Quilting Adventures

February 22nd 2009

Goddess Table Runner…


Handpainted goddesses with metallic paint


interstellar backing really shows off the tiny stitches


January 20th 2009


LO left over scraps, offcentered, log cabin 8X9 inch er so took 2 days of hand work to complete…had a wee pile of scraps too pretty to throw away and it was too late in the day to start a bif quilt so I whipped this together for something to do while not really watching TV.
Completed January 19th 2009

January 19th 2009

Started and FINISHED my professional tote all in one day and it didn’t take 11 hours like it would have in the class…took 5-6 hours in fact and only had to tear out 2 seams.  I love it…massively massive!  When empty Oliver can sit uncomfortably in it, there’s a middle pocket…professional-tote-outprofessional-tote-in 


January 16th 2009

Got plenty of places to sew for…even the king-sized for Jim and I when/if I ever get the fabric to finish it…found a cool pine tree pattern in my 500 quilt block pattern book and thought it would be wicked nifty if rather than just triangle for some of the tree parts…I used prairie points for that 3-D poke yer eye out tactile fun!


could proove interesting…if it works!

January 6th 2009


This is my jr. high friend Angie’s Son Nikko and the quilt I made hhim when he was a baby.  The quilt, Nikko and his family live in Finland.  Cool!


Postage Stamp Postcard Quilt completed…oh…September-ish2008



December 18th 2008


















December 18th 2008 (Oliver’s 4th birthday eve)



December 14th, 2008

Purply 9-patch I whipped together Sunday evening during America’s Funniest Home Videos.  It’s30 inches square.  I’ll add a few pink and/or purple borders to make it a bit larger.  Don’t know who will be getting it yet… If I dont’ hear from any one having a daughter, granddaughter etc… I think I’ll throw it on my Etsy shop for a month er so, if it doesn’t move…off to Project Linus it goes. 


December 2nd 2008

I’ve been quilting since 1990 when I learned it from a home health nurse while being on bedrest with my daughter Jazmin.

I’ve actually lost count of how many quilts I’ve made.  I’ve sold some to family, friends and co-workers for assorted babies, gifted MANY to family and friends for a plethora of celebrations.

Now I make preemie quilts that fit into the bassinet so the wee one’s have something pretty to rest on.  I make them in my smoke and animal dander free home and would like to donate them to your hospital since I had my three daughters there and would like to give something back.

I also make smaller miscarriage/stillbirth memory quilts to wrap the babies in so their mom’s can hug them one last time and then have the quilt to take home.

All quilts are made with 100% cotton with 100% polyester batting and machine or hand quilted.  I make the quilts in definite girl and boy shades, but also a few in unisexed shades too.

I work full time and have my daughters and my grandson to keep me quite busy not to mention a small on-line shop.  I’ve decided for every quilt I make to sell I’ll make at least 1 to donate…I’d like to donate them to your neonatal department for the smallest little ones and for those mom’s who have to go home empty handed.

springsummer-wallhanging-front-11-29-08fallwinter-front-11-9-08Here are the wee wallhangings I made for work to hang on the window behind my desk so I can’t see the forklifts driving towards me…kinda spooky.

I started them on November 6th and completed the set on December the 7th 2008.  I machine sewed the edges and hand quilted everything else adding wee buttons along the way for tactile intrest.



2 comments on “Quilting Adventures

  1. I love your wallhangings. They are so beautiful. The coloring in them is perfect. If you make them and sell them. I love to buy one. When I can afford to one that is. The one with the cat. I love black and white cats. If you make them and do special orders. I’d ask for the one on the right with it.
    I can’t believe how pretty they are. A person does not see that great a job as you are doing.

  2. thanks…actually the wallhangings were from a single panel of fabric…
    I just yesterday FINALLY got a new sewing machine so now I can get back to sewing.
    When/if I make these wallhangings to sell I’ll make sure to let you know! 🙂 thanks!

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