Flock, Flowers & Flannel

Flock of Hens & Chicks living quite happily in mom’s terraced garden August 5th 2013

Star Gazer lily living outside my window. I can’t take credit for any of these fabulous flowers…Mom did all the work! August 5th 2013

2 more star gazers living in a short yet fabulous row in the garden outside my window August 5th 2013

Small teeny tears http://teenytears.blogspot.com/ diapers (18 week gestation sized) bound for Saint Mary’s Hospital in Rochester Minnesota once I get the large ones completed tonight. I used up my entire stack of larges sized diapers that were cut out…am totally bummed but flannel is where the mad money will be going this week…so I can get another pile cut out for the next hospital…need needles for the sewing machine as I’m using the very last one I have…shocker! August 5th 2013


sewing and other fabulous adventures

Flamingo in the garden.  This is my fabulous birthday flamingo from Jim…think he’s made of old car parts…he watches over Oliver’s fairy garden. July 6th 2013

Jazmin’s bright red lilies. July 6th 2013

Judi’s Cat Box Barter Quilt belly button all sewed and waiting for the border fabric to come in the mail…too cute! July 6th 2013

Mom’s holiday cat box quilt up on the design wall waiting for some sewing machine attention…this one has all but one of the same fabrics as the Judi quilt tried to put this one in a different order so they both look different in the long run. July 6th 2013

Robyn and Neener’s heart WIP (work in Progress) this heart will be one of 20 eventually…don’t know Chocolate and mint make me think of Robyn and her son Neal – Neener.  This heart will join the others in the ‘Those who Dwell in my Heart’ quilt. Worked diligently throughout the day and got it this far.  Tomorrow will work on locating my embroidery hoops (I hope I didn’t get rid of them in the move) and embroidery their names in chocolate colored floss, add some minty ribbons and get started on the 2nd to the last heart…perhaps I’ll get this done this year! Or at least all the blocks…have a perfect place on the wall for it.  The pattern for this fabulous block is free at:http://www.paperpanache.com/free/guestpats/aheart.htm July 7th 2013

Tiny House quilt beginning…fla las!

Impromptu mushroom house

…1st house for the Tiny Houses pink and purple houses quilt… this pattern is found at:http://artisania.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/mushroom-house-quilt-b… FREE! What’s wicked cool about this quilt is many of the patterns are free on the internet! I’ll note which pattern is from where as I get the blocks accomplished…mind you this is a long range, VERY long range adventure…who knows how long it will take me to get all the blocks made by hand then made into a monster quilt! This block is 8.5 X 8.5 inches square…the messed up on the window by using another pink rather than blue…sigh…oh well…since I’ll be embroidering the door knob I will probably embroider around the window in a contrast color to make it pop a bit more.  Completed in lieu of sleep on August 28th 2012


Jaz did some photography of our more fabulously colored flowers

Morning Glories

A weed sunflower that planted it self

One of her super yummy roses

Jazmin’s Dinosaur tree…a little over 2 feet tall now

Virginia of the creeper climbing up the resident Box elder tree…

bombs bursting in air-a hot dog-assorted critters and blooms

At home fire works…one fuse…and a few minutes of loud woo hoo fire works exploding in air…no police were called…yeah! July 4th 2012

Poor hot Shamus…he does not enjoy the 100 degree weather! July 4th 2012

Mushy Shamus on my knee thinking he needs some sherbet…July 7th 2012

Endora exploring July 4th 2012

Sushi Jazmin’s rat July 5th 2012

The star gazers started blooming during the heat wave…July 6th 2012

Bee Balm July 6th 2012

Cone flowers with bee balm July 6th 2012

An unnamed lily July 6th 2012

White cone flower July 6th 2012

Weird Echinacea July 6th 2012

Shamus and the kiddles

Shamus watching me lay out fabric June 24th 2012

Shamus being way too adorable to not take his picture! June 24th 2012

Olivia fashion show June 24th 2012

Olie and Liv checking out the battery free, there for rather dull, ball toy June 24th 2012


Does any one know what this plant is? It’s about 5 feet tall the edges of the leaves are serrated and this doesn’t seem like a zone 4 plant…OH and it’s growing in a garden in Minnesota…

Swap Blocks wet dogs & flowers

Scrappin’ Sew & Sends (Alpha group) via http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WeRQuilters/


Lorrie’s Block 8-2-2010


Sheila’s Block 8-2-2010


Poor post run in with the garden hose Shamus 8-2-2010


Seems the creeper is eating the house 8-2-2010


RUUUN the creeper is eating Jim & Jaz…note quizzical looks on their faces…hmm 8-2-2010


Jazmin’s Dahlia see the tiny fly? 8-2-2010


Jazmin’s Cleome’…very pink! 8-2-2010


Jazmin’s Scabiosa…do so love the Scabiosa! 8-2-2010

stop -n- smell the fla las

Accidentally snapped one of my star gazer lilies off last night… 😦 but a vase and some water makes for a dandy impromptu photo shoot!


My mother’s day orchid from Tab is still alive too… I’m shocked too!


Helga’s wondering what all the commotion is about!