FrogZ in the Round border fabrics

I figure If I purchase the border fabrics I’ll HAVE to make the quilt! See there is a method to my obvious quilty madness!

Inner ‘water’ border 3.5 inch found this on (pretty sure I’m addicted to this site, it has everything I want…not gonna say need…I won’t die without fabric…but it certainly makes life more interesting all these fabulous colors! This is Michael Miller Paradise Reef Peaceful Water Blue, since I ordered 1 yard, the left overs will also be used for prairie points.

Inner frog border, 6.5 inches this is from…very fun just did a search for frogs and here it was! This is Elizabeth’s Studio On A Lark Frogs Allover Black…EEEEEEEEEEE…too cute… ordered a yard of this…as this is too stinking cute to make into prairie points the left overs will be saved for something else…I’m always planning to make something else…

Outer water border yet again from…searched for water and actually found fabric that looked like water! This is Andover’s Sea Waves Blue…this border will be 3.5 inches and left overs made into the prairie points for this quilt…Ordered 1 yard of this…I think 2 shades of water blue around the edge will be swimmingly fun…pardon the pun and the atrocious rhyming!

Outer 6.5 inch border (may make it wider this fabric is TOO cute!) found on Etsy:  long out-of-print fabric is “frogs in love” by Phillip De Leon for Alexander Henry Fabrics, 1996 see…too cute! Ordered 2 yards just to make sure…you can’t have too much frog fabric on hand…well can you have too much fabric ever?!?

In my search for frog fabric on I also found these fun frog squares, they call them labels…haven’t decided yet…but I may make corner squares in the wide borders with these in the middle of them the corners…can you ever have TOO many frogs on a frog quilt?!?  What’s neato is there will be one left over for the signature block for the back of the quilt! These appear to be about 3 inches square so I can log cabin around them to grow them to 6.5 inches square for the corner blocks…these are called: Andover’s Frogs Labels Blue…ah Froggie goodness…just ordered a slab of it…a panel however large that is…hmmm…judging by the photo it’s not massive…


frogZ in the round contemplation

Paper pieced dancing frogs in a round about quilt contemplation:

Paper piece frog pattern available at: will be blowing up to 8.5 X 11 paper sized…so frogs will probably be about 8.5 inches square…frogs and their water backgrounds will be scrappy so no 2 are alike…no sashing…frog next to frog so the blue background can look like dappled blue water, I may use all different blues for the background to give the water more movement…I’m thinking embroidered or button eyes…depending on who will be receiving this quilt.

Inner border will be some water color…no idea if I can locate fabric that really looks like water, waves or droplets (wow that would be cool) inner border will be 3.5 inches in width

Inner green border will be something fun with frogs on it! Frog border will be 6.5 inches in width

Next blue border will be more of the water fabric…this border will also be 3.5 inches in width.

Outer green border I’m hoping to find water lily fabric…I had a scrap of it a couple years ago…only a scrap, got it in a swap…so I think water lily or perhaps some swamp, marsh fabric would be fun! This border will be 6.5 inches in width.

Finish this all off with water and frog prairie pointslovely unisexed green and blue! Probably a baby or lap quiltas usual this is still in the contemplation stageeach paper pieced frog has 40 pieces totalthis one may take me a while once I finally get it off the contemplation rack and into DO IT baggies of paper and fabricThought up May 14th2012