I sew 4 Tiny Angels


January 14th 2009

sending a box of eleven yes that’s 11 quilts to West Virginia! All the construction vehicle preemie quilts, a doodle bug quilt hmmm…a warm flannel quilt…and that’s it for the moment… 🙂  filled with such glee!

December 31st 2008


Just made up the pattern I’m going to use to make next year’s God’s Tiny Angels ‘baby’s 1st Xmas ornaments’ that I’ll be putting in all the stockings I’m making.  I put together the patterns for the stockings last night.  I’ve 7 different shapes: classic, cowboy boot, fancy boot, elf shoe, ballet slipper, ice skate, and bare foot. And with the 12 I’ve decided I’ll be making…this will be great fun to make these different shapes! For the bare foot I’ll be using some sort of skin tone on tone fabrics with buttons for the toe nails.  the others I’m going to strip piece the front and use a coordinating fabric for the backing and inside.  So they’ll all be fer sure one of a kind and wicked cool!  I’m going to make stocking for my family too.  Naked foot for me and a biker boot for Jim.  I figure I’ll do the fancy boot for Jaz, Ballet shoe for Tab, elf shoe for Olie and an ice skate in black for Travis. So all in all…I am BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!

December 28th 2008

Had a very productive weekend with Sally The Singer!




All of these road construction type vehicles are bassinet sized wee quilts for Preemie baby boys.  I’ve one or 2 left to complete then they can all go through the wash with a cup of Dreft so they will be ready to be used by the lil sweetie pies!

brite-9patch-beginning1This incompleted but soon to be finished 9-patch and the finished doodle bug quilt below are baby sized for infant girls.doodle-bug-quilt



December 24th 2008:

after finding that the tags/cards I had made and saved onto my computer were no longer there…I made up a new one to place with ever quilt I make and send to Tiny Angels in West Virginia.


ry3d400I make preemie quilts that fit into the bassinet so the wee one’s have something pretty to rest on.  I make them in my smoke and animal dander free home and would like to donate them to give something back.


I also make smaller miscarriage/stillbirth memory quilts to wrap the babies in so their mom’s can hug them one last time and then have the quilt to take home.


All quilts are made with 100% cotton with 100% polyester batting and machine or hand quilted.  I make the quilts in definite girl and boy shades, but also a few in unisexed shades too.


I work full time and have my daughters and my grandson to keep me quite busy not to mention a small on-line shop.  I’ve decided for every quilt I make to sell (or try to sell) I’ll make at least 1 to donate…I like to donate them to neonatal departments for the smallest little ones and for those mom’s who have to go home empty handed.


I found God’s Tiny Angels (mind you I am still very pagan but I couldn’t locate a pagan group that donated to babies) purely by accident.  I’ve sent 2 boxes of Lovies and Baby supplies so far and plan to send more!



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