haven’t been creative for a while

I haven’t been very creative of late…in fact I haven’t actually made anything for about a month…it’s not for lack of stuff to make, I have plenty of diapers cut out, I have receiving blankets that only need the top stitching and they would be done…I even have newborn quilt all sandwiched and ready to go as well…you see I’ve been building a new and very fabulous sewing nook at my mom’s house

For a while all I had was this diagram…drove me a little crazy so I started packing up all my creative diddle dee doos, and bringing Jeep loads over…Bought some fabulous metal shelving units at Menard’s, picked up a felt backed vinyl table cloth at Walmart to make a design wall…all these years of quilting I never had a design wall…the blocks really stick to the felt!

I have a lovely window that looks out at the gardens, if it ever stops snowing I plan on transplanting the bleeding heart plant I’ve had for oh 20 years or so right outside my window and move my lovely Buddha out there as well…

There’s a ledge for some light stuff and my radio so I can have music while sewing/cutting/creating.

This photos a bit blurry…I couldn’t get back far enough…let’s just say I have never had all my supplies where I can see them…WOW…I won’t need to buy fabric or socks for sock beasties for quite a while!  I have all my complete quilt tops in one place so I can get to work on those…well…I have a lot of work ahead of me!

Can’t forget about Shamus…Sprawled in his bed in the sun for a bit…sweet pupper-butt!


My cluttered mind

So much to do. So much left to contemplate.  Most of which is on the QT…so I can’t really splash it all over the headlines at the moment. Let’s just say my address will be changing…for the better.

Natalia heart

I’d really like to sit at the sewing machine and finish the pile of diapers sitting there, or better yet do the top stitching on the stack of receiving blankets.  But I don’t.  I look at the sewing table a mere 6 feet or so from my chair with the piles of flannel and cotton beseeching me to sew and I can’t make myself cross those 6 feet to just do it.  I know once I sit over there I can accomplish the lot of it in a few hours, then I can throw the blankets in the wash and then pin and package the diapers, have those piles completed and out of my mind…it’s those 6 feet of space and the overwhelming jumble of thoughts crowding my mind that keep firmly in my seat watching the TV blindly.


monkey madness

monkey madness

What do I keep, what do I donate, what do I give to someone I know, what do I unceremoniously throw away?!?  Have been living in this little death trap for 20 years.  Wow. I type that 20 years and I realize I have aged as healthily as the craptacular abode I’ll soon be escaping with its 70’s linoleum and so many horrible memories.  Do I pack the memories too? Will they slither along with the boxes of books and breakables to take up new residence? Of course they will.  Natalia’s memory came with to this trailer from those apartments.  Oh to just erase all the bad and just keep the good…deal with it, cope with it, accept it…sigh.  I’ve been living with so much tripe taking up space in my mind and heart for so long I’m tired of it.  Oh I’ll hang on to the memory of Nat even if I have to have the memory of her death.  I’d like to totally loose all memory of the first marriage mistake but keep all the memories of the lovely children that occurred because of that union.  I’ll give up the memory of the ridiculous rebound marriage too, but keep the memories of my girls and the birth of the sweet grandson. It’s a shame you can’t have selective memory loss…of course no offence meant to anyone’s anyone suffering from memory loss.

Natalia N Tabitha

See it’s all these stinking memories clogging my mind when I’m busily cramming more stuff in there: appointments to get to, things to remember to ask at said appointments, things to revise, things to do.  Pay the property taxes ASAP, pay the rent, pay the medical bills, oh go to work and be productive so you get paid.  Clean the fish tanks, yeah plural.  Feed Akmed. Feed Helga. Make Shamus’ vet appointment…find out how much that will cost.  Hey that big bag of chopped up monkey bodies…sew those together you freak! Ship out boxes to the 4 corners of the planet…gotta keep acquiring that good Karma, I’ll need it this coming year for sure.


Lists. Post-its. Scribblings on napkins, envelopes, sketchings of furniture placement, contemplations of decorating in a cool yet not really ‘me’ way.  Can’t be wicked cool…will have to be subdued…ugh…dare I say adult.  Unhappy face.  What of my posters? Yeah, SO juvenile but they are so cool.  My muses to keep me going, the rainbow happiness surrounding me goading me to sew, create, envelope me with busyness…a frappe of color and texture…now white…a blank canvas I can’t paint. So very empty of expression.  What of dangling deals in the windows from the ceiling moving slowly in the air currents that surround the life living there?  Dare I hang the witch’s ball in the window? That I do. Shhhh. Perhaps no one will notice.  But the rest, the wind chimes, the mobiles, the oddness hanging from string will all have to go else where with someone else…or in the trash. Another unhappy face.


Garage sale of things I really don’t want to see go? How does one price items they still like? I’m probably a hoarder of some sort, without the dead flattened animals under piles of refuse.  I just like weird stuff.  Odd ash trays (I don’t smoke), weird mugs I’ll never drink out of, postcards from places I’ll never go, statues, glass things, stuffed beasties, spooky dolls.  Things I don’t need but I like to have.  I like to look at.  How do I choose?  Do I keep the weird doll mom made in the 70’s, named Ruthie with the blue face Stevie ‘adopted’, or do I keep the black Kewpie doll? If I keep both do I then get rid of the Shamus dog collection? I can easily say good bye to the crockery and silverware, glasses cups rugs, towels nondescript furnishing and appliances we won’t need.  I can even be OK with giving/selling the Halloween collection I won’t have room for, perhaps even the Giraffe family with their friends the rhinos…but my zombie dolls, Oonies and sock monkeys…I just don’t know if I can part with them…they aren’t essential like oxygen, but they make me happy…too damn many thoughts…too damn many things to decide about.  Which books can leave? OMG…don’t get me started on books! They’re as prolific as DVDs, CDs, records, yeah vinyl, even cassettes…OY, guitars…playable ones, ones left to be built, bodies painted fabulous but that no real hope of completion any time soon…do people buy guitar parts at garage sales?  Unhappy face once again…

pained grin xmas 2009

I’m happy to move, happy to live in a solid actual house.  HAPPY damnit.  This is a good thing for all of us.  A really healthy change for all of us, have to get happy about it.  Fresh start, out with old in with the new.  New is so scary though.  Oh no…here come the what-ifs…they suck as much as the thoughts of getting rid of things.  What if this doesn’t go smoothly?  What if we end up hating each other?  What if this causes more stress and friction in this tinderbox of a family?  What if we all don’t bend and cope and accept life together? This can’t possibly go in a perfectly ordered tidy calm way.  Look at us, a family of freaks with our menagerie of freaky pets, all of us on different schedules for every thing, we’re all odd and don’t even blend with each other much less mashing us with another human being who’s a bit less malleable than any of us could hope for.  Well, guess we’ll aim for a forced frappe, blend this family like no other before it.  Now to just teach Shamus to be incredibly happy in a quiet way and set all the TVs to be read rather than heard…this new chapter will prove interesting if nothing else…and I will be happy about it…damnit…slightly less unhappy face


Tiny SOcks SPeaking to Me

These will eventually become more wee little sock people…pictured here 4 not made but being viciously contemplated palm sized or smaller obviously male sock critters! eeeeeeeeeeeeeee can’t wait to get to them! Patter for wee critters found in the book: Stray Sock Sewing, Too: More Super Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by Daniel.  Tiny 3 month sized socks purchased at Walmart!

October 31st (yeah I shop on my wedding anniversary) 2012

Pictured tiny foot wear will eventually become more wee little sock people…pictured here 8 count ‘em 8 about to be made, being viciously contemplated palm sized or smaller obviously female sock critters! J can’t wait to get to them! Patter for wee critters found in the book: Stray Sock Sewing, Too: More Super Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by Daniel. Tiny 3 month sized socks purchased at Walmart!

October 31st (yeah I shop on my wedding anniversary) 2012

fabulous socks…can’t have too many!

The latest batch of socks from Target and Douber’s in Waconia…

I guess at this time in history these could be the batch of politically correct all inclusive socks…Argyle for the fabulously educated (mind you I’m not being all stereotypical here or anything) Clashy socks for the hipsters, Halloweenie for the pagans out there all ready for Samhain 😉 Plaid for the oldsters (is that even politically correct?) Rather unattractive kind of Hawaiian socks for well they were pretty ugly and I have to make a few for sure male monkeys…sorry guys…ugly socks just scream dude to me…a wee pair of kitty socks for all those lonely cat ladies out there…hmmm who did I miss? Well the stripes are for every one I missed >sheepish grin< those super tiny red and white socks are being saved for a really cute beastie I found in the book Stray Sock Sewing, Too: More Super-Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by: Daniel you’ll just have to wait till I get him done, I don’t think he has a name…just wee tiny cute beastie.  As of this moment in time all of these lovely socks have already been chopped unceremoniously into empty simian bits and pieces, no longer whole they wait patiently to become a sock beasties.  On a side note…I had quite the avalanche of sock monkeys last night, I moved the wrong thing on the sewing table and about 30 or so completed sock beasts slid onto the floor in an almost silent rush…Shamus just looked on as I struggled with the bin of ribbon which also fell sending spools unrolling across the floor and grabbing a few monkeys by assorted limbs while the rest flopped bonelessly all over the living room…quite the sight…Jim giggled…bummer he didn’t have the camera that was probably a Kodak moment if there ever was one at our house!


Fantabulous embroidery floss found at Douber’s in Waconia where we stopped on a whim…whim shopping, definitely not cost effective! Almost bought all the packages of these lovely blendings, 2 for Jazmin’s bracelets one for sock beast grins…can’t wait to use some of this on the next monkey butt! October 17th 2012

SOCKS…sorting, contemplating

Sock Sorting with Olivia September 25th 2012

Got out the big bucket –o- assorted socks and I put together piles of monkey while she took all the socks, knee highs, anklets, and booties out and contemplated them as a whole…a whole pile of mismatched multicolored silliness.  Some of these will become your basic monkey…others will still be monkey in face but since their legs will be too short –I used just over the ankle socks rather thanover the calf socks – I’m adding baby socks/booties to the ends of the legs so they won’t be too stubby…not exactly like the big brained cat…these monkeys will have regular monkey arms…and no massive brain…


A few will probably be stubby though…just because all kids are different so are their monkeys.  No idea how many monkeys I chopped up last night…a few were already given eyes and noses to get the show on the road.

I have a plethora of super short socks, the type that get sucked into your shoe as you walk.  Gotta come up with an idea for them other than just the

Lucky (legless, really how lucky can that be) Kitty…lucky kitty take 1 ½ super short socks…sigh…perhaps over the weekend I’ll think up something fabulous!

sew many tiny houses

So many tiny houses quilt contemplation…have you noticed I make an awful lot of house quilts…hmmmm…subconsciously want a house?!?

OK a decision has been made…well…basically made…I have 31 house patterns of assorted sizes larges will be 12 inches square complete, the smallest is 2.5 X 2.5 inches complete…SO this will be quite interesting adding sashing here and there to get this monstrosity to work…not to mention this will take quite a while to accomplish since all the houses will be pieced by hand…some look relatively easy others have more pieces than I care to count at the moment…BUT the decision on the color(s) has been reached by kinda popular vote…allot of people like purple andpink so 15 houses will be pink and 15 will be purple, the biggest house (or the bellybutton of the quilt) will bepink and purple, all the houses with windows will have blue windows (for all the blue voters) and assorted shades of doors and roofs (the door and roof will both be from the same color family), green grass (dur) where present and all will have shades of night skies

Note: sad little graphic…this is one of the house patterns…all the houses do NOT look the same…in fact some are not houses…there’s a tent, a mushroom abode, a castle, a couple dog houses, a few bird houses and one rather odd mobile home trailer of my own devices …but you get the picture… frappe’d August 1st 2012…completed…HA!!! Some day and I will celebrate when that happens!

paper pieced house trailer pattern

I’ve been contemplating a quilt…YEAH…I’m shocked too! well in my search for house paper pieced block patterns I’ve found an assortment of regulation houses, a couple castles, a tent, a few bird houses and a couple dog houses all of which have been printed for when I can start this next pile of silliness…bummer is there were NO mobile home patterns…I saw an RV patterns for sale…but an RV isn’t a house trailer…SO here’s my attempt…note: yeah house trailers are a bit boxy

Mobile Home Trailer paper pieced quilt block…

Cut apart sections: a, b, c, & d…

// = sew these pieces together separately before adding them to the foundation

Ad ¼ inch to each section. Sew sections: a+b+c+d.  Completed block should be 8X6

Finished. Oh the gray thing on top is the satellite dish…and this trailer has no skirting.


I threw this together on WORD, print screened it into a photo editor and wa la…we shall see if it works!

Tattoos I’m contemplating

in memory of my dear ol’ Dad…back of one of my calves…they’re both quite beefy do I think this would fit nicely…I’m sure he would TOTALLY disapprove but then again I’ve been a bit of a wild child forever…I can’t remember what dad’s test set looked like, I’ve a feeling it was blue…I found this cool orange one and since I oh so love orange…well there ya go! wicked! Haven’t gotten it priced or anything so I don’t know when exactly I can save up to get it… July 27th 2012


Natalia’s heart tattoo…aiming for left forearm as that’s where all the babies have rested their wee heads…note: band aid on left (broken) side of the heart. HLHS… miss her horrible to this very day…Haven’t gotten it priced or anything so I don’t know when exactly I can save up to get it… July 27th 2012

quilt with a view

yesterday I posted wee paper pieced trees, this is what they will be going into
Quilt With A View contemplation: mostly paper pieced blocks of assorted sizes smallest being 3 inches finished.  All paper pieced blocks from Carol Doak’s book 300 Paper Pieced Block Patterns. House = block # 117 enlarged on copier to 10 inches square, Trees X 3 = block # 044 four inches square, Bird houses = block # 054 (one 4 inches square one elongated to 6X4), Flowers in pots X2 =  block # 103 three inches square, ‘Sun’ = block # 169 (I know it really doesn’t look like a sun, but I think it does the hint of rays quite nicely) 7.5 inches square. The 3D mini quilt which will be attached at the top only will probably something of the postage stamp variety with iron on batting so it hangs rather flat yet floppy…I’ll probably appliqué a wee cat or dog behind it because I can.  The rainbow will be made of left over strips from other quilts, stripes going the way indicated, vertical rather than horizontal; I should be able to get an entire rainbow’s worth of color in then. I’m thinking perhaps I’ll put 2 layers of batting under the rainbow so it can almost be Trapunto but not really…all fabrics used will be mostly batik except the rainbow and the mini quilt. The green grass will actually be fabric that looks like grass with clovers in it.  The blue sky will be assorted shades of blue, teal, sky colored batik. The quilt’s outer border will be brown/hopefully wood grain to look like a window sill. So when it’s all done I can have a quilt with a view at work since I don’t have access to an outside view. Haven’t decided if there will be prairie points or not yet… As of 7/24/2012 I have 2 trees done…this may take a while!

to use the left overs

Rainbow slaps sewn and ready to go into a couple or a few baby quilts…had many strips, (and this isn’t even all of them), left over from this summer’s sock monkey quilts http://wiccanwitchiepoo.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=120#/d4yy9qb & http://wiccanwitchiepoo.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=72#/d51nfkm and the last pieces left from cutting borders for the Our House quilt http://wiccanwitchiepoo.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d57kr7l …even some lovely rows of squares I really didn’t use like I figured I would in the sock monkey quilts…SO I plan on having these rainbows going vertically with thin strips of color between (I have lavender, yellow and I think some green) I figure one quilt will have 3 slabs of rainbow and 2 slabs of monkey…the other three monkey and 2 rainbow….hmmm…I think that’s all I have unless I have a left over rainbow slab and some more monkeys I can make a third quilt adding a few extra borders to fatten it up…course these will all have prairie points made of the left over prairie points from a few massive quilts too…definitely left over quilts are just a nifty as the planned ones! July 19th2012

these will more than likely be donated to sweet babies in need…that’s how I roll!