a wonderful diet plan…either that or that horrid hospital food I tried yesterday…lost 5 pounds…don’t worry now…as soon as I get him home I’ll pile all that lard right back on!

just a dollop will do you

I don’t normally really share what is going on in my life…it’s rather overwhelming on a good day…I’m not healthy, we’ll leave it at that…I help raise my grandkids, Oliver has Autism and is in therapies after school 4 days per week.  Olivia is 14 months and a little babbling tornado…so there’s that.  Jazmin my youngest daughter is 22 and Autistic…lets just say of the three kids I care for she is the most difficult because she can talk and she breaks my heart on a daily basis with her inability to cope with anything.  My oldest daughter Tabitha (25) works full time 2nd shift, may be going back to 3rd shift. She’s dandy but really depends on me allot with the kids…I take Olie to most of his therapy appointments.  I take Jaz to all her therapy appointments.  I work full time…sigh
My dear husband of just over a year has a tumor in his middle ear.  I find out today when he will have surgery to have it removed.  The only place in Minnesota he can go for said surgery is the U of M in Minneapolis.  We live in upper armpit Minnesota better known as Watertown, so it’s about 1/2 a tank of gas for a round trip.  I haven’t slept in days, I really need to go to the cardiologist for my own issues…lets just say driving into a bridge abutment has come to mind a couple times…the only one near is on a curve and is a 35 mile per hour zone…all I would do is really hurt my Jeep… not on my list of things to do…
DH surgery is 8-10 hours long, he will be in ICU for 3 days, in the hospital for at least 7 days and then I’ll find out if he will come home with me or go to rehab…I think I may be on the edge of Autism or have gotten a bit of it by osmosis…I hate not having a schedule set in stone, can’t stand living without knowing what’s next, surprises, spur of the moment…not me at all…so with this surgery, the kids, the therapies, the schedule all blown to heck I feel I’m loosing my mind…dump in there that I am a terrified driver so driving from my hovel in Watertown to the Beeg Ceeties on a daily basis for a week will surely find me in a rubber room…
Forever it seems I’ve been the go to guy for everything in my family…you need something call mom, gotta get somewhere, call mom…need to cry vent complain accuse whine berate…call mom…I’m pretty sure I will survive this trial be surgery and I will help my husband recover…it’s the rest of my insane life I worry about…mostly I worry about the little kids…I am a giant parts of their lives…the only days surgery is done is Mondays and Fridays…Monday I take Olie to school and after school take him to speech therapy and take him home with me over night…I have absolutely NO idea who I can shovel all my responsibilities onto…Who would want to even attempt my really stressful insane life…
thing is I love my life…it stresses me out to no end but I don’t know what I’d do if I ever didn’t have all this stuff to do…I love helping Oliver discover himself and grow into a great little guy…I love that I get to watch Olivia learn to walk and babble and be a wee toddler…I can even cope with putting up with Jazmin being disrespectful and mean (I’d rather not but I do)…I just hope all these people in my life can figure out how to cope without me while I’m helping my husband…I really love him too…
guess I just needed to get this all out…I have no idea what I hope to get from this rant…
thanks for listening!

A bedroom for Nana!

Giggly Wiggly Happy Dance!!!!!!!!!



We could have our bedroom back as soon as the 10th of January…yes 2009…like in 4 days!  Tab & Travis called the apartments in front of us and they have openings NOW! So they’re bringing all the paperwork and the $60 (WTF) down to the landlord whatever today! 

I’m going to try not to get my hopes too totally pasted onto the ceiling…but…I haven’t had my room since, hmm, 2004 when I traded my nice big room for Tab’s 2nd smallest room cuz’ she was preggers with Olie and needed more space for all the baby accoutrements.  Then when Olie was…oh…1 ish I moved into the Living room so Jaz could have the black room and Oliver could have the smallest room…THEN Tab and Oliver moved out for a while, we made Oliver’s room into the computer room and stayed in the living room, Jim built a wall complete with locking door so it is a room.  Tab and Oliver came back, moved into the big room, divided it with a fence and gate, and this is how we’ve been ever since, no living room, just a kitchen and a tiny computer room…when company comes over they all pile into our room/living room…SO I’m really looking forward to having a living room again and an actual bed room for me and my sweet Lima Bean Man.  With a closet and everything!  All of our gotta-hang-up clothing is in the tiny closet in the computer room.  As I jump up and down internally…My clothing will be in my room with me! Too Freaking painfully cool!

Jim and I have decided the living room will basically be the crafty crap/guitar/living room. So the TV, My painting area, my sewing area and his guitar repair stuff will be in there.  We’ll get a couple beanbag chairs or perhaps a futon so there will be seating as needed.  I can totally tidy the kitchen and have a usable table n seating there too.  WOW…I SO CANNOT WAIT!

ThurZdae THurZdae ra ra ra


(not my new machine…)


Woo Hoo! It is ever so Friday eve! Had our lovely health insurance meeting this morning…we all get to go to a high deductible frickin’ insurance now… $2,000 per person per year… UGH!  We will have the option of having a HS account to put $ towards our medical spending… great… more deductions from ever check… Love being one of the many working poor!


K so I had to QUICK make Jaz’s remaining dr. appointment for the year to try to get all her medications filled since she will no longer be on my insurance as of the 1st since she is not in school and she’s 18 now.  Sigh… only appointment available is 3:10 today so she’ll have to walk since I left early yesterday to take her to the OB/GYN…have no $…have no vacation left…have no incentive to even be a mother on most days now.  She applied for work where I work on Monday…I’m thinkin’ she may have to bite the bullet and apply at a few zillion other places too…just to afford her Rx since I have my own 10 per month to buy.  Bad enough I feel like I am definitely getting what Jim had and what most of my co-workers have been spewing on me.  Sniff, hork, wheeze…The OB/GYN was a massive bit of let down…the stitches are self absorbed…Jaz’ has to go to Kristen to get back on the regular birth control…so for missing 3.5 hours of work we accomplished absolutely NOTHING… I go in on the 27 for my fasting cholesterol test so I think I’ll get ALL my Rx filled at the same time since this whole insurance thing is so F’ed up I have no idea how I’ll be able to afford the drugs that do not come in a generic. Thought the holiday season was to be one of love peace giving a hoot for your fellow poverty stricken employee…guess I had it confused with something else.


This week Jim was nice enough to forgo the usual $55 needed for budget so we all can afford a bit of holiday cheer.  So, I picked up 11 rubber thimbles for the sewing kits, the next size up of yo-yo makers for me, mom’s gift: yummy assed candle set, dad’s gift: a photo carousel deal, Oliver’s gifts: little people farm and a walking flapping dragon, Heidi’s journal: covered in different buttons, a pair of slippers as part of Jazmin’s gift that she got now since the floors are cold, and one of Jim’s gifts: the fabulous black & Decker level deal.  Since our Xmas at mom’s is Sunday and the holiday meal here at work is this coming Monday I picked up some bright red bell bottoms and a green t-shirt that has an elf look to it.  I got some lime green marabou package trim to make bows for the ponytails I plan for my hair. Jim’s like…you’re dressing in costume for Xmas now?!?  Not really …well OK a bit…Just dressing the part! I get tired of trying to blend in with the huddled masses…I gotta be me…a freak… J

another x-citing 2zdae

“Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her
sperm, she’ll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she’ll give you a
home. If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal. If you give her a
smile, she’ll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given
to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.”



Last night…I did nothing…ugh, greatly disappointed in myself.  I made 2 stacks of 3 ½ X 3 ½ squares to make bright 9-patches, eventually.  Thought about ironing some fabrics, this fat quarter of what with really cute people on it and making it into a perfect square, putting on a few thin borders and digging out the scant amount of batting I have left to make some hand work to bring with to Jazmin’s OB/GYN appointment tomorrow…yeah thought about it.  It’s still post-it noted on my brain so I will hopefully do it tonight.  Tomorrow I leave at noon to cash my paycheck, only 1 hour short this time, go grab Jaz then out to Waconia.  Hopefully for a QUICK 2 stitch removal and fast contemplating of whatever drug they will decide to put her on this time. 


I gotta go to Wally which is on the opposite side of the planet from Waconia after I’m sure I’ll have to pick up Tab and Oliver even if she has no $ and no real reason to go to Wal-mart…Sigh, I’d just like to get my copious shopping done with speed for a change… stop at Target in Waconia to get dad a photo book for Xmas, perhaps locate a nice candle and holder for mom there, Jazmin’s $ card…maybe even just get Oliver’s farm and extra tractor there to!  Then on Thursday I can hit the dollar store for 12 folding scissors, straight pins, needles and 12 thimbles.


Next week’s pay which will conveniently fall on Xmas eve (great time to shop) Off to Menard’s for Jim’s fabulous level and Tab’s Screw Driver. Oh to just be independently wealthy this ‘giving’ season I could just get it all at once and be done with all the running around and worrying about the budget.  I am just so many shades of tired from not sleeping worth a blink and feeling ½ crappy, I’m sure I’m getting the creeping crud that’s going around work and that Jim has had for a while.


Plethora of Musical Likes


A plethora of my musical tastes: Angelcorpse, At the Gates, Autopsy, Behemoth, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Celtic Frost, Corrosion of Conformity, Gwar, Morbid Angel, Alice in Chans, Napalm Death, Otep, Slayer, Static X, Korn, System of a Down, Offspring, Penntwise, The Platters, Rammstein, Tool, Soundgarden, Sublime, Toad the Wet Sproket, Norah Jones, Carole King, Helen Reddy, Pantera, Six Feet Under, Nine Inch Nails, Drowning Pool, Insane Clown Posse, Incubus, The Mammas & The Papas, Marilyn Manson, The Cranberries, Deee-Lite, Bette Midler, Angie’s Farm, and just for a bit of added silliness I also enjoy: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, the Bloodhound Gang, The Dresden Dolls, Evenescence, The Chenille Sisters, Cyndi Lauper (yup I’m that old), a spattering of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Yma Sumac, Celtic Harps, the occasional Bagpipes ‘specially Amazing Grace, when I’m morose the Mills Brothers, Bach dirges.

Note: this list is bound to GROW!


Is it a Manic Monday?!?


Manic Monday?!? Hmmm…Yeah probably…fer sure in fact!  UGH!  It is -6 right now and promises a high of -4… WTF… I feet are frozen to the conctrete block beneath my feet here in one of the hottest offices at work… OY!

Jim was horribly sick all weekend.  When he was sleeping I wasn’t and last night was nothing new… I gotta remember to grab some ear plug from work and see if that works at all.  I can just hear too well.  The howling wind would get tangled up in the antenna (no idea if it is eaven hooked up to any TVs anymore) and the vibrating humm was making the windos vibrate.  Jim snoozed right through it…I however did not. 


Henry Rollins Stumpy Butt decided to rearrange his tank at least three times, smashing his food dish against the glass, flipping his house all over then burrying his water bottle under bedding… He’s lucky I didn’t feel like really hurting a wee rodent…

Xmas at mom’s has been rescheduled for this coming Sunday…agrivated sigh, so now this coming payday I need to squeeze a vase for mom, the photo deal for dad, 12 thimble and 12 scissors and most likely Oliver little people farm plus gas and budget $… Yeah I’m thrilled.  Travis will be taking Oliver Xmas eve through who knows and won’t be coming to mom’s cuz he’s picking up his brother from the airport.  I figure I’ll give Olie his gift at mom’s so he can at least get it.  I’ll PU Jim’s level, and Tab’s screw driver from Menards next Wednesday, card from Target for Jaz’s $.  THen call it all finally complete.  Whew.

santa__s_gonna_get_you____by_thecoleCan’t wait to be done with this holiday season so I can get to making the king-sized quilt for my bed, finishing all the boy quilts for TIny Angels and Project Linus.

I’m almost totally done with the sewing kits, 12 in all.  Just need the thimbles, straight pins and scissors.  If I have time (yeah right) I’m going to the dollar store and see what they have in the way of fold up scissors.

sewing-kit-deal-12-14-08This one’s mine for work. Blindingly wicked…huh?!?