Fraidegg fabulous Friedegg


Painful happy dance…the kids are actually moving to their apartment this weekend!  Tab told me this morning right before we left for work.  SO…tomorrow I was planning on going out and about with mom…Oliver will be coming with now, so mom thinks dad can keep an eye on him at their house while we bop to Wally in search of curtains for my soon to be bedroom and looks like the living room too.  I’ve got lovely black faux velvet drapes pn the side windows so I think all I’m gonna look for are drapes and a valance for the front bowed window.  Also since I have a 20 floating around my change purse I think I’m gonna get ½ yard of each of the cute frog fabrics they have at Wally too along with solid mint, pink and maybe light blue or lavender to make a Froggy quilt.  Should be too totally cute!  Perhaps a heart baby quilt!


I’ll be calling Jim soon to let him know that they will be moving this weekend so to be ready to tear down the fence and gate in the bedroom and ½ the wall in the living room.  Heavens I SO cannot wait!  Perhaps I’ll be sleeping in my bedroom as soon as Saturday night!  Bet I’ll sleep well with all that quiet back there with out all the traffic in front of the house! Update: called Jim…he’s bringing home a celebratory poppa John’s pizza for supper tonight and will be ready to help tomorrow with the big disassemble and move!


When I’m out with mom, worrying about dad and Oliver the whole time, I’m going to pick up a phone to hook up in the bedroom, so I don’t have to run past Jazmin’s moldering corpse to answer the phone on feet that feel like the bone is slicing through my heels. And price throw rugs for the bedroom since Tab’s taking the black rug from the bedroom with her.


Whoa…the owner of the company just called me…ME…to make sure I put his revised write up in the company newsletter…I did…huh, does that mean anything, or am I still a bit freaked about the whole gonna getta bedroom this weekend…probably the bedroom!


Sweet Oliver has his last day of day care today.  I feel so bad for him. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t understand what’s going on.  He’s going to really miss his little guys…Carson, Carson, Cameron, Hunter, Hunter’s cute little brother, the girls…and Josey the Chihuahua…not to mention Karen one of the best daycare operator’s I have ever met! (tear) Then Monday he’ll start daycare/preschool/speech therapy…total huge change to his day, different rooms, new kids, many new adults…then to have a new place to live too without the backup he has at our house…hopefully if Tab has any days that he’s horrible and she needs time she’ll think to call me…she can drop him off any time!  We love the little boogar! Especially Jim…Olie’s his little man.  Once Oliver gets a bit older he can walk to our place on his own…after letting his mom know 1st of course.  It’ll be good that he has an extended family this close by.  Not a lot of kids have that now with both parents having to work and grandparents having to forgo retirement so they work till dead too.  At least when Olie’s new daycare will be off in June and I think August I’ll have my vacation time so I can take him, still get paid and Tab can not have to worry about working…