Fibromyalgia~and SO much more!

January5th 2009


Busted my buns this weekend…Finished my mom’s trivet yo-yo purple deal hope she likes it…she’s a bit picky and not very nice about keeping her feeling about crappy gifts to herself.  completed 9 other quilts of assorted sizes to donate to the Heart Babies, Tiny Angels, Priject Linus and a quilt lady deal for me.  My shoulder is KILLING me…Usually I don’t wake up in too much pain but today, WOW I can’t believe it…the throb, the slice, the pierce and poke…OY!  Could live without this!  Picking Oliver up alone tonight as Tab and Travis have an appointment at the school regarding Oliver.  I’m hoping Oliver can try to behave so I don’t have to pick him up or anything.  I don’t think I’ll be able to heft him up.  Ran out of Effexor 2 days ago…gotta wait 2 more before I can get it.  Hope I don’t become a crybaby freak or anything before then!  Gotta pay full price for it since the insurance has changed.  Ran outa Prilosec 3 days ago.  I’m hoping I can call Jim and he can pick me up a tiny package to get me through to payday… Insane and stomach pain?!?  no way I’ll survive that!  Maude I hate this!  I would so like to be a little healthy!  I looked up the withdrawl symptoms of Effexor just in case I could just quit takeing it…cry a bit and be OK…Yeah right…I’m gonna get the Rx then call the Dr. to see what I can do to get off it with out ending up in a padded room.  I’d love to get off all my non-generic drugs just so I can offord them, but I don’t think that will work.  This sucks major monkey butt!  Jazmin has at least 2 that need to be filled this week too.  with a 31.whatever hour paycheck…yeah this will be way interesting!  And I really wanted to get some felt to see about making the ornaments for the tiny angels for Xmas2009.  See I got stuff to do!

1:25 pm assorted shades of shit
ran out of my Effexor 2 days ago…Feel like I should really go home, I feel so mishappened!  Called sweetie pie & he’s gonna pick up my Rx on the way home so I don’t implode…

Effexor® (venlafaxine hydrochloride) and a number of other antidepressants are known to cause withdrawal symptoms in those who quickly stop their medicine.

Effexor Withdrawal Symptoms

Symptoms of Effexor withdrawal include, but are not limited to:


December 31st 2008

A moment for fibromyalgia…


Fighting every moment of every day to not loose my mind to the endless pain.


Insanity creeping around the edges of my consciousness, peering through the mind fog.


Being ‘happy’, ‘content’ and ‘OK’ when I really don’t want to


Roaming from room to room when I should be sleeping at night.


Opening my eyes to the fact that this is how it will be from now on.


Meanings to say something else when I’m feeling bad and snapping at the one’s I love.


Yelling on the inside when the doctor poo-poos my pain


Almost giving up, daily.


Laughing when I can…laughter is the best medicine, even if it hurts.


Giving and getting gentle hugs


Icky…just feeling plain icky most of the time.


Ache, constant, throbbing, piercing, prolonged…but not imagined!

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