Project Linus


Greater Twin Cities Area
Contact: Bernadine
(651) 323-3338

February 20th 2009

9-patch top completed for project Linus


January 14th 2009

Sending out a box of four blankets (1 fleece, 2 receiving, 1 quilt) to Project Linus Greater Twin Cities today.  I’ve a 2nd box of 3 fat quilts to go out next week!  (Giggly happy dance)

December 28th 2008

rainbow-twin-sizedRainbowie twin-sized 9-patch top.  Wickedly bright, huh?!?  I think it’s pretty well uni-sexed but Jaz’ said it’s fer sure a girl quilt.  Eh, who knows.  The sweetie holding it is of course my sweetie pie!  Gotta get some more batting and then I can complete this one and send it off! 🙂


rainbowie-gigglytuteThis is one of the 1st lovies I made for project Linus Greater Twin Cities Minnesota. 2008

Since I live out in the middle of almost no where I mail my blankets in.  I don’t do the blanket makin’ groups although one day I would really like to.


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