paper pieced heart WIP -n- Shamus

Good Works heart WIP

for my All Who Dwell in my Heart Quilt. Made this block out of cottons and flannel I’ve used to make quilts, lovies, angel pockets and teeny diapers  I plan on making a super teeny diaper to sew onto the orange spackled fabric.  The monkey in the heart is for all the sock monkeys and sock beasties that now reside across the planet and that wee sheep with the pacifier is for all the babies I’ve helped keep warm.…the pattern is free and can be found at: I blew it up a bit on the copier…paper pieced by hand…that’s how I roll…I’ll be adding ribbons by machine and hand embroider ‘good works’ on the frame of the heart.  Paper piecing Completed July 15th 2013…block is about 8.2 inches square. One more block to go and I’ll have all 20 blocks completed for this quilt!


cast box quilt

Judi’s cat box barter quilt…yup still on the design wall…

500 cat box quilt Judi WIP 7-4-13

OMG I was 2 cat fabrics short…can you believe I miscounted…I’m shocked too…thankfully I had hot pink with kitty foot prints and Hello Kitty Halloweenie fabrics to fill in the blanks…just to make it exciting the entire design wall fell off the wall onto me…not a square moved…good thing I had some massive diaper pins to hang it back on it’s hooks…don’t care what anyone says…QUILTING IS WICKED EXCITING!  OK so here are the 49 different cat fabrics in all their glory patiently waiting for me to cool off a bit on this toasty 4th of July then I can start stitching them together and contemplate the borders! eventually I’ll be hand quilting a kitty foot print in the center of each square…neato! July 4th 2013

fabulous feline fabric

Fifteen fabulous feline fat quarters arrived today!

All ready to iron and chop up for the 2 (so far) cat box quilts…eeeeeeee can’t wait to see ho dandy these turn out! And I LOVE the selection of really fun fabrics at when I start the great Shamus quilt of Puppy butts I’ll have to go back to get a plethora of canine cotton. I have way too many great ideas for quilts…perhaps now that I have my creativity niche I can really get to work accomplishing a few. I should have more than enough left over kitties to make a couple more knee warmers too!  July 1st 2013

fabric, hand sewing and Shamus

Copious flannel purchased right before the sewing machine demanded a servicing…ugh! Well hey I still have an iron and scissor…I can still flatten and slice! December 22nd 2012

Set of three wee people…planned on making a drawstring bag for these and sending them to Operation Sock Monkey or perhaps selling a set on Etsy…Tabbi Cat adopted the black one…need to make a new 3rd now… December 22nd 2012

Slightly blurry…4 wee people sets patiently waiting for the sewing machine to work again so I can sew the drawstring bags to house them…December 25th 2012

Faceless teeny tiny wee people made from newborn sized socks each wee person takes 1 sock and about an hour of hand sewing… December 23rd 2012

Hippy cotton…a whim purchase…eventually I’ll have enough fabric and time for a super retro tacky quilt!

Jazmin’s last moment make a little devil using a stretched out version of the diaper pattern.  Red felt, 2 different button eyes, heart button nose and hand embroidered personality.  His tail is ribbon topped off with a felt point. December 23rd 2012

The last of the almost finished lollipop head dolls completed…amazing what you can accomplish when the sewing machine decides it doesn’t want to work anymore.  These will be going to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia December 23rd 2012

Shamus taking a load off on the quilt covered chair…note the odd way his legs are all stretched out…silly boy! December 23rd 2012

Shamus still on the chair oddly stretched out but now watching Jim closely in the kitchen…watch him boy…he may drop something massively tasty! December 23rd 2012

Shamus tends to feel neglected when I take photos without a piece of him involved…here he is admiring the fabulous hippy cotton…December 22nd 2012

Shamus working on his Christmas stocking on Christmas Eve…heavens…he has been a good boy! December 24th 2012

contemplating more work

Couple more Battenberg lace book marks, a super cool pink cause ribbon book mark from: will be making a mess more of these in ever color I have! Again…piggy is merely embroidered on the towel J 2-3-11


When I’m not embroidering I really need to get to cutting and sewing…check out all this fabric…OY huh? Top batch of flannel and a cotton came in the mail from Ms Bowerman…THANKS I can always use more flannel!

The next pile of flannel is all fun stuff my mom gets when she’s out and about…

The bottom pile is from Kris for X-mas…wow lookit all that color! Whew…getting tired just thinking about it all! 2-3-11