a little closer to home every day!

I so sewed!


first thing I’ve sewed in a very long time! wee Teeny small sized diapers!!! woo hoo I feel so much better just having sewed even a little…there’s not very good light there just yet, so I could only get these done before it was getting too dim…more to sew next time there’s enough light


my sewing table all set up and ready to get to work! THANK YOU my sweet husband, you manly man you! Took it apart, tied it to the Jeep and put it back together after getting it in the house!


the batik every home has a heart quilt I’ve been hand quilting…now in the new sewing area…better get this move done!


my favorite pink house with the heart quilted…

I’m almost home…we’re all almost home…hopefully within a month we will be all moved in, all getting used to our new surroundings…all becoming content and happy…counting the seconds!


almost home

My creativity corner with my menagerie of silly beasties, interesting statuary, cool bromeliad and my goddess runner…well and the plethora of skeletal beasties…note this area not totally done…I have a nick-nack shelf to install with still more itty bitty diddle dee doos to keep me inspired while I eventually sew…(I’m hoping on Memorial day in fact to sew) Yes that’s a stack of Teeny diapers waiting for top stitching and pins! May 23rd 2013

Another view of the window ledge…I dare say it’s nice to see some of my favorite chucks of happiness out of the box! May 23rd 2013

My view out of the window…eeeeeeeeee…I have a window to look out of while I sew without anyone scowling at me from another trailer! Natural lighting….nature…loveliness…even in the winter I’ll have a white drift with occasional birdie foot prints…to incredibly nice…after all these years to have a view. I guess this is Jim’s view too since he will be living in this room too…if he can get to it…May 23rd 2013

My wee garden right outside my window consists of my more than 20 year old bleeding heart and Buddha…there ya go…one plant my kind of garden…May 23rd 2013

My other happy Buddha hanging out in the moss with the columbines and ferns and some I can’t identify…guess I’m more of a statuary gardener…plunk them down in the plants and done…May 23rd 2013

I can’t wait to finally feel like creating again…this whole move along with the steroids I’m on have left me so discombobulated and uninspired, I’m just miserable not accomplishing anything…I have even kept back a quilt to hand needle and it just sits on my lap…my husband asks if I’m going to work on it and I just don’t…I’m tipping over the sewing table tomorrow to remove it’s legs and bring it and the remaining sewing stuff over tomorrow and I plan on Monday (or even Sunday) going over and sewing…if only to top stitch some diapers or receiving blankets…just to do something again…I’m living in an emptying trailer, it’s hollow and full of echos with all the quilts off the walls, books off the shelves, breakables in boxes…the beasties are the only thing left moving now that the bobble heads have all been put away…I packed my alter 2 days ago along with my daughter’s urn…I feel like a shell when I go home now…hopefully within a month I can sleep in my new room with my alter on my dresser where it belongs, dog warming my feet, sewing corner ready to be used, hearing nothing but birds singing and frogs croaking in the morning instead of drunks yelling, dogs fighting, sirens, and racket…the longer we stay in the trailer the worse it seems around us…
I’m a bit of a crybaby today…
the rant continues
Oh I’m on prednisone to breathe and it always makes me quite morose…I like breathing but I hate being so bummed about everything…
this move is wearing on me…we’re waiting for the contractor to complete a room in mom’s basement for us, I need to give the trailer to someone who can actually pay the rent, the neighborhood where the trailer is just getting tiring with all the stupid people living there who don’t care about anything and anyone…I just want to be out of there, but I can’t leave the trailer empty though, other trailers have been left empty and the people there break in and take all the copper and anything else not tied down. 
Sigh…back in 1993 when we moved in it really wasn’t such a bad place…but now…well maybe I’m just getting old and crotchety but I just can’t cope with all the self centered stupidity…children running wild unattended, pit bulls running free scaring Jazmin and Shamus…after almost 45 years I think I deserve better as does my family…I’ve busted my butt to keep my trailer up, keep the yard attractive and now these people move in without a care in the world trampling all my hard work…even had one approach Jaz and ask if she could take Oliver’s bicycle for her son…um…it’s Oliver’s and her son is all a year and a half old…there’s no way a baby can ride a bicycle…I guess I was just taken back by the audacity of someone thinking they could ask for something in my yard and I would hand it over…Needlessly to say we are putting the bike in the locked shed till we move now…
sorry to be so down…

very fine house quilt contrmplation

Our house is a very, very, very fine house…with 2 cats in the yard…life used to be so hard…quilt

House paper piece pattern located at: http://www.connectingthreads.com/patterns/House_Keepsake_Frame_Card…free!

Printed up 9 of them blown up to

Won’t be sashing them…just putting them right next to each other on ‘postage stamp lots’ like in the big city

Will surround the belly button of the quilt with assorted shades of rainbow probably in 4.5 inch strips to make this a nice baby sized quilt or perhaps a wall hanging. Plan on making all the houses different with the same sky fabric. The middle house will be ‘my’ house…will be putting 2 cats in the yard most likely either using cat fabric as the large rectangle under the window or maybe trying out  my hand at a bit of appliqué’. Yet another idea for a quilt…printed the houses; that’s a start at least! May 11th 2012

I colored in the pattern in Gimp2 so I can see what color should go where easier…

A bedroom for Nana!

Giggly Wiggly Happy Dance!!!!!!!!!



We could have our bedroom back as soon as the 10th of January…yes 2009…like in 4 days!  Tab & Travis called the apartments in front of us and they have openings NOW! So they’re bringing all the paperwork and the $60 (WTF) down to the landlord whatever today! 

I’m going to try not to get my hopes too totally pasted onto the ceiling…but…I haven’t had my room since, hmm, 2004 when I traded my nice big room for Tab’s 2nd smallest room cuz’ she was preggers with Olie and needed more space for all the baby accoutrements.  Then when Olie was…oh…1 ish I moved into the Living room so Jaz could have the black room and Oliver could have the smallest room…THEN Tab and Oliver moved out for a while, we made Oliver’s room into the computer room and stayed in the living room, Jim built a wall complete with locking door so it is a room.  Tab and Oliver came back, moved into the big room, divided it with a fence and gate, and this is how we’ve been ever since, no living room, just a kitchen and a tiny computer room…when company comes over they all pile into our room/living room…SO I’m really looking forward to having a living room again and an actual bed room for me and my sweet Lima Bean Man.  With a closet and everything!  All of our gotta-hang-up clothing is in the tiny closet in the computer room.  As I jump up and down internally…My clothing will be in my room with me! Too Freaking painfully cool!

Jim and I have decided the living room will basically be the crafty crap/guitar/living room. So the TV, My painting area, my sewing area and his guitar repair stuff will be in there.  We’ll get a couple beanbag chairs or perhaps a futon so there will be seating as needed.  I can totally tidy the kitchen and have a usable table n seating there too.  WOW…I SO CANNOT WAIT!