A bedroom for Nana!

Giggly Wiggly Happy Dance!!!!!!!!!



We could have our bedroom back as soon as the 10th of January…yes 2009…like in 4 days!  Tab & Travis called the apartments in front of us and they have openings NOW! So they’re bringing all the paperwork and the $60 (WTF) down to the landlord whatever today! 

I’m going to try not to get my hopes too totally pasted onto the ceiling…but…I haven’t had my room since, hmm, 2004 when I traded my nice big room for Tab’s 2nd smallest room cuz’ she was preggers with Olie and needed more space for all the baby accoutrements.  Then when Olie was…oh…1 ish I moved into the Living room so Jaz could have the black room and Oliver could have the smallest room…THEN Tab and Oliver moved out for a while, we made Oliver’s room into the computer room and stayed in the living room, Jim built a wall complete with locking door so it is a room.  Tab and Oliver came back, moved into the big room, divided it with a fence and gate, and this is how we’ve been ever since, no living room, just a kitchen and a tiny computer room…when company comes over they all pile into our room/living room…SO I’m really looking forward to having a living room again and an actual bed room for me and my sweet Lima Bean Man.  With a closet and everything!  All of our gotta-hang-up clothing is in the tiny closet in the computer room.  As I jump up and down internally…My clothing will be in my room with me! Too Freaking painfully cool!

Jim and I have decided the living room will basically be the crafty crap/guitar/living room. So the TV, My painting area, my sewing area and his guitar repair stuff will be in there.  We’ll get a couple beanbag chairs or perhaps a futon so there will be seating as needed.  I can totally tidy the kitchen and have a usable table n seating there too.  WOW…I SO CANNOT WAIT!