Home of the Brave

home-of-the-brave72” X 48” quilts donated to injured soldiers or to the families of fallen soldiers…

January 16th 2009


Here’s the 1st batch of fabric for my 1st Home of the Brave Quilt.  I was kinda aiming for unisexed to masculine fabrics even though there are female soldiers who get injured and killed… Jaz (of course) doesn’t like my color selection specially the tan paisley…oy no pleasing her.  But I showed the fabric to Jim (who is a dude after all) and he said it’s very masculine…I think that was in a good way…I’m so used to making quilts of fabulous shades with great novelty prints for babies and kids…this is one of my 1st attempts at a man quilt.  I’ll see what they have at the quilt shop in Waconia…perhaps I’ll find a nice man flannel so there will be tactile differences too… Wee shall see…


I’m going to enlarge my pattern on the copier so the blocks will turn out larger.  the pattern of course is not perfect since I made it in WORD.  I’m still seartching for a pattern on the web.  I don’t have it in my b-zillion block pattern book at home… Lovely, huh?!?



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