Cherish Sock Monkey Quilt continuing

Thanks to the rain I managed to get some quilting done the Cherish Sock Monkey quilt!

Hard to see but I finished the belly button block quilting around all the wee square monkeys.

Note the fabulous tie dyed backing! Mmmmmmmmm PINK!4-22-12

Gotta look super close to she the name Cherish quilted under the ‘The End’…think I’ll add a heart or 2 above the rectangle to further hold the batting in place.  I have 28 days to finish this quilt…HOPE I MAKE IT!4-22-12


finally some quilt making!

Kris’ heart WIP and completion for my All Who Dwell in my Heart Quilt J made this one out of all flowers forher fabulous gardens…I finished the paper piecing at Quilt till ya Wilt at Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia Pattern is free and can be found at: I blew it up a bit on the copier…paper pieced by hand…that’s how I roll…I added the ribbons by machine and hand embroidered Kris and her adorable daughters Emma and Ella. Completed April 31st 2012…about 8.2 inches square.

Paper pieced heart WIP for my All Who Dwell in my Heart Quilt…this one is Cass and her grunions Sully and Zoe…used a bit of black Minky for the heart then there’s corduroy and there will be another chunk of textured black too…I met Cass when she was 3 and Tabitha was 1 ½ years old…Cass a frass has always been a cutie patootie…greatest memory when she was little was a LONG walk with my now X, Cass, her mom, her little sister Robyn and my kids…the X thought it would be cool to carry Cass on his shoulders…thankfully it was a super hot day so when she wet her pants he thought he was just sweaty…giggle…thanks for making a really fun day Cass! You did what I think we all wanted to! Massive LOL…started at Quilt till ya Wilt at Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia Pattern is free and can be found at: I blew it up a bit on the copier…


Sock monkey blocks laid out…this will be a monstrous quilt if I add the border I have cut and ready to go…contemplation…3-31-12

Sock Monkey BABY quilt top complete…yup changed my mind once again…there are babies being born this year one of which could probably use this…so I’m going to add red with yellow bananas prairie points to it and quilt it by machine…perhaps add some hand work to the big blocks…currently it’s about 55 inches square giver or take…4-1-12

last weekend of September!

Kaili’s heart…one of 20 hearts blocks for the ‘All Who Dwell in My Heart’ quilt…Black and Blue…not for bruises…and not for Emo or Hipster (giggle) just kinda dark but not horribly dark…hmmm…well yeah! With a dash of celestial…The pattern was free from: hand paper pieced, machined a bit, machine attached the ribbons and hand embroidered the name…about 9X8 inches at the moment 9-25-11

Olie & Jim flying a styrofoam airplane…every time it landed it fell apart…guess that’s part of the fun…reassembling…9-25-11


Cheshire cat embroidered for an eventual swap design from Urban Threads 9-25-11…


Batch of preemie happiness gathered for Tab’s friend Rebecca’s tiny daughter Phae…aw…9-25-11


Handkerchief baby bonnet made for Phae…eventually it’ll fit her! 9-25-11


Embroidered sweatshirt for mom to give away…9-25-11…


Detail of embroidered sweat shirt, I haven’t washed away the wash away stabilizer yet…9-25-11…

lil weekend work

Actually got a few things accomplished this weekend…cha I’m shocked too!

Bat skull burp cloth and bib set to attempt to sell on Etsy… burp cloths = 17.5 inches long.

Kitty lovey and burp cloth set.  My mom made the lovey and gave me the scraps and Lovey…go figure made a kitty set to sell on Etsy… lovey is 32.5 inches square.

Cheshire grin kitty bib and burp set the embroidery pattern is from Urban Threads…

Hoping to sell this set on Etsy…

Little sister bib and burp set for Oliver to give his mom for her baby shower…He picked it out…purchase this design…

Too cute!


Aubriana bib made to order for an Etsy Customer…machine embroidery…5-9-11

Couple quilt belly buttons made from left overs…5-10-11

Boy Bear quilt top I made in the 90’s…perhaps I should finish this soon…45 inches square…5-10-11

Girlie polar bear quilt top I made in the 90’s when thinking I could make a living by quilting…since it is unfinished you see where my cottage industry got me…45 inches square…5-10-11

Fun rainbow block quilt made from a charm set and a few extras picked out by Jazmin…this one’s totally ready to be finished…even has the prairie points on it…45 inches square…I think the next rainy weekend I could get this one going…5-10-11

Rainbow kitty quilt I’m hand quilting (so this may take a while) lemon yellow backing…hmmm…no idea how big this one is…probably just crib sized give or take…5-10-11

SMHQ (spur of the moment Halloween quilt) stitching…pretty sure I’ll get this done in time!5-10-11