Addicted to Crafting?



[n. ad-ikt; v. uh-dikt]




1. A person who is addicted  to an activity, habit, or substance: a drug addict.




Verb (used with object)


2. To cause to become physiologically or psychologically dependent on an addictive  substance, as alcohol or a narcotic.


3. To habituate or abandon (oneself) to something compulsively or obsessively: a writer addicted to the use of high flown language; children addicted to video games.




It must be possible to be addicted to making things…crafting…creating stuff from found objects…I find it quite impossible to sit with my hands quietly folded and just stare off into space…I have to be doing something…if not reading and watching TV (yes it is possible) I have to be chopping up socks for sock monkeys/monsters, gathering the eyes and accoutrements for said stuffed beasties…or mod podging previously sliced up papers, photos, magazines to something…preferably non living…lol…gathering fabrics into pleasing piles of yet unformed quilts…slicing and dicing piles of fabric into ready to be sewn piles of squares and strips…or if I want to actually gather information from the TV I have to still have my hands busy…stuffing socks beasties, hand sewing, hand quilting, hand paper piecing quilt blocks…even when out and about I’m constantly feeling fabric, checking out the drape, contemplating wooden or chipboard things for collage-ability…seeing designs in nature…wanting to burn them into my memory so I can recreate them somehow with something…Hoarfrost, clouds, diseased bark on a dying tree…weirdness could become something quite lovely if just the right paint is splashed on it…if the perfect fabric is edged with the perfect trim and dangled the right way…there it is…a furry chunk of fungus on the side of that one tree…remember?!?  Stuff that white sock the right kind of lumpy…there are the butt clouds after that one horrible storm that broke trees and damaged roofs but no one was hurt so it was all OK…


Am I a crafty addict or perhaps just damaged the right way that I can make something out of nothing and keep from going insane by doing so…



Sock Choppage-results…

Custom for aeleask – Brain-g-nets made to order for a customer on Etsy…thankfully I had saved this pattern on the machine since our computer is having some sort of death throws at the moment…completed 2-18-12 during a viewing of X-Files season 6…think we’re addicted…


Olivia and Grandpa Jim rocking out to Static-X when the computer was amongst the living…2-16-12


Mary’s Argyle lucky kitty completed 2-18-12 made of 2 anklets – Target…gotta love their sock selection – hand sewn and embroidered with weighted beads in her butt to keep her upright.


Mismatch Googley Monster! Made of a set of 3 above the ankle socks from Little Miss Matched (thanks Tab!) This beastie came right from the socks ‘speaking’ to me…after he (he seems to be a he in spite of the pink tulips and nostrils) was complete Jaz pointed out he kinda looks like the very 1st alien seen on Men in Black…kinda…only happier…less damp and gooey…he’s machine and hand sewn with really not baby safe frog googley eyes (finally used the frog eyes! They’ve been staring at me from the eye box for quite a while) a wee blue doily on one hand to cover some unsightly numbers printed on the sock, fuzzy tiny pom-pom nostrils, 2 white glove finger tips for impressive teeth…he even has a functional (well for a stuffed beastie) mouth made of a sock…he could hold onto your smart phone or iPod! Yes he’s a beast for all seasons! Completed 2-19-12 during a few disks of X-files the 6th season… will be for sale on Etsy:


Shamus questioning the sanity of chopping up perfectly good socks…2-19-12

Making X-mas Cookies

Made a few batches of cookie people this weekend…Started with this Burnt or as Oliver and Jim decided chocolate cookie dude…you’ll note I removed him from the machine too early so I had to hand embroider his smile…Textured felt…too cool…pattern purchased from Urban threads…I LOVE URBAN THREADS!…

Finished 12-17-11


Cookie people for a few coworkers…whole cookies for the girls and chewed cookies for the boys…patterns from Urban threads 12-18-11


Girl’s cookie ornaments for coworkers pattern from Urban threads…

Completed 12-18-11


Boy’s cookie ornaments for coworkers pattern from Urban Threads Note: the Packers colors on the Paul ornament…lol…

Completed 12-18-11


Shamus not impressed with today’s goings on…12-18-11


Zombie Cookie People made for ME…yes I actually made something for me…yeah I’m shocked too! Denuded leg bones are glass tube beads with tiny puffballs…Entrails are 3 different lace deals left over from scrap booking…completed 12-18-11


Zombie cookie boy made from pattern from Urban Threads… denuded leg bones made from glass tube beads and tiny puff balls… completed 12-18-11


Zombie Cookie Girl made from pattern from Urban Threads… entrails made of 3 different lace chunks left over from Scrap booking…completed 12-18-11


oooooooOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo Olivia 12-18-11

last weekend of September!

Kaili’s heart…one of 20 hearts blocks for the ‘All Who Dwell in My Heart’ quilt…Black and Blue…not for bruises…and not for Emo or Hipster (giggle) just kinda dark but not horribly dark…hmmm…well yeah! With a dash of celestial…The pattern was free from: hand paper pieced, machined a bit, machine attached the ribbons and hand embroidered the name…about 9X8 inches at the moment 9-25-11

Olie & Jim flying a styrofoam airplane…every time it landed it fell apart…guess that’s part of the fun…reassembling…9-25-11


Cheshire cat embroidered for an eventual swap design from Urban Threads 9-25-11…


Batch of preemie happiness gathered for Tab’s friend Rebecca’s tiny daughter Phae…aw…9-25-11


Handkerchief baby bonnet made for Phae…eventually it’ll fit her! 9-25-11


Embroidered sweatshirt for mom to give away…9-25-11…


Detail of embroidered sweat shirt, I haven’t washed away the wash away stabilizer yet…9-25-11…

Sewing in a heat wave

with the heat index of 110 outside this weekends and it was a balmy 84 inside…

Burp cloth & Bib set to sell (hopefully) on Etsy




pink pile of happiness probably will be from Oliver to his baby sister for his mom’s baby shower



35 inch square flannel bigger than a receiving blanket, blanket for Olivia Grace…White with Lavender paw prints on the back…too cute!



lil weekend work

Actually got a few things accomplished this weekend…cha I’m shocked too!

Bat skull burp cloth and bib set to attempt to sell on Etsy… burp cloths = 17.5 inches long.

Kitty lovey and burp cloth set.  My mom made the lovey and gave me the scraps and Lovey…go figure made a kitty set to sell on Etsy… lovey is 32.5 inches square.

Cheshire grin kitty bib and burp set the embroidery pattern is from Urban Threads…

Hoping to sell this set on Etsy…

Little sister bib and burp set for Oliver to give his mom for her baby shower…He picked it out…purchase this design…

Too cute!


Aubriana bib made to order for an Etsy Customer…machine embroidery…5-9-11

Couple quilt belly buttons made from left overs…5-10-11

Boy Bear quilt top I made in the 90’s…perhaps I should finish this soon…45 inches square…5-10-11

Girlie polar bear quilt top I made in the 90’s when thinking I could make a living by quilting…since it is unfinished you see where my cottage industry got me…45 inches square…5-10-11

Fun rainbow block quilt made from a charm set and a few extras picked out by Jazmin…this one’s totally ready to be finished…even has the prairie points on it…45 inches square…I think the next rainy weekend I could get this one going…5-10-11

Rainbow kitty quilt I’m hand quilting (so this may take a while) lemon yellow backing…hmmm…no idea how big this one is…probably just crib sized give or take…5-10-11

SMHQ (spur of the moment Halloween quilt) stitching…pretty sure I’ll get this done in time!5-10-11

wedding preparations continue

While working on the brains for my wedding gobble-dee-gook I noticed Shamus was rather occupied…eating the Groom ducky from Oliver’s bucket of ducks for bath time…is this a wedding omen?!? Bad puppy…

Pretty sure his eyes are open…

My wedding bouquet…ran out of lime green ribbon though…so it’s not totally done…3-26-11

Jim’s boutonnière…yup that’s a brain! 3-26-11

My hat…LOVE IT!!! But alas ran out of lime green ribbon so it’s not totally done either… I’ve tried it on…quite solid it is…I may have to put in a weird ponytail so I can drive a hat pin through the whole thing to keep it in place… 3-27-11

Back of the hat with a skeleton wearing left over lace wings…neato! 3-27-11

Front of ‘the hat’ with fun froo froo feathers dancing in the slightest breeze… 3-27-11

Throw bouquet…I had some left overs from the bouquet and hat so WALA a freakish throw bouquet…some how I picture all the single ladies running to NOT catch it. 3-27-11

Throw bouquet detail…see the brain…mmm zombie love! threw it a couple times when Shamus wasn’t in the room…very durable! 3-27-11

My fantabulous wedding garter…see a theme growing?!? 3-26-11