cast box quilt

Judi’s cat box barter quilt…yup still on the design wall…

500 cat box quilt Judi WIP 7-4-13

OMG I was 2 cat fabrics short…can you believe I miscounted…I’m shocked too…thankfully I had hot pink with kitty foot prints and Hello Kitty Halloweenie fabrics to fill in the blanks…just to make it exciting the entire design wall fell off the wall onto me…not a square moved…good thing I had some massive diaper pins to hang it back on it’s hooks…don’t care what anyone says…QUILTING IS WICKED EXCITING!  OK so here are the 49 different cat fabrics in all their glory patiently waiting for me to cool off a bit on this toasty 4th of July then I can start stitching them together and contemplate the borders! eventually I’ll be hand quilting a kitty foot print in the center of each square…neato! July 4th 2013


fabulous feline fabric

Fifteen fabulous feline fat quarters arrived today!

All ready to iron and chop up for the 2 (so far) cat box quilts…eeeeeeee can’t wait to see ho dandy these turn out! And I LOVE the selection of really fun fabrics at when I start the great Shamus quilt of Puppy butts I’ll have to go back to get a plethora of canine cotton. I have way too many great ideas for quilts…perhaps now that I have my creativity niche I can really get to work accomplishing a few. I should have more than enough left over kitties to make a couple more knee warmers too!  July 1st 2013

creativity FINALLY

BINS…a multitude of creativity filled bins…boowahahahaha…now all I need to do is put all the bins in order…I have oranges on 3 different shelves, washer backed eyes in the same bin as ruffled lace and safety pins…I am out of control…took 5 minutes to find my pinking shears…it was in a shoe box not a bin…what was I thinking? Well long weekend coming up…after I put the DVDs in alphabetical order I’ll tackle the bin situation…June 30th 2013

Tidy little pile of cats that will grow into Mom’s next fabulous quilt…just waiting for the last 15 fabrics, don’t worry they’re all fat quarters, not $12 yard cuts or anything silly like that, Border fabric is black with rainbow kitty prints…will be quite eye catching…hopefully not to allergen causing as I’m allergic to cats…lol… rainbow prairie points and perhaps a hand quilted cat silhouette in the middle of each square…June 30th 2013

Judi’s barter cat box quilt WIP…looking lovely…really glad I have a design wall now so I can rearrange the square till it’s perfect dark to light…squares are each 7.5” so this will be a nifty knee warmer eventually! This will have a black with white kitty foot prints boarder and black & white prairie points…I think a black back… and perhaps a hand quilted cat silhouette in the middle of each square …June 30th 2013

I’ve got a dandy hallway now to display the quilts I can’t bear to part with…they dampen the echo too…

two house quilts and Jim’s tumor star quilt so far…I have room for a couple more…have a tall skinny quilt planned for the TV room door to deaden the planned music studio corner of it… ROCK ON! June 30th 2013