wooo 4-5-14 zentangle

Wooed Zentangle for T & E in celebration of Tabitha accepting the marriage proposal from Eric…WOOOoooOOOO!
April 5th 2014


fibro butterfly tangle 4-7-14_0001

Zentangled Fibromyalgia awareness butterfly…
pen and ink uploaded to a photo editor and colored purple ( my ink is basic black)
way back when I was wee I discovered how fun pen and ink was…then a few years back discovered Zentangle, meditative art…woo…have loved it ever since. Like doodling on caffeine…hence some of the wiggly lines. Hoping to one day combine the pen and ink with quilting…both my passions at once! Although at the moment I’m saving up for a guitar body to get Zen all over! April 7th 2014


sewing nook taking shape


The sewing nook is complete but for adequate lighting.  Already using it when I have a chance…contemplating the rearranging of the many bins as I noticed I have orange cotton in 3 different places…can’t have that! But Shamus approves…he came with for a sewing moment and finally stopped pacing and laid behind my chair once I put in Evanescence and got to sewing… May 27th 2013

Sewing in the rain

Had a few moments of indoor gardening during this weekend’s perpetual deluges…

Re-potted my Madagascar palm and gave him a few new succulent friends…we’ve had the palm since Tab was oh I think 7 or 8… May 5th 2012

We’ve a couple new orchids as well…Jaz repotted these as they were mashed into the same pot with moldy moss…hopefully they will survive now that they’re in their own pots with orchid substrate! May 5th 2012Completed the noisy lovies for the upcoming baby showers! Squeaker in one corner, rattle opposite and cellophane for crinkle in the 3rd…the 4th corner has a button hole for the plastic ring for easy attachment to stroller, car seat whatever…

Cherish’s Noisy Lovie is pink with frogs, blue with turtles and a lime green Minky backing…May 5th 2012

Cassie’s baby will be getting 9 different flannel squares with a minty flannel backing that has kind ofgreenie yellow baby items. Very cute…hoping for a girl as there are 2 pink squares…May 5th 2012

This one is my 1st try…not really happy with the way the button hole turned out…this was going to be the Cassie baby lovie but with the funky button hole…sigh…bummed but I think this will either go into the donation pile or one of those spur of the moment baby gifts…nonetheless…bright flannel squares for the front and yummy purple Minky for the back…May 5th 2012

The 9th block of the Cherish Sock Monkey quilt…WOO HOO…done with time to spare!

Think it turned out lovely and since it’s so massive more than 70 inches square this will cover the wee one for quite a while!

The backing is wicked fun tie died pink sheeting…very girlie for wee Cherish…looking forward to meeting her! May 6th 2012

The Cassie baby sock monkey quilt has begun…with the shower on the 23rd of June gotta get to work…yeah I’m shocked too…the belly button which has become the center slab of the quilt is 32 inches by 48 inches so far…fun peas and carrots checker board of 3 inch squares with sock monkeys…so my beginning contemplation for this quilt has changed…another shocker…oh well…I think it will still turn out LOVELY!!! May 6th 2012

Oliver made his very first brownies! I broke the egg but he did the rest! These were to darkest most Diabetes inducing brownies yet…Ghirardelli with chocolate on top… May 6th 2012

Olivia really thinking about crawling…really…some how she gets around without crawling so it will be interesting when she gets some locomotion! May 6th 2012

Operation Sock Monkey

Found a home for my over flow of Monkeys!!!


EEEEEEEEEEEE so very happy all the squished and screaming sock monkeys I have been mashing into a bin by the front door will have forever homes with children effected by trauma and crisis around the globe…My monkeys will be hugged by kids who’ve been forced to grow up way too fast perhaps having to leave their homes bring nothing to hug with, 😦 my monkeys won’t fix everything but maybe give a little comfort to a wee tattered heart…thus I tear up…sigh…Olie is working on his very frist monkey…no idea if he will be keeping her (she’s pink) or perhaps she’ll be going to Canada then for areas unknown to be hugged by a little girl some where…

Email from Operation Sock Monkey Headquarters

‘Hello Elaine!

Thank you for your wonderful email and offer of sock monkey delegate donation! Your sock monkeys are adorable and would be welcome on upcoming expeditions in 2012. Right now we’re planning to send delegations to Cambodia and, later in the year, Niger, West Africa. Monkey missions kind of develop through the year so there will be more monkey trips this year, just not sure where yet, but I’d be sure to keep you posted on the whereabouts of your delegates.

OSM Headquarters is located in Toronto and it’s actually impossible to buy the ‘regulation’ red heel socks here in Canada, so we don’t use ’em either! I love sock monkeys made out of colorful socks and call them funky monkeys- they are wonderful and would be most welcome. As for face-type, again, anything goes!’

Cool huh…I think my sock beastie niche has grown a little off shoot…think from now on for every sock beastie I make I’ll make sure I make a monkey to send away… gotta great start so far!


Yane Mushroom zentangle

Mushroom ala me…Yane!

8.5 X 11 Strathmore paper with Sakura Micron Ink pens…scanned as black and white so I can’t color it with Gimp…yet…will be rescanning it in color so I can color it to my hearts content…


Mushroom ala me…Inverted

Color inverted in Paint

Original: 8.5 X 11 Strathmore paper with Sakura Micron Ink pens…


Mushroom in FULL fabulous color…

Woo Hoo…Yane Mushroom in life like color…ok so not totally life like…LOL…thanks to Photoshop and Gimp I give you a fantabulous Zentangled Mushroom in just about tactile shades of giggle-ee-tude!

Original: 8.5 X 11 Strathmore paper with Sakura Micron Ink pens


to see these in full sized massiveness go to my deviant art page!

a lil sompin sompin

The swapped witches are here!!!  Also the 2009 witches…

and the quilt will begin on Friday the 13th (August)…WOOOOOO HOOOOOO can’t wait!

A quilt for ME!  Freaky weird…


I dyed…hot spicy pink and voluptuous purple…

2 white queen sized sheets and 2 chopped up remains of white sheets…


Halloween wall hangings for my Halloweenie bathroom


Purchased at Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia, finished July 27th 2010


The paper dolls…


Purchased at Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia…given to Emma, Ella and Jocelyn…

Finished July 27th 2010


Olie got his face painted at Rails to Trails in Watertown too cute!


Shamus totally worn out by his hair cut snuggles up with his new puppy from Gumma July 24th 2010


Sweet Lovie made for Jocelyn…started a while back but finally finished July 31st 2010…

large crib sized with tie dyed backing…machine quilted and tied for super washability

Fraidegg fabulous Friedegg


Painful happy dance…the kids are actually moving to their apartment this weekend!  Tab told me this morning right before we left for work.  SO…tomorrow I was planning on going out and about with mom…Oliver will be coming with now, so mom thinks dad can keep an eye on him at their house while we bop to Wally in search of curtains for my soon to be bedroom and looks like the living room too.  I’ve got lovely black faux velvet drapes pn the side windows so I think all I’m gonna look for are drapes and a valance for the front bowed window.  Also since I have a 20 floating around my change purse I think I’m gonna get ½ yard of each of the cute frog fabrics they have at Wally too along with solid mint, pink and maybe light blue or lavender to make a Froggy quilt.  Should be too totally cute!  Perhaps a heart baby quilt!


I’ll be calling Jim soon to let him know that they will be moving this weekend so to be ready to tear down the fence and gate in the bedroom and ½ the wall in the living room.  Heavens I SO cannot wait!  Perhaps I’ll be sleeping in my bedroom as soon as Saturday night!  Bet I’ll sleep well with all that quiet back there with out all the traffic in front of the house! Update: called Jim…he’s bringing home a celebratory poppa John’s pizza for supper tonight and will be ready to help tomorrow with the big disassemble and move!


When I’m out with mom, worrying about dad and Oliver the whole time, I’m going to pick up a phone to hook up in the bedroom, so I don’t have to run past Jazmin’s moldering corpse to answer the phone on feet that feel like the bone is slicing through my heels. And price throw rugs for the bedroom since Tab’s taking the black rug from the bedroom with her.


Whoa…the owner of the company just called me…ME…to make sure I put his revised write up in the company newsletter…I did…huh, does that mean anything, or am I still a bit freaked about the whole gonna getta bedroom this weekend…probably the bedroom!


Sweet Oliver has his last day of day care today.  I feel so bad for him. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t understand what’s going on.  He’s going to really miss his little guys…Carson, Carson, Cameron, Hunter, Hunter’s cute little brother, the girls…and Josey the Chihuahua…not to mention Karen one of the best daycare operator’s I have ever met! (tear) Then Monday he’ll start daycare/preschool/speech therapy…total huge change to his day, different rooms, new kids, many new adults…then to have a new place to live too without the backup he has at our house…hopefully if Tab has any days that he’s horrible and she needs time she’ll think to call me…she can drop him off any time!  We love the little boogar! Especially Jim…Olie’s his little man.  Once Oliver gets a bit older he can walk to our place on his own…after letting his mom know 1st of course.  It’ll be good that he has an extended family this close by.  Not a lot of kids have that now with both parents having to work and grandparents having to forgo retirement so they work till dead too.  At least when Olie’s new daycare will be off in June and I think August I’ll have my vacation time so I can take him, still get paid and Tab can not have to worry about working…

Dear Santa

santa-claus1Dear Santa…St. Nick…Mr. Claus?!?


I realize I’m an adult and I really haven’t ‘believed’ in you since I was eight and asked for a cat, a real cat…I made that perfectly clear at the time…and Christmas morning when I ran out to the tree, there sat a stuffed animal in the shape of a Siamese cat…dude, you didn’t even get the breed correct.  But I’ll be the big guy and let bygones by bygones.  I just have a little request this year…a wee one, should be relatively easy for you you’re the one night wonder after all!

I want happiness…not for me of course, I can cope with life’s ups and downs, I’m middle aged and have seen and lived quite a bit.  I know good comes with the bad and we all need to deal.  I want happiness for my children, there’s only 2 of them so this should be essentially wham bam and there you go.  When they were very little I believe they had moments of happiness, they’re older now, some times I think they’re older than me.  They don’t see the glass as half full ever; in fact I think they see the glass as empty, chipped and dirty, ready for the trash.  I just want them to look at the sky for the clouds and the shapes they take.  I want them to see the moon at night and wonder at the face that there.  I want them to eat a chocolate like it’s the best thing they’ve ever had…ever.  I want them to watch a comedy or stand-up or even America’s Funniest Videos and laugh till they cry.  I guess I just want them to wake up every day and just be OK with being alive, look in the mirror and be please with their appearance, go to work or where ever and just be Happy.  Or at least glad?!?


Yeah…so hey thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read something that isn’t about toys, games, the odd pony or electronics.


Yours just because, Yane


Sewing Machine Happy Dance!


Oh blissful glee!  I’ve a new, oh BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW sewing machine!  I shall call her Sally the Singer! She makes a plethora of stitches and even button holes, perhaps I’ll have to look into making things with button holes soon!

Now I can finally complete Mary’s grand baby name quilt, the 10 baby quilts for Project Linus and Angel Baby’s and finally get the really cute heap of sheep quilt done for the heart baby’s…then I can get back to the Queen Sized retinal damage rainbowie keep Jim warm quilt.  Yippie… Oh so filled with creative gigglitude! 

Sigh but the day has just begun here at work… 3 new molds need books, one mold is tentatively approved, 2 ECR’s, a small stack of ECN’s and the painful pile of filing…

BUT eventually I can go home and tidy the sewing area, get Sally all set up, and I guess do the Table runner I made out of the left-over’s from the tacky assed hotishpink tree-skirt…tree-skirt-2008

Hey…Tacky huh?!?  We’ve a hot pink tinsel pre-lit with pink lights Yule tree…FINALLY a tree that fits out freakish little family! I need a wee menorah, a Kwanzaa corn and any other December holiday I can come up with to make sure the Yule tree covers ALL the holidays…

Last evening in the fervor of purchases with my X-mas $ from my parents (I got it early, my parents are SOOOOO cool) I got myself some really nice winter boots so I can walk during lunch here at work without freezing my b-jeezez off, some leggings to wear under my pants, and a new nightgown…hmmm, yeah that’s it… I gave Tab $40 (basically her X-mas gift from me) so she could pay her rent to me and Jim…yeah kinda round about.  I gassed up the beast, and bought a batch of bobbins for Sally the Singer. And between Tab and I, bought dinner at KFC (I know PETA…bad chicken practices, but we were all hungry) for me, Tab, Oliver, Jazmin, Travis and Jim for under $30.

Pay day which will be mighty tiny after missing 2 days last week will rearing it penny pinchin’ head tomorrow.  I need to hit the quilt shop for my ten er so fat quarters for the Block Buddy Swap fat quarter birthday deal I signed up for… Gonna contemplate a few extra purplesand white on whites for Mom’s yo-yo birthday wall hanging/table topper I’m making for January. What ever may be left…I need to save out $50 for the budget and $25 for Thursday’s co-pay for my (bleck) physical. 

So that’s today…8:11 stinkin’ AM in my little icky life… thus far