Tiny House quilt beginning…fla las!

Impromptu mushroom house

…1st house for the Tiny Houses pink and purple houses quilt… this pattern is found at:http://artisania.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/mushroom-house-quilt-b… FREE! What’s wicked cool about this quilt is many of the patterns are free on the internet! I’ll note which pattern is from where as I get the blocks accomplished…mind you this is a long range, VERY long range adventure…who knows how long it will take me to get all the blocks made by hand then made into a monster quilt! This block is 8.5 X 8.5 inches square…the messed up on the window by using another pink rather than blue…sigh…oh well…since I’ll be embroidering the door knob I will probably embroider around the window in a contrast color to make it pop a bit more.  Completed in lieu of sleep on August 28th 2012


Jaz did some photography of our more fabulously colored flowers

Morning Glories

A weed sunflower that planted it self

One of her super yummy roses

Jazmin’s Dinosaur tree…a little over 2 feet tall now

Virginia of the creeper climbing up the resident Box elder tree…


Flowers, silliness, quilter’s helper

Olivia isn’t too sure about this massive flower on her head 7-15-12

Shamus really doesn’t like this flower either…not masculine enough 7-15-12

Nope Olivia doesn’t feel the flower is fabulous enough (Check out the teefers) 7-15-12

Shamus is suspicious of Jim who did not put the flower on him 7-15-12

Finally flower free Olivia is happy 7-15-12

The rocket men, note rocket in on top of Jeep 7-15-12

The rocket men again, forget launcher…just throw it 7-15-12

In the rockets red glare…ok the wee LED light…giggles abound 7-15-12

Olivia dancing with her new book 7-15-12

Liv on the move 7-15-12

New facebook profile photo…7-15-12

Shamus the quilter’s helper a piece of him is in ever photo of fabric 7-14-12

Shamus helping with the ironing…well the holding down of the fabric making it complicated to iron 7-15-12

just a bit of gardening

Mind you I have no idea what some of these are…yeah I’m that kind of gardener…I go so far as to make sure the plants are where they may be happy…but who they are…well…

Alright I know this one is a massive funky mushroom eating at the dead stump in the yard…bigger than my hand…ooky

Honey suckle…:) still had the tag on it…HA…with a Hosta and copious weeds…with the cool Shamus Jaz found for me for mom’s day…I need to paint his eyes he appears a bit blind

totally purple iris…well I know what some of the plants are…

Jazmin’s Jack-in-the-pulpit…neato!

Oliver’s daisy looking thing…one of the few things in his garden actually blooming

Oliver’s purple leaved plant deal…um…yeah…kinda matches the dirt…

plants awaiting placement in the ground

the shade garden…bum-bum-bum (dramatic music) lots of hostas, some blood root no longer blooming, Dutchman’s britches also done blooming and a wee bleeding heart contemplating life…and WEEDS for one and all

Short fern with a violet

one of Jazmin’s many strawberries blooming…pay no attention to the creeping Charlie…he’s just creeping

The tall fern…hmmm some crane’s bill ah creeping Charlie and weeds caused by the bird feeder that has since been moved…weeds…sigh

can almost smell these too yummy…hey look…more creeping Charlie!

Swap Blocks wet dogs & flowers

Scrappin’ Sew & Sends (Alpha group) via http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WeRQuilters/


Lorrie’s Block 8-2-2010


Sheila’s Block 8-2-2010


Poor post run in with the garden hose Shamus 8-2-2010


Seems the creeper is eating the house 8-2-2010


RUUUN the creeper is eating Jim & Jaz…note quizzical looks on their faces…hmm 8-2-2010


Jazmin’s Dahlia see the tiny fly? 8-2-2010


Jazmin’s Cleome’…very pink! 8-2-2010


Jazmin’s Scabiosa…do so love the Scabiosa! 8-2-2010

Hearts and Flowers Challenge

Challenge block made for the yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CarolDoakQuiltingGroup/

The winner of this challenge get 10 yard of fabric (I think, perhaps its 15 yards, can’t locate the email that started the challenge) think of all the baby lovies I could make with that!

I used fabric from the Beatles collection, some leap frog greens, white on white from the quilt shop in Waconia…tried to have a fun assortment…course as soon as I posted my block I was checking out what other ladies have made…mine will be lost in the shuffle…Oh well, I plan on sashing it in more white on white and adding it to my SWGWSW swap quilt…

Pattern: http://www.caroldoak.com/pdfs/FlowersandHearts.pdf

Finished block = 6 inches square

Completed April 13th 2010