Weekend Zen

color wiggle tangle

Wiggle colorful curl Zen with atyou Spica pigment glitter pens…eeeeee fabulous! Love the wiggle-ee-ness of this one…tidied it up on Gimp after scanning it…of course scanner added horrid booger colored stripes on it…UGH…guess I’ll photograph my future tangles!
May 3rd 2014

Family Hands 1 completed 5-3-14

The Family Hands (1) is complete…This has my hand, my mom’s, Jim’s and Jazmin’s…I know which is which…11X14 Paris Paper using Faber Castell Pitt & Pigma Micron pens over 5 days….love it! Onto the next Zen adventure… May 3rd 2014

puzzle piece jpeg_0001

Autism Awareness every day puzzle piece Zen…Used Faber Castell Pitt pens, Spica Glitter pens and Triplus Fineliner Pens. Will have to invest in some color brush pens for larger areas… Tidies this up on Gimp after the scanner left stripes where stripes don’t belong.
April 4th 2014

tab dragon framed 5-3-14

Tabitha’s fabulous Zen Dragon all framed and ready to hang…looking nifty! April 4th 2014


sew many tiny houses

So many tiny houses quilt contemplation…have you noticed I make an awful lot of house quilts…hmmmm…subconsciously want a house?!?

OK a decision has been made…well…basically made…I have 31 house patterns of assorted sizes larges will be 12 inches square complete, the smallest is 2.5 X 2.5 inches complete…SO this will be quite interesting adding sashing here and there to get this monstrosity to work…not to mention this will take quite a while to accomplish since all the houses will be pieced by hand…some look relatively easy others have more pieces than I care to count at the moment…BUT the decision on the color(s) has been reached by kinda popular vote…allot of people like purple andpink so 15 houses will be pink and 15 will be purple, the biggest house (or the bellybutton of the quilt) will bepink and purple, all the houses with windows will have blue windows (for all the blue voters) and assorted shades of doors and roofs (the door and roof will both be from the same color family), green grass (dur) where present and all will have shades of night skies

Note: sad little graphic…this is one of the house patterns…all the houses do NOT look the same…in fact some are not houses…there’s a tent, a mushroom abode, a castle, a couple dog houses, a few bird houses and one rather odd mobile home trailer of my own devices …but you get the picture… frappe’d August 1st 2012…completed…HA!!! Some day and I will celebrate when that happens!

frogZ in the round contemplation

Paper pieced dancing frogs in a round about quilt contemplation:

Paper piece frog pattern available at:http://www.paperpanache.com/free/guestpats/amobirdfrog.htm will be blowing up to 8.5 X 11 paper sized…so frogs will probably be about 8.5 inches square…frogs and their water backgrounds will be scrappy so no 2 are alike…no sashing…frog next to frog so the blue background can look like dappled blue water, I may use all different blues for the background to give the water more movement…I’m thinking embroidered or button eyes…depending on who will be receiving this quilt.

Inner border will be some water color…no idea if I can locate fabric that really looks like water, waves or droplets (wow that would be cool) inner border will be 3.5 inches in width

Inner green border will be something fun with frogs on it! Frog border will be 6.5 inches in width

Next blue border will be more of the water fabric…this border will also be 3.5 inches in width.

Outer green border I’m hoping to find water lily fabric…I had a scrap of it a couple years ago…only a scrap, got it in a swap…so I think water lily or perhaps some swamp, marsh fabric would be fun! This border will be 6.5 inches in width.

Finish this all off with water and frog prairie pointslovely unisexed green and blue! Probably a baby or lap quiltas usual this is still in the contemplation stageeach paper pieced frog has 40 pieces totalthis one may take me a while once I finally get it off the contemplation rack and into DO IT baggies of paper and fabricThought up May 14th2012

Mary’s baby blue quilt WIP

Work In Process…Very blue baby boy quilt top complete…will either have sheep flannel backing or solid baby blue backing…it’ll be tied with blue embroidery floss.  This will be going to Louisiana for Mary for a baby shower (hope it gets there in time!) 48″ X 36″ unfinished I’ve left overs of the snowflake fabric I mixed with light teal to make a preemie or newborn sized quilt to donate…