Critters hairless & furred

500 GW in the sun 8-12-13

Green Wilma getting some real sun…we’ve discovered that Wilma is a male Chinese Water Dragon…but the name has adhered…thus Green Wilma will remain his stage name…he’s a cross dresser of Julie Newmar stature!

500 GW over the shoulder 8-12-13

Green Wilma either come hither or don’t you dare touch me…hard to tell…Loved watching the flies and other bugs flit around…very wary every time a bird would fly over.

500 Helga escape 8-12-13

Helga-Hiss-a-Lot contemplating this here crack…her head could fit but her tiny appendages were far to small to get all of her up high enough

500 helga on the move 8-12-13

Helga-Hiss-a-Lot on the run…hard to tell from the photo but she can really move er slither once she knows where she it…she had to stop and taste ever dead leaf and wee weed along the way…

500 Helga scouting the patio 8-12-13

pretty spry for an 8 year old blue tongued skink! Helga creeping under my mom’s chair…good thing my mom isn’t totally terrified of the hairless beasties!

500 Shamus on mommy 8-12-13

Shamus getting over his jealous moment when he didn’t get to go outside with the lizards…not an attractive view but I know he loves me!

500 shamus RUN 8-13-13

just after 5 am…pretty dark in here…just had to say where’s daddy and here he comes to look for him… 🙂


Cacti, Wilma & flannel

Jazmin’s Cacti & Succulent bowl…blooming!

I really shouldn’t go to a pet type shop when I’m feeling guilty for not saving every unhappy animal on the planet…specially that huge snapping turtle some poop ran over on highway 12 (Karma baby…perhaps you’ll get squished by a redneck someday) but I digress, this is Green Wilma, she’s about 8 months old and suffering from calcium deficiency…I adopted her as her previous owner gave her to Petco…poor baby…named her after the cool frog in the book Green Wilma that the girls and Olie like…got her home and she ate her vitamin covered crickets, had a nice long drink of water and gave Shamus McSuchy-Myhre the stink eye every time he moved…Other than her one floppy back leg and what looks like a broken finger she gets around quite nicely! I’m getting her a full spectrum light and on nice days will take her outside for some real sun…

August 7th 2013

Diaper flannel…shopping with Olivia is interesting as long as there is a baby for her to oooh over…other wise she needs to pat all the flannel, right out of the cart… Used up all the large diaper flannel cut-outs so I just MUST have more flannel…but upon getting home I see I have 3 boy flannels and one 1 girl…sigh…Walmart here I come! Out of these flannels I’m only cutting out large diapers as I have quite the stack of smalls left to sew…any left overs I’ll make into patchwork lovies to send to the wee babies in need! August 8th 2013

Lovie Flannel…the wintery holidays are a coming…they are! And these cute winter flannels were even on sale…I think both the reindeer on green and the penguins on blue scream unisexed…backed with a solid color I hope they will still work for both newborn girls and boys this holiday season…the sweet cream with girlie stuff I was going to use for teeny diapers but the more I looked at it the more I thought that is would make me even more unhappy if my stillborn had a diaper on with everything I would be missing out on, on it…so I have enough to make a couple newborn receiving lovies out of it instead. August 7th 2013