Tutorial: Cloth Box with Little Outer Pockets

Cloth box with little outer pockets

how 2 027


how 2 001

2 coordinating or not so coordinating fabrics (fabric used here are RJR Witchie Poo Spiders Green & Grey)

Iron on fleece (I used Pellon®’s 987F Fusible Fleece)

Rotary cutter, mat and ruler

Fabric marking pencil/pen

Iron and ironing board

Sewing machine with your choice of thread



1)     After ironing your fabrics, place them right sides together on your cutting mat.

how 2 002

2)     Using your cutter and ruler cut a 10 inch square out of both.  If you want a larger or smaller box change this size accordingly. Make sure your square is square.

how 2 004

3)     Iron one scare onto fusible fleece.  Trim fleece to the size of the square.

how 2 005how 2 006

4)     Sew both squares, right sides together, with fleece on the outside leaving an opening to turn your square right side out. Use a scant ¼ inch.

how 2 007how 2 008

5)     Trim as close to the sewn line as possible without cutting the stitches.

how 2 009

6)     Trim a little of the fusible fleece from the opening to make it easier to close using care so as not to trim the fabric.

how 2 010

7)     Turn your square right side out using a pokey deal of your choosing to make the corners nice and pointy.

how 2 011

8)     Iron your lovely sewn square.  Both sides just to be sure.

how 2 012how 2 013

9)     Pin the opening shut

how 2 014

10) Sew all the way around as close to the edge as possible, closing the opening as you go.

how 2 015

11) Machine quilt your square liberally.

how 2 016

12) Fold your square in half the inside fabric on the inside.

13) Using your handy dandy ruler and a fabric marking device, mark a 3 inch triangle on both folded corners.

how 2 017

14) Sew along your marking remembering to backstitch at the beginning and the end.

15) Now fold your box in the other direction…looks kind of messy but really it will work!  Once again mark 3 inch triangles on the two non-sewn folded corners.

how 2 018

16) Sew these 2 triangles as well.

how 2 019

17) Weird looking tulip type deal…neato!

how 2 020

18) Pin down the 4 points

how 2 021

19) Pin open the 4 small outer pockets.

how 2 022

20) You could stop here if you don’t mind constantly pinning yourself…

21) Next batch of ingredients: note I changed the buttons. Scissor,  thread, needle, thimble as needed.

how 2 024

22) On each triangle you’ve pinned down sew a button.  You can use ribbon roses or anything else that peaks your interest

how 2 023

23) Tack each of the 2 corners of each little outer pocket.  You can leave these without sewing them but I though it just tidied up the whole thing.

how 2 025

24) Welcome to your completed fabric box with little outer pockets.

how 2 026

This one will be gracing my desk during Halloween!

how 2 027


The buttons look a little messy with the thread over the spiders but these had no shank backs and I don’t get along with glue.

how 2 028how 2 030

These little boxes can be squished quite nicely so could be mailed out in a fat envelope.  This whole pile of happiness too about an hour or so.

how 2 029


Rather productive StayCation

Very productive 5 day staycation!


Celestial Rainbow a large lap quilt I started in 2009 and just finish will be going to my Auntie Ev when my mom visits her…lots of hand quilting in the 2 large circles one’s a sun and the other is a moon.  I machined the borders…love all this bright happy fabric, frogs, bug and buttons…it’s backed with black that has embroidered dots in a rainbow of colors. Finally finished December 29th 2013.


Christmas gifts of fabrics from Tabitha and my mom! Mom got me a massive pile of cottons, socks for beasties and fun buttons. Tabitha got me scrumptious flannels and a fabulous Gingher scissor! I can cut through 5 layers of fabric at a time… December 25th 2013 wow I really need to get sewing!


Tagasaursi (multiple tagasauruses) the cute Camo one and giant lady bug one already have homes, the other 2 will be going to God’s Tiny Angels.  The pattern for these via: http://www.bubblesandbobbins.com/2012/03/tutorial-how-to-make-dinos…

December 29th 2013

Massive stacks of flannel…Think I’d better get to work! December 28th 2013


My modern troll audience hanging out on my lamp (thanks Tab) can always use more color in my sewing space! December 26th 2013

Fabric Box, 1st try, found this idea on http://seaside-stitches.blogspot.com/2013/03/fabric-box-tutorial.html but rather than putting the little triangles on the inside I put them on the out so they can be used as tiny pockets…perhaps I’ll make up a tutorial for this version.  With the copious amounts of fabric I will be making quite a few of these for Christmas 2014…December 29th 2013

Blue & Green Fabric box made for my Shoebox Swap partner (2014) December 29th 2013

Think I’ll make a tutorial for this version with the little pockets on the outside…

Heavenly Fabric

Heavenly cotton

from Heavenly Patchwork Quilt Shop http://www.heavenlypatchworkquiltshop.com/  in Waconia…massive thanks to Kris for the gift certificate for some more fabulous hippy-esque cottons for the tacky hippy quilt I’ll eventually be making…I’ll be bring all the hippy fabric to the shop so I can find the perfect solid shade to sash the hippy squares with. The bubble gum pink with little Shamuses will be going into the pink box rather than the hippy quilt. December 27th 2012


Heavenly flannel

from Heavenly Patchwork Quilt Shop http://www.heavenlypatchworkquiltshop.com/  in Waconia… eeeeeeeeeeeeeee lookit the wickedly fun green with bugs! Love it! The stripy blue is for the opposite side of the plethora of diapers I can make via Teeny Tears for God’s Tiny Angels and any other hospitals I hear from here in MN…think I’ll make a couple preemie flannel lovies out of it as well.  Out of each fat quarter I can make 2 large teeny diapers, 2 small teeny diaper and 1 microteeny diaper…the itty bitty scraps left over are so tiny my heart is hardly broken to throw them away (usually I safe any scrap larger than 1X1 inch) The pile of small square is a charm set of flannel…at least 2 or 3 preemie lovies there…and now that the sewing machine is home safe and sound and ready to sew…so am I! If you’re in the area this is the dandiest place to get your machine adjusted: http://www.papasshoerepair.com excellent service and the prices are totally affordable! The Embroidery machine will be going in next! December 27th2012


on a sock monkey note…got 3 pairs of FABULOUS holiday knee hi’s at Target for half price! BOOWAHAHA!!! fear the savvy shopper!

Signs of a Fabric-a-Holic

Signs of a Fabric-a-holic:
1. Petting the Fabric: Reach out and lightly stroke the fabric with the fingers of one hand. Don’t use too much pressure; just pet the surface so you can feel the Fabric’s softness and texture.

2.  Drape: look around to make sure no one’s looking…unwind a bit of fabric from the bolt, no more than a yard…holding unwound fabric in one hand look at the drape…enjoy the drape, contemplate this drape in your next project.

2. Cheek Testing: Quickly, so that no one can object, pick up the skein in one hand and rub the yarn lightly against your cheek. Tilt your head slightly so that you can get the most facial surface area against the yarn. If you find yourself quietly humming or purring during this activity, go with that. It is a natural reaction to piece of yarn art. (The quilter/fabric bond is beginning to form at this point.)

The quilter/seamstress bond in action:
3. Color Admiration
Hold the bolt or remnant out in front of you, moving it at different angles as though it were a crystal and you wished to see the light reflect off of it from different angles. Walk to the window and admire the color as it looks under natural light. Hold the cloth to your skin and notice how well it looks with your coloring.

4. Content Test
Read the label if available (don’t let go of the fabric itself, keep stroking it with a finger or thumb); coo over the various lovely things which have made up this wonderful cloth.  Even if there’s no content to be found, wonder in amazement what could have made such a perfect fabric! Cotton, wool, poly-happiness

5. Distance and Resistance Test
Put the fabric down where you found it and walk away. Watch every other person in the store like a hawk to see if they go near your fabric. If someone looks like they are going to pick up Your FABRIC, swoop in and grab it and say something like, “oh THERE it is, I am so glad I found one more yard/remnant of the EXACT SHADE OF (insert fabric color here) for my mother’s birthday quilt/skirt/dolly, Whew!” This tactic tells you how much you really want the fabric: If you cannot stand to see another quilter even hover next to the shelf your fabric is on, you need to buy the fabric. If you can tolerate another crafter walking around the shop with your wonderful cloth, pick another fabric and start over. (It wasn’t meant to be.)

Other Advice for the Blossoming fabric Collector
Start small. Wee mismatch remnants really doesn’t count as stash, as many wise quilter in the comments have pointed out, so that’s a non-threatening place to start. Pretty colors and reasonable prices; and you may even actually make a pot holder out of it someday.

Bring a Fabric friend.
A Fabric friend is someone who says things like, “You deserve a little treat today,” or “That is so beautiful; I bet you won’t find one of those again anytime soon” or “It’s just one fat quarter of fabric, it won’t kill your budget”–encouraging phrases that help you break down your resistance to buying non-practical collectibles such as fabric. Art objects are for the soul, for the joy of the heart; a good fabric friend can encourage you to follow your heart and not your head whilst in the cloth shop.
And finally: The most successful fabric collectors have stopped asking themselves “But what would I make with it?” every time they see a fabric they love in the shop. They buy for the love of the cloth, for the fuzzy delight the fleece or flannel brings to their lives. Fabric isn’t just the project you can sew/quilt with it; fabric is its own joy, in and unto itself.

Fabric in all shapes and pre-cuts

Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls, and Turnovers. . Oh My!
Everything You want to Know about the Latest Fabric Products


A Layer Cake is a Moda product made up of 40 – 10″ squares of a fabric line. Another fabric product beginners are sure to love, and, because of its larger size, offers more options to make quilt blocks. For a quick quilt, they can be use without cutting. . . Instead of using a Charm Pack, substitute 10″ square and adjust the length of the sashing and border to fit the larger size square.

Like the Jelly Roll before it, the Layer Cake previews 40 squares of fabric line is the prelude to yardage of the fabric line.


A Jelly Roll is made up of 40 strips of fabric, each 2 1/2″ by the fabric width (usually 41- 44″). Beginning quilters are attracted to this product because strips are precision cut, making cutting fabric in the quilt-making process easier.

The 40 strips of fabric which make up a Jelly Roll preview fabric lines and usually all of the fabrics in the line are represented. Sometimes multiple strips of a single fabric print are included (this usually depends on the number of fabrics in the line.) Once the fabric manufacturer decides which fabrics and how many strips are to be in the product preview, it is rolled up so that it looks like . . . . a Jelly Roll.


On the market for a little longer period than Jelly Rolls, a Charm Pack is a package of 5-inch square fabrics. Like Jelly Rolls, they preview new lines and give the quilter a sampling of that fabric line. Precision cut, they provide accuracy and simplicity to cutting and, as a result, are attractive to beginner quilters. Quilts designed for Charm Packs can often use additional fabrics for more complex quilt blocks, sashings, borders, backing and binding.

Unlike Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs vary in the number of five-inch squares included in a package, so check the label for that information. Because of this variation, prices may also vary.


Most quilters are familiar with this fabric product because it has been around for the longest. A fat quarter is a 1/2 yard of fabric which is then cut in half (so there are two fat quarters in a 1/2 yard of fabrics). Fat quarters measure 18″ x 21-22″, depending upon the width of the fabric used.

Fat quarters offer the quilter the option of purchasing smaller pieces of fabric that are required in many patterns, wider fabric choices for scrappy quilts, and generally a more inexpensive way to expand the quilter’s STASH!

What can you get from one Fat Quarter? (18” X 22”)

You can cut:

99 – 2” squares

56 – 2.5” squares

42 – 3” squares

30 – 3” squares

20 – 4” squares

16 – 4.5” squares

12 – 5” squares

12 – 5.5” squares

9 – 6” squares

6 – 6.5” squares

Made up of 40- 6″ precision-cut squares the squares are then cut diagonally to make 80 triangles. The fabrics in the Turnover are samples of all of the fabrics in a line. The photo shows “Oh Cherry Oh” by 3 Sisters for Moda. A quick way to make half-square triangles and other shapes.


Good enough to eat.  Precision-cut and representing all fabrics in a line, the Honey Bun is made up of 40 strips – 1 ½” x WOF (width of fabric).

Now You Know…

Heat Wave stitching & Tidying

2 wee paper pieced trees

from the book: 300 paper pieced blocks by Carol Doak http://www.caroldoak.com …I’m going to sew a view for my cubicle at work…I have a space approximately 24 inches square to work with…I figure a few trees and a cool house all in batiks will be perfect! Each is about 4 inches square

July 22nd 2012

The stitching on the back of one of the trees from the book: 300 paper pieced blocks by Carol Doakhttp://www.caroldoak.com …yeah I do them by hand…that’s how I roll…block is about 4 inches square I like looking at the backs…all the work shows…eventually all that work is mashed in the inside though and only another quilter would look at the quilt and see the work…July 22nd 2012

I’ve gotten a little OCD on my fabric stash…no done yet I’ve 2 massive bins to still go through and tidy…I can then use those bins for fleece and batting chunks so everything will have a place and that place will be dust free! July 22nd 2012

My sewing corner…yup there’s three sewing machines…I can usually have 2 going at the same time if I’m feeling really industrious…I use those hangers you get at Target and Wally when you buy skirts or kids shorts for block storage…no wrinkles and they’re in my face so I always know I have something I could be doing…I know it screams HOARDERS…but really…nary a flat cat or year old watermelon was found, dust on the other hand…whew!  July 22nd2012

Super yummy smelling rose from Jazmin’s rose bush…even after 4 days this still smelled fabulous! July 22nd 2012

Furiously Frappe’ing Fabric with Fervor

Taste the rainbow of fabrics…well don’t cuz’ it tastes like cotton with a hint of sizing and starch…all fabrics except the red are from Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia… July 6th 2012

OH house # 7 House paper piece pattern located at:http://www.connectingthreads.com/patterns/House_Keepsake_Frame_Card… free! 8.5 square unfinished

July 6th 2012

OH house # 8 House paper piece pattern located at:http://www.connectingthreads.com/patterns/House_Keepsake_Frame_Card… free! 8.5 square unfinished July 6th2012

Fabric for the paper pieced dragon Jazmin wants http://fandominstitches.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/bom-10.pdf

… July 6th 2012

OH quilt WIP…houses put together into a neighborhood House paper piece pattern located at:http://www.connectingthreads.com/patterns/House_Keepsake_Frame_Card… free! July 7th 2012

OH house quilt WIP…up to and including the green of ROY G PIV…only have light & dark blue, Lavender, Purple and hot pink to go! Hope I have enough of each! House paper piece pattern located at: http://www.connectingthreads.com/patterns/House_Keepsake_Frame_Card… free! July 8th 2012

just thought I’d add this…seems wonderfully helpful…think I’ll print it and put it by my sewing area!

a moment for fabric

Houses thus far for the: Our house is a very, very, very fine house…with 2 cats in the yard…life used to be so hard…quilt

House paper piece pattern located at: http://www.connectingthreads.com/patterns/House_Keepsake_Frame_Card…free!

Printed up 9 of them blown up to 8.5 square

Won’t be sashing them…just putting them right next to each other on ‘postage stamp lots’ like in the big city

Will surround the belly button of the quilt with assorted shades of rainbow probably in 4.5 inch strips to make this a nice baby sized quilt or perhaps a wall hanging. June 24th 2012

House # 6 for the Our house is a very, very, very fine house…with 2 cats in the yard…life used to be so hard…quilt

House paper piece pattern located at: http://www.connectingthreads.com/patterns/House_Keepsake_Frame_Card…free! June 26th 2012


Some fabric and center block for the Tree hugger save the everything reduce that carbon foot print quilt…whew what a LONG name!


Center block is completed and is about 14 inches square…the pattern for the pine trees is FREE from:http://www.quilterscache.com/T/ThePinesBlock.html the center block will be sashed with something lime/Kermit the frog tummy…thinking 3.2 inch width.


The wide border is this FABULOUS save the whale, tree hugger, no nukes fabric from Kris to the K…it is SOOOOOOOOO neato I just had to throw a quilt idea together for it! The base color of the fabric is light ish turquoise with bright purples and green…the corner blocks will be paper pieced wonky houses in colors to go with this eye burning carbon foot print shrinking pile of giggle-ee-tude…in other words…haven’t decided yet! Wonky house pattern found FREE at: http://www.forestquilting.com/paperpiecing_free/paperpiecing_free_p…

Another 3.2 width border of same or similar green border

Hmmm…perhaps a border of rainbow stripe OR I’ll make my own rainbow out of 2.5 by hmmm…6.5 inch strips…can you ever have too much rainbow?!? Corner blocks for the rainbow border?!? Small 6.5 inch paper pieced trees matching the center block…not totally matching of course since I made the center a few years ago.

Finish it all up with a 3.5 width green border…with the ever popular rainbow prairie points in lieu of a binding…another eye burning spectacular yet to made but basically thought through quilted loveliness…will probably keep this one since it has the first paper pieced blocks I’ve ever made and the super special fabric from my friend! June 24th 2012


some fabric for the Paper pieced FrogZ In The Round quilt contemplation:

Paper piece frog pattern available at: http://www.paperpanache.com/free/guestpats/amobirdfrog.htm will be blowing up to 8.5 X 11 paper sized…so frogs will probably be about 8.5 inches square…frogs and their water backgrounds will be scrappy so no 2 are alike…no sashing…frog next to frog so the blue background can look like dappled blue water, I may use all different blues for the background to give the water more movement…I’m thinking embroidered or button eyes… June 24th 2012


Fabrics for the Use Up All That Fairy Fabric Quilt June 24th 2012


bumble bee stripes fabrics for the A brain storm of a quilt called Applebee’s

Center block is already made …the black and yellow borders will be oh I’m thinking 3.5 inch squares and black Minky and yellow flannel for a fuzzy bumble bee feel. The yellow border is the same bumble bee fabric that is the outer yellow of the center block.  Of course the whole quilt will be finished up with left over yellow bee fabric and black to match the outer black border prairie points!

Okey Dokey so the apple paper pieced pattern can be found at:http://fandominstitches.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/pattern_ofenjen…

And here’s the sweet honey bee pattern: http://piecebynumber.com/honeybee.htm

Revised 6/22/2012


Jazmin’s still in process Halloweenie quilt…so I’ve already wandered off the beaten path and put a border of assorted Halloween squares…then I’ll be adding a skinny border of the batik green…then the orange and black checker board border with paper pieced witches as corner blocks…this top is already getting too big to hang for pictures…I have the feeling it will indeed be larder than lap sized! June 24th 2012


Wee belly button for another Halloween quilt made of the left over border of Jazmin’s Halloweenie quilt June 25th2012

FrogZ in the Round border fabrics

I figure If I purchase the border fabrics I’ll HAVE to make the quilt! See there is a method to my obvious quilty madness!

Inner ‘water’ border 3.5 inch found this on Fabric.com (pretty sure I’m addicted to this site, it has everything I want…not gonna say need…I won’t die without fabric…but it certainly makes life more interesting all these fabulous colors! This is Michael Miller Paradise Reef Peaceful Water Blue, since I ordered 1 yard, the left overs will also be used for prairie points.

Inner frog border, 6.5 inches this is from Fabric.com…very fun just did a search for frogs and here it was! This is Elizabeth’s Studio On A Lark Frogs Allover Black…EEEEEEEEEEE…too cute… ordered a yard of this…as this is too stinking cute to make into prairie points the left overs will be saved for something else…I’m always planning to make something else…

Outer water border yet again from Fabric.com…searched for water and actually found fabric that looked like water! This is Andover’s Sea Waves Blue…this border will be 3.5 inches and left overs made into the prairie points for this quilt…Ordered 1 yard of this…I think 2 shades of water blue around the edge will be swimmingly fun…pardon the pun and the atrocious rhyming!

Outer 6.5 inch border (may make it wider this fabric is TOO cute!) found on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/KOALACaddie  long out-of-print fabric is “frogs in love” by Phillip De Leon for Alexander Henry Fabrics, 1996 see…too cute! Ordered 2 yards just to make sure…you can’t have too much frog fabric on hand…well can you have too much fabric ever?!?

In my search for frog fabric on Fabric.com I also found these fun frog squares, they call them labels…haven’t decided yet…but I may make corner squares in the wide borders with these in the middle of them the corners…can you ever have TOO many frogs on a frog quilt?!?  What’s neato is there will be one left over for the signature block for the back of the quilt! These appear to be about 3 inches square so I can log cabin around them to grow them to 6.5 inches square for the corner blocks…these are called: Andover’s Frogs Labels Blue…ah Froggie goodness…just ordered a slab of it…a panel however large that is…hmmm…judging by the photo it’s not massive…