as for the K and the L

k zentangle 4-20-14_0001

K is for…oh look close there is a lower case k there somewhere, over to the left… K is for Kilauea …tangled this Zen while not really watching Volcano and Dante’s Peak…
April 20th 2014

l  zentangle 4-21-14_0001

L is for lazing lackadaisical labels lounging….la la la…
April 21st 2014


the alphabet continues unabated

25 zentangle 4-18-14

25 for the number of years Natalia would be today. yeah also not a letter…just changing things up a bit!
April 18th 2014

H zentangle 4-18-14

H is for horrendous hair…yeah it may look like an M but really it is a capital H.
April 18th 2014

I zentangle 4-19-14

I is for Iridocorneal Endothelial Syndrome, I really had to search for that one…
April 19th 2014

J zentangle 4-20-14

J is for Jazz Jamming Jim and Jazmin of course…perhaps a dash of Judi…
April 20th 2014