a few birthdays

We Celebrated Tab’s 25th, Jazmin’s 22nd and Olivia’s 1st birthday this weekend!

Olivia’s 1st birthday celebration at Gumma’s on November 4th 2012…she eventually caught on to the whole trash the cake AND eat it deal…

Olivia post cake destroying bath in Gumma’s sink…November 4th 2012

Opening that 1st present…oooh I get to tear the paper on purpose?!? November 4th 2012

Curlies in my eye!

Bitha with curlies too…just not in the eye!

Jazmin doing an act from the FLY November 3rd 2012

Shamus…looking not at the camera contemplating a nom November 3rd 2012


Quilting with a side of Shamus

Lettering for Brandon’s Birthday Quilt…I think a 14 year old would be OK with this… 5-1-11

Brandon’s Birthday Quilt…Backed with black and tied in Orange and electric blue 5-1-11

Shamus can see…really! 5-1-11

Shamus sleeps on the vent in the living room while I sew 5-1-11

Shamus on the vent while I tie a quilt 5-1-11

Shamus Mc Suchy lovely in profile 5-1-11

Spur of the moment Halloween quilt made of left over squares from Prairie points and 4 swapped blocks 5-1-11

Signature square for the spur of the moment Halloween quilt…I hope to finish hand quilting it in time for my wedding…this would make a nice table cover under the candles and cupcakes! 5-2-11

Spur of the moment Halloween quilt ready for Prairie points 5-2-11

grief & sewing

Saturday the 18th of April would have been Natalia’s 20th birthday.  I think I did really well for a change.  I actually got out of bed at a reasonable hour (8:30am) got dressed…didn’t cry…



April 17th one of my many fridays without pay off…I put the finishing touches on the retinal Damage Rainbowie but keep Jim warm quilt top



With left overs fro the last 2 borders for the retinal damage…while The Hills Have Eyes I & II screamed on, I made Tab & Travis an Apartment Warming table runner for their dining room



Got a good chunk of Sissy Mary’s Kitty and grandkid quilt going…Roman strips in the middle the there will be a goose chase on the left and right with 11 inch Cat square at the corners with assorted stripes on the top and bottom and a few borders and prairie points…


constant busy work keeps me sane!

Happy Birthday to OLIVER!!!

vector-olieSweet Olie will be the big 4 today! 

What a guy… He has his moments when he’s severely flush-able…but otherwise he’s a dandy grandson!

I was there at his birth…his red gooey face…him peeing all over his mom…then peeing all over the bassinet…what a great little boogar butt from the start…

SO here’s to you Oliver Scot…you made it to 4…good job and keep up the good work…hugs n kisses!

l_3d444c76b51a75b9d5000e5b291405c9 ~ Yer ever lovin’ Nana!

Happy B-day Stephermini


(We were both blinded by the sun)


I heard this song on the radio and it reminded me of us

All piled in the Yugo as if it were a bus.


Music blasting, kids whining, the heat of summer flowing through the only windows as we were off to the blood bank…for naught!


We were SO poor but so happy when we were all together!


The moments we were apart either from madness, distance or addiction

I always thought of you!

What would Jesus do?!? What would Stephermini have to say about that?


Over 20 years we’ve been friends,
And not even once coming to an end.

We’ve stuck together like bread and peanut butter, jelly, Pringles, cheezits.
One is not complete without the other.

We’ve shared many laughs & we’ve shared many tears
But I think that’s made us strong throughout these years.


But hey! Here’s to your birthday!

I’m still 6 entire months older than you…


I reached middle age 1st.

But I still feel like we’re merely 20!


 Happy Birthday Dear Stephermini!