productive weekend

Sweet antique hanky bonnets…out of a stack of 12 hankies from an antique store I managed to get 8 total hanky bonnets, three I’ll try to sell on Etsy, try, if they don’t sell before I ship the next box to God’s Tiny Angels the three will be joining these 5 really cute bonnets. These will easily fit a newborn for the ride home from the hospital or for Christening/naming ceremony. Each will have a poem with it:

Just a Little Hankie

I am just a little hankie,

As square as can be;
But with a stitch or two,

They’ve made a bonnet out of me.
I’ll be worn home from the hospital, and on special days,
And then I’ll be carefully pressed and neatly packed away.
Then on the wedding, I have been told,
Every well dressed Bride must have something old.
So what would be more fitting than to find Little Old Me,
A few stitches snipped and a wedding handkerchief I will be!
And if per chance, it is a boy, someday he still will wed.
So to his spouse he can present the handkerchief once worn upon his head!

These were made October 19th 2013

Link to Hanky bonnet instructions:

The hanky bonnets I’ll try to sell: one boyish one out of linen, one girlie one with pink edging and one girl one that’s a really pretty translucent hanky…I really like this hanky! These are for sale on my Etsy page.  All $ will go towards shipping out donations. They will each have the hanky poem with them as well. These will easily fit a newborn for the ride home from the hospital or for Christening/naming ceremony. Just in case anyone wants one

These were made October 19th 2013

Three more hanky bonnets out of hankies from my mom.  I really like the ones with a little color…white is so very…white…I think the one with green embroidery would be great for a little Irish baby or once born on St. Patty’s day! These will all be going to God’s Tiny Angels in the next shipment. These will easily fit a newborn for the ride home from the hospital or for Christening/naming ceremony. Each will have the hanky poem with it. These were made on October 20th 2013

Shamus turned 4 on the 20th…here’s the birthday boy stealing the cake.  I don’t think I’ll ever get a good picture of him sitting there patiently waiting to eat the cake.  Oh well…he did enjoy his birthday squeaky fish… October 20th 2013

2 cheater quilts edged and ready to be shipped out after Christmas to God’s Tiny Angels.  I dare say I really like the cheaters…they go so fast and look fabulous! I’ll have to keep my eye out for more! October 20th 2013

The latest pile of lovies waiting for some top stitching.  12 slightly larger than receiving blankets for newborns and one newborn boy quilt with Minky patches and a flannel back. We’ll see if I can get these done during the week! These will all be shipped out to God’s Tiny Angels after Christmas.  October 20th 2013


sea foam & lavender for sale on Etsy

This is the perfect size lovie for wrapping a baby against the cold,

covering the stroller against the sun, lying on the lawn so baby can explore the great outdoors without getting in the grass and

as baby grows into a toddler is a fine drag about or blanket for daycare nap time.

available at:

All items sold in this store are to fund the making and shipping of baby goods for preemie and at risk newborns via God’s Tiny Angels also the creating and shipping of sock beasties via Operation Sock Monkey.

sweet toddler not included with the quilt 🙂

FrogZ in the Round border fabrics

I figure If I purchase the border fabrics I’ll HAVE to make the quilt! See there is a method to my obvious quilty madness!

Inner ‘water’ border 3.5 inch found this on (pretty sure I’m addicted to this site, it has everything I want…not gonna say need…I won’t die without fabric…but it certainly makes life more interesting all these fabulous colors! This is Michael Miller Paradise Reef Peaceful Water Blue, since I ordered 1 yard, the left overs will also be used for prairie points.

Inner frog border, 6.5 inches this is from…very fun just did a search for frogs and here it was! This is Elizabeth’s Studio On A Lark Frogs Allover Black…EEEEEEEEEEE…too cute… ordered a yard of this…as this is too stinking cute to make into prairie points the left overs will be saved for something else…I’m always planning to make something else…

Outer water border yet again from…searched for water and actually found fabric that looked like water! This is Andover’s Sea Waves Blue…this border will be 3.5 inches and left overs made into the prairie points for this quilt…Ordered 1 yard of this…I think 2 shades of water blue around the edge will be swimmingly fun…pardon the pun and the atrocious rhyming!

Outer 6.5 inch border (may make it wider this fabric is TOO cute!) found on Etsy:  long out-of-print fabric is “frogs in love” by Phillip De Leon for Alexander Henry Fabrics, 1996 see…too cute! Ordered 2 yards just to make sure…you can’t have too much frog fabric on hand…well can you have too much fabric ever?!?

In my search for frog fabric on I also found these fun frog squares, they call them labels…haven’t decided yet…but I may make corner squares in the wide borders with these in the middle of them the corners…can you ever have TOO many frogs on a frog quilt?!?  What’s neato is there will be one left over for the signature block for the back of the quilt! These appear to be about 3 inches square so I can log cabin around them to grow them to 6.5 inches square for the corner blocks…these are called: Andover’s Frogs Labels Blue…ah Froggie goodness…just ordered a slab of it…a panel however large that is…hmmm…judging by the photo it’s not massive…

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a couple kids & monkeys

Liv enjoying a just-in-a-diaper moment…by the time summer’s over I’m sure she’ll be ready for winter again… 3-18-12

Olie working on homework…note the happiness and glee…alright…really…who enjoys homework?!? 3-18-12

Olie’s School Smash book covers…thus far…3-18-12 um yeah I used LOTS of Mod Podge J

Argyle Flowery monkey butt…even though I used girls sized knee socks this monkey grew into a yoga monkey…super long limbs…TOTALLY not baby safe what with the stacked button eyes, button nose and button heart…still too cute!  Hand embroidered grin and flower doily hat finishes her off…she’s about 8 inches tall sitting…she’s a bit too wiggly to stand… completed 3-19-12 while listening to season 7 of the X files…you know they’re out there….lol… will be for sale on Etsy in a bit: (note the name change)

Rainbow acceptance lovely Monkey!  Not really baby safe but wicked cute nonetheless…hand painted washer backed resin eyes…hand embroidered grin…cute little flower button nose, pretty ribbon, wee crocheted flowers on the arms and crocheted flower doily hat finish him/her off…about 7 inches tall sitting…a bit too wiggly to stand… completed 3-18-12 while listening to season 7 of the X files…’I want to believe’….lol… will be for sale on Etsy in a bit: (note the name change)

repurposing socks in March

Sock repurposing in the 1st weekend of march…

Machined on Saturday finished by hand on Sunday…Zarlak out of a pair of toe socks, Monkeys out of mid calf ladies socks and pink Oonie out of one pink red heeled sock…3-4-12 all will eventually be for sale on Etsy: 

Olivia photographed by Olie…think she was getting tired of the flash…3-4-12


Olivia in the head lights…post bananas for supper surprise…3-4-12


Olivia checking out goofy grandpa Jim…3-4-12


Green Mohawk Monkey…Likes: bopping daisies, napping on moss, and trying to walk on duckweed without getting wet.  Dislikes: lint, that wormy smell after it rains and pushy people. lol

Made of 2 mid calf ladies socks, machine and hand sewn…washer backed super green eyes painted by me J fun button nose I found at an occasional sale in Buffalo (baggy of buttons for 3 bucks!) hand embroidered smile and brows…Mohawk knotted with a dot of glue in each knot so it should last getting washed…completed 3-4-12 will eventually be for sale on Etsy: 


Small headed peas carrots corn and marshmallow (?) monkey…no idea how his head ended up so small…hmmm….perhaps his mismatched orange eyes make his head look tiny…well lets not dwell we’ll make him feel bad…he’s made of mid calf ladies socks…probably in celebration of St. Patties day…lots of green of late!  Machine and hand sewn…washer backed odd sized orange eyes…hand embroidered smile and brows with a stacked button nose…not baby proof but for sure kid, teen, adult proof! Completed 3-4-12 will eventually be for sale on Etsy: 


Super Girlie Pink Oonie…woo hoo pink red heeled socks! A wee girl would just love this little chunk of femininity, she’s huggy, squishy, loveable…her hat’s trimmed in fun pastel looped trim picked out by Jazmin…washer backed eyes maker ready for anyone not prone to chewing eyes off dolls…you know who you are…cut that out…she has uno ear and uno eyebrow of the regulation brown Oonie…J her bow says ‘It’s a Girl’ in case you couldn’t tell… Completed 3-4-12 will eventually be for sale on Etsy: 


Purple Striped Zarlakenstein…queue spooky music…OK so Purple isn’t really that terrifying…actually kinda cute with the to the side smile and big blue eyes…aw…machine and hand sewn from 2 toe socks and one purple anklet…I think this is a she…she has washer backed eyes as well as a washer backed nose…so not baby proof…well, and there’s her stacked button belly button…she’s super squishy, something about these fuzzy toe socks make the Zarlak rather portly…well rounded if you will… Completed 3-4-12 will eventually be for sale on Etsy: 

Painting eyes & sock monkeys

Had an idea…at the moment it seemed OK…well it didn’t work…use floral foam to hold the eyes shank end up so I can paint them…well the foam was way crumbly and I didn’t really want green texture added to the eyes so……waste of foam…sigh…BUT I did manage to paint 48 pairs of eyes and one set of three (yeah there were 3 left so I guess I’ll be making a three eyed somebody) I noticed on a few that there are areas I didn’t fill in all the way…but since there are going on socks perhaps the imperfections won’t be noticed…I think they turned out quite lovely for first tries…used a few different paints: Golden Heavy Body acrylic, Jacquard Lumiere Acrylics for the lovely metallic, some cheap craftsmart from Walmart for the glitter, and glow in the dark… completed 12-25-12


Broke down and purchased 2 new pair of scissors…they work wonderfully!  The wee one can get right in there and nip one thread without messing up anything else…the larger ones slice through socks like butter! Found at:


Lucky yoga monkey…with the fun lime green eyes and sheepish grin he’s all ready for St. Patty’s day!  Machine and hand sewn with a hand embroidered grin…the washer backed plastic neon eyes are not truly baby safe…he’s about 40 inches tall standing although he’s a bit wiggly for standing…all wrapped up with a clover shoelace bow…completed 2-25-12 while waiting for the painted eyes to dry…will be for sale on Etsy: 


Not Quite Hounds-Tooth Monkey…made of mid-calf ladies socks…he has lovely blue mismatched washer backed eyes so he’s not really baby safe…he’s got a squeaker in his tummy just because…he’s machine and hand sewn with a hand embroidered grin…finished off with a bright zebra striped ribbon to match his eyes…he sits about 7 inches tall… completed 2-26-12 while trying to ignore the constant reruns on cable TV…will be for sale on Etsy: 

Sock Choppage-results…

Custom for aeleask – Brain-g-nets made to order for a customer on Etsy…thankfully I had saved this pattern on the machine since our computer is having some sort of death throws at the moment…completed 2-18-12 during a viewing of X-Files season 6…think we’re addicted…


Olivia and Grandpa Jim rocking out to Static-X when the computer was amongst the living…2-16-12


Mary’s Argyle lucky kitty completed 2-18-12 made of 2 anklets – Target…gotta love their sock selection – hand sewn and embroidered with weighted beads in her butt to keep her upright.


Mismatch Googley Monster! Made of a set of 3 above the ankle socks from Little Miss Matched (thanks Tab!) This beastie came right from the socks ‘speaking’ to me…after he (he seems to be a he in spite of the pink tulips and nostrils) was complete Jaz pointed out he kinda looks like the very 1st alien seen on Men in Black…kinda…only happier…less damp and gooey…he’s machine and hand sewn with really not baby safe frog googley eyes (finally used the frog eyes! They’ve been staring at me from the eye box for quite a while) a wee blue doily on one hand to cover some unsightly numbers printed on the sock, fuzzy tiny pom-pom nostrils, 2 white glove finger tips for impressive teeth…he even has a functional (well for a stuffed beastie) mouth made of a sock…he could hold onto your smart phone or iPod! Yes he’s a beast for all seasons! Completed 2-19-12 during a few disks of X-files the 6th season… will be for sale on Etsy:


Shamus questioning the sanity of chopping up perfectly good socks…2-19-12

sock reassemblage

Anarchy Oonie…

had the black pom-poms just thought hey…I haven’t made an Emo, punk, or anarchy anybody yet…better get right on that!  He’s made of one original red heeled sock, the aforementioned black pom-poms, with washer backed eyes and hand embroidered anarchy symbol…the checked ribbon finishes his antidisestablishmentarianism look…even has his one ear pierced…so dark and lurking…lol…he’s about 9 inches tall…made while trying really hard not to watch the super bowl…2-5-12 available on Etsy:


Luv Piggie…made of a pair of rather clashy girly socks with lace cuffs…has super intelligent washer backed eyes with a gathered ribbon tail and a felt button heart on his/her arm…hand embroidered smile and eyebrows…about 8-9 inches tall standing…made during the doldrums of morning cable TV…2-4-12 available on Etsy:

recover sewing of SOCKS

Baby Safe Pink Argyle Monkey

surprising sewn during a kinda viewing of Rob Roy…wow…kinda intense movie…Made of fun socks from Target…machine and hand sewn, with hand embroidered facial features and swirly heart 7-8 inches sitting…completed 1-16-12…will eventually be for sale on Etsy: 


Baby Safe Peace Monkey

for the hippy parents/grandparents…well anyone of a mind J more fun Target socks… machine and hand sewn, with hand embroidered facial features and swirly heart 7-8 inches sitting…completed 1-21-12…will eventually be for sale on Etsy:  4th season of the X-files was droning in the background


Red & Black baby safe sock monkey

kinda Emo…a little Punk…splash of Goth perhaps? Target socks once again…can you ever have too many Target socks? machine and hand sewn, with hand embroidered facial features and swirly heart 7-8 inches sitting…completed 1-18-12…will eventually be for sale on Etsy:  4th season of the X-files was being all alien in the background


El-If-A-Grunt of LOVE

eee…too cute! 2 pairs of Target Valentine’s socks and the tips of hot pink stretchy glove finger tips…the glove wasn’t being actively worn when the amputation took place…lol…totally NOT baby safe in the least!  Wacky mismatched buttons on the legs make them moveable…washer backed eyes on felt heart buttons make seeing a little easier…the ears are made of the cuffs from the leg socks…Machine and hand sewn…rainbow satin cording for tail dangles…completed 1-17-2012 will eventually be for sale on Etsy:  4th season of the X-files was weirding me out in the background


LIPZ the yoga monkey

definitely a bit kissy…22 inches tall made of Walmart knee highs…not baby safe with the washer backed eyes and nose with felt heart buttons under them…machine and hand sewn with hand embroidered lips…completed 1-20-12… will eventually be for sale on Etsy:  4th season of the X-files was being all strange in the background


Minnette the fuzzy mouse


made of some super fuzzy socks from Walmart…7-8 inches tall sitting on her fuzzy tush…only stuffed her hands so her arms are way floppy…washer backed eyes and ball nose make her not baby proof…she’s machine and hand sewn…no embroidery it would get hidden in the fuzz…completed 1-19-12… will eventually be for sale on Etsy:  4th season of the X-files was being all spooky in the background


Squid Haired Teddy Monk

planned on being a monkey…strange new birthing technique 4.7 leagues under the sea brought froth the squid haired teddy monk…part teddy bear…prehensile monkey tail…and tentacle hair…definitely not baby proof with the stacked button eyes and button nose…machine and hand sewn with hand embroidered wiggly smile of love…completed 1-19-12… will eventually be for sale on Etsy:  4th season of the X-files was being all conspiracy like in the background


Jazmin’s Silly Sock Squirrel

in process and beyond…these fabulously lovely (dripping with sarcasm) socks were located in the ladies…yes ladies…section of Target…well…at least the dirt wouldn’t show when ya went without shoes…made of 2 pair of socks with the toe section of a white sock…washer backed eyes and nose…machine and hand sewn with hand embroidered little squirrel lips…completed 1-21-12



really who or what is this?  Striped terry cloth sock from the Duber’s in Waconia said hey…this is what I am, although I have no idea who this is…5 glove fingers make up the sticky outy things under the hat and the tail…the pinky off another glove gives him/her a fabulous tongue fit for a gem…baby sized stretchy mittens for the massive hands…used Czech evil eye beads for the wicked intelligent eyes…itty bitty flower buttons for the nose and ring…machine and hand sewn…with tiring satellite TV droning irritatingly in the background… completed 1-22-12… will eventually be for sale on Etsy:  OH not at all baby proof…


Olivia’s 1st Cheeto…um yeah she gestured with it and conducted a wee symphony before dropping it in the chair cushion…1-17-2012


Shamus showing off the fabulous vintage mustard linoleum in the kitchen…oh yes…it’s original! 1-16-2012


Shamus on the vent…as it is finally winter here in Minnesota…he can’t warm his bony tootsies enough! 1-17-2012