Heart Babies 2 sew 4


February 13th 2009

Look what I got from a quilt I donated!

I just wanted to let you know that Maggie Scheid, Nurse Practioner from the University of Minnesota Physicians delivered the quilt donated from your group to a infant heart patient who had surgery to place a pacemaker, the family was very appreciative and Maggie gave them a Parents for Heart brochure to give them information on our group.  Just wanted to pass this thanks on.  I will be delivering the other two quilts to the Mpls. Children’s Hospital for Judy Sawyer, Child Life Specialist to distribute to two heart patients there today.  Thank you to your quilters!!!  Gina

January 14th 2009

Today I’m sending out 3 quilts for babies with heart defects, with upcoming surgeries at the Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis Minnesota.

This is the same hospital mentioned on the page ‘Natalia ~ HLHS’  https://nanayane.wordpress.com/hlhs-natalia












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