Heat Wave stitching & Tidying

2 wee paper pieced trees

from the book: 300 paper pieced blocks by Carol Doak http://www.caroldoak.com …I’m going to sew a view for my cubicle at work…I have a space approximately 24 inches square to work with…I figure a few trees and a cool house all in batiks will be perfect! Each is about 4 inches square

July 22nd 2012

The stitching on the back of one of the trees from the book: 300 paper pieced blocks by Carol Doakhttp://www.caroldoak.com …yeah I do them by hand…that’s how I roll…block is about 4 inches square I like looking at the backs…all the work shows…eventually all that work is mashed in the inside though and only another quilter would look at the quilt and see the work…July 22nd 2012

I’ve gotten a little OCD on my fabric stash…no done yet I’ve 2 massive bins to still go through and tidy…I can then use those bins for fleece and batting chunks so everything will have a place and that place will be dust free! July 22nd 2012

My sewing corner…yup there’s three sewing machines…I can usually have 2 going at the same time if I’m feeling really industrious…I use those hangers you get at Target and Wally when you buy skirts or kids shorts for block storage…no wrinkles and they’re in my face so I always know I have something I could be doing…I know it screams HOARDERS…but really…nary a flat cat or year old watermelon was found, dust on the other hand…whew!  July 22nd2012

Super yummy smelling rose from Jazmin’s rose bush…even after 4 days this still smelled fabulous! July 22nd 2012