Experiment in Monster Foundation pieced Pineapple

February 4th 2009


Having done one fabric (paper) pieced pineapple block in the past…yeah ONE entire block…I was thinking which I do at times with a good outcome…send a JPEG of a pineapple block paper piece template


To the tool room manager at work and ask ever so sweetly if he could print it out on the plotter…making a 10X10 inch block a 32X32 inch + block…well it worked so far…the plotter did a dandy job of making the template wonderfully large…the lines are a bit fuzzy but that’s no biggie since they won’t show in the end!


Now I can go home and dig through my black and red fabrics and start ironing, measuring and cutting! I’ll be making a lovely wall hanging for our LIVING ROOM!

February 8th 2009

Trimmed, flattened and taped the template to the kitchen table which it turns out is the PERFECT size for the monster template.  (Yeah my kitchen table is lime…)


Have the muslin all ironed and is now trimmed and taped over the template.

February 13th 2009

Did manage to trace the foundation piece for the monster pineapple with Oliver’s assistance, He held the table in place…it wasn’t really going anywhere…


February 22nd 2009

Top completed


Lavender demask border…gonna add a red and a black border too and make this into a throw for the couch/ chair.  right now it’s just over 45 inches square


3 comments on “Experiment in Monster Foundation pieced Pineapple

  1. I love it. I think this is a great idea to enlarge a small pattern we like.

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