Al who dwell in my heart on the WALL


The All Who Dwell in my Heart quilt is totally done and on the wall…doesn’t hang perfectly flat but hey after 3 years of hand paper piecing what does one expect!  20 heart blocks hand stitched, hand embroidered than ribbons added by machine…whew…it’s machine quilted in the ditch between the blocks…haven’t quite decided if I want to tackle hand quilting each heart yet…the back is a fabulous lavender paisley with orange and retina burning color combinations…edged in white with tiny buttons…kinda garish once it was complete but I’m not one to just tear something apart because it’s garish…that and I hate ripping out seams! Finally on the wall October 6th 2013



2 Cassie sewing projects

Cass’ heart for my ‘All Who Dwell in My Heart’ quilt. Pattern: ‘crazy hearts’ black and cream are the colors I chose for Cass, Sully (her son) and Zoe (her daughter)…Cass is my best friends oldest daughter…I met her (Cass) when she was 3…little blonde blue eyed whirl wind…’get over to the side of the road’… the heart is in black Minky and there’s also black corduroy and a weird woven black as well, very tactile! Her name and her kids are embroidered in black variegated…wicked cool! Completed June 2nd 2012

Managed to get this far on Cassie’s peas and carrots monkey butt baby quilt…next weekend there will be copious tying in shades of peas and carrots…cream for the cream colored blocks…a yummy green backing to go with the peas color…pretty sure it will be done on time for the shower on the 23rd…the quilt is approximately 44 inches across by 50 inches down…happy dance! June 3rd 2012

Memorial weekend sewing

Made 5 lovely hanky bonnets on Memorial day…

3 Newborn sized out of lovely hand embroidered Harbanger hankies, one for sale, one for a gift and one to donate,

1 sheer red with flocked flowers for a 3 month old little lade to sell and

one Harbanger 6 month old baby sized.  The Harbangers are all unisexed cream / off white with off white satin ribbons and the red bonnet has white satin ribbons… here’s the instruction to make these: Took me about 2 hours to get all five done…they’re very cute! 5-28-12

Finished the Cassie baby shower quilt top completed turned out fabulous! I love the peas and carrots down the center…the backing will be a yummy lime green…very unisexed since we don’t know who Cassie’s having…who ever it is I hope they like orange and green! Cream and green monkey prairie points in lieu of binding. 5-27-12

Worked a bit on the houses for the Our House quilt…managed to get three done! House paper piece pattern located at:… free!

Red autism awareness house with many kids peeking out the window with a black Minky door.  8.5 inches square 5-26-12

Yellow house with Yellow Submarine fabric and one lone girl peeking out with a green crepe door (with sparkles). 8.5 inches square 5-26-12

Orange Halloween-ie house with a silly quilter in the window and an Oriental satin door…and a cat just because. 8.5 inches square 5-27-12

And for a change of pace I finished the 2nd half of the Cass, Sully, Zoe heart for the all who dwell in my heart quilt…I may finish this quilt some day! Black and cream with a Minky center heart. The pattern for this block can be found for free at:

companion animal heart

Companion Animal block is for all the beasties large and small who have been a big part of our lives.  Reptiles, fish, amphibians, rodents, arachnids, cats, dogs, birds, the odd horse and cow…even a snail for Igor Jazmin’s Apple Snail. A butterfly for the monarch’s we try to grow each year.  Yes we’ve attempted many a beastie! They all will dwell in our hearts long after they’ve left this mortal sphere. Note: the 2 Shamus’…he was sprawled warmly against my leg while I hand pieced this one…

Completed September 14th 2010

Shamus isn’t really into his new Halloween hat…It does keep him on one place till he gets it off his head though! September 14th 2010

Shamus is having a good glare at me for heartlessly strapping a hat on him.  Guess he’s just not that into fashion! September 14th 2010

Jazmin’s Heart WIP

Jazmin’s heart WIP (Work in progress).  Purple and black are Jazmin’s colors…Purple was the color I tried to dress Jaz in…Tab’s was Pink, Nat’s was lavender and light teal…so Jazmin’s was purple, super girlie.  The shade has gotten darker over the years.  The skull fabric for the heart is from a quilt started by Jaz (I’ll finish it some day) Dark and spooky is the route taken with this block, found some fun ribbon and did a nice vine stitch with the machine.  Her name will be embroidered in black. September 9th 2010

Becka’s Heart

Becka’s swap block for

Pattern from 300 paper pieced quilt block patterns by Carol Doak Pattern # 120

4.5 inches square…all by hand (I’m a freak like that) Becka sent all the fabrics except the Purdy pink which I added and sent a piece along with the block to the next lady in the swap…by the end of August Becka will receive a lovely 12.5 inch square block worked on by 3 ladies… I’ll be getting my great Hallow-eenie block then too…can’t wait!  I’ll be adding mine to my wicked witchie quilt! July 20th 2010

home is where the heart is siggy

Home is where the heart is Signature square.  This will go with the belly button block I made for the next round robin I’m in.  The signature block was all hand pieced.  Haven’t decided it I want to sash it yet. Perhaps more of the same red…who knows! Block is 7.75 inches square.  I did the writing in indelible ink so it’ll last! Left plenty of room so the other ladies in the round robin can add their signature, want to give credit where credit it due!  This quilt when completed will more than likely either go to a baby girl born at the time or to a heart baby down at Children’s Heart Clinic of Minnesota.

Block # 120 from the book 300 paper pieced quilt blocks by Carol Doak

May 17th 2010