wee fry and lollipop heads

Babies in their new nursery…thanks Jim! The wee fry love not being eaten! November 9th 2012

Lollipop headed baby safe dolls all cut out and ready to go! Pattern found at http://dux-x-bellorum.deviantart.com/art/Little-People-Pattern-3363… for FREE!!! used up all my fleece scraps…November 9th2012

Batch of lollipop headed baby safe dollies…squeakers in the tummy and rattle in their heads…hand embroidered faces…loopy ears will be getting a plastic ring after their baths for easy attachment to strollers and such!  Pattern found at http://dux-x-bellorum.deviantart.com/art/Little-People-Pattern-3363…

Detail of the lollipop heads November 11th 2012


SLAYER-embroidery & quilting o-MY!

Saturday Jim Jaz and I went to the Slayer-Megadeath-Testiment concert at Roy Wilkins auditorium…WICKED LOUD & too cool 4 words! Erik Hess a photographer for City Pages took out picture before we went in…

his fabulous photography from this concert can also be found at: http://www.citypages.com/slideshow/slayer-and-megadeth-storm-the-xcel-center-30866119/

Massive Octopi embroidery has begun.  This one is in shades of green…really green! I figure each cephalopod will be in a different color…rainbow-eske’ once again! I found the octopi and one of the cuttle fish with a Google cephalopod line drawing search. The big octopus is from the site: http://corvustristis.wordpress.com/2009/03/11/cephalopodia/ . Enlarged the picture from 8.5X11 to 11X14 on the copier…looking quite nice thus far! August 21st 2010

Sewed the WBS (Witch Bonnet Sue) + quilt together…backed with a black sheet and have started hand quilting…almost done with the 1st block! Machine quilted in the ditch between the block to hold it together while I quilt…good and hearty!  Its 60 inches across and 72 inches tall. Jazmin of course thinks she should get this quilt when I’m done…erm…NOT…this will be living on the futon when finally done so those wicked cold winter evenings! J August 23rd 2010

Note: sleeping Shamus…

Cephalopod Embroidery Quilt Layout

Mind you haven’t even start this yet…but plan to start tracing the embroidery pattern onto the GREAT white on white bubble fabric I purchased at the quilt shop last night.  Also picked up the green batik that has wave like swirls on it and saw (and will eventually purchase) purple batik with bubbles on it for the outer border…this will be quite the adventure.  I found some of the octopi and one of the cuttle fish with a Google cephalopod line drawing search.  The big octopus, tentacles and the love cuttle fish are from the site: http://corvustristis.wordpress.com she has other really fun embroidery patterns available too! a few of the others I found via a ASK search for free embroidery patterns-octopus…not totally easy to find just the line drawings for hand embroidery since it seems everyone is into machine embroidery now…haven’t quite afforded one of those just yet… 🙂

JBRR # 26 can see!

SHE CAN SEE! wow…my embroidery abilities really need help!

Just need to add some buttons to her dress and she’s ready to be sent out! think I’ll just leave this girl an amputee for the moment.

The next girl I make I’ll add hands to. Her pattern is from the book 300 paper pieced quilt blocks by Carol Doak. She 4.5 X 4.5 inches…

April 1st 2010