new critters

detail Lazuli 9-5-14 Lazuli 9-5-14

Lazuli… Cobalt Blue tarantula…wee sweet little baby… he’s not really blue yet… if he’s a he, he will probably be a bit bland in color but if he is a she, she will become quite gorgeous. He, I’m just using that moniker because he has proven to be kind of a snotty little he type person, has already tried to be vicious, running like lightening to escape his lovingly appointed tank then rearing up to show us his itty bitty teeth… was hard not to giggle at his tininess, he is after all about the size of a dime… Granted I guess I would be a bit of a snot too if my shipping container had been thrown quite unceremoniously onto the porch by the jerky Fed Ex guy… He arrived with a dull thud on September 5th 2014

rafael 9-6-14Olie and rafael 9-6-14 Oliver and Rafael 9-6-14

Oliver with his new not-a-Chihuahua-Russian Tortoise, Rafael. Yes named after the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle with the purple headband and knifey deals… I’m not totally up on the TMNT craziness. Rafael is less than a year old, may grow to 10 inches long and could live up to 55 years. So far he really likes violets, blue berries and freshly mown grass. Over the winter we will be growing a patch of grass and clover for him downstairs with us… he resides in a wading pool under Oliver’s loft bed. He runs little tortoise laps in circles around his water dish. He was acquired on September 6th… just because he was there…


Yule Tide Silliness

I’m dreaming of a glowing flamingo Christmas…well OK doesn’t really roll off the tongue like the song…but he is fabulously tacky!

The ever elusive Keek the upstairs cat Shamus hears but can never really see…

The stockings were hung and filled to capacity by the stairway with care…course I’m sure everyone has been peeking into theirs as they walk by…

This year’s wicked cool Christmas tree…can’t quite see the wee purple lights for all the dangly deals…note the 2 gifts that still say Amazon on them…Jim couldn’t wrap them while I was in the room…I may just open those one’s 1st!

Sunset 7 days and counting to the great Christmas Chaos…

Oliver sewed a bed out of felt…he’s now working on making a Jack Skellington to sleep in it.


Try as we might, getting Shamus to be a happy Christmas boy just didn’t work out…

Sitting up waiting to leap from the chair

Noticing that the antlers are too heavy for his neck

Looking at Oliver pleading for an escape

Forlorn…poor baby giving up

Oliver can dress like a puppy for Christmas just fine!

fabric therapy


Judi’s lovely cat box barter quilt complete with fun kitty footprint border and already has the batting ironed on.  No idea what size it is yet…comfortable lap sized for sure! November 3rd 2013

Olivia’s way too cute Hello Kitty quilt pinned and ready for some furious machine quilting. November 3rd 2013

Oliver & Olivia (8 & almost 2) Halloween 2013

Oliver and paper piecing

Oliver’s 1st day of 2nd grade! Figure I’ll take the same picture every year to see how he grows…I remember having to help him into the Jeep and buckle him in…tear…he’s growing up so fast! September 3rd 2013 he’s 8 years old!

Busy Body Potion Maker all hand stitched…took a movie, the news, and a couple Law & Order SVUs to complete.  She’s 9 inches square.  From a fabulous set of patterns from:…

Completed August 25th 2013 haven’t decided if I’ll add some embroidery yet…

Oppsie Daisy Witch (paper pieced by hand) she took the movie Phantoms, 1 law & Order SVU and 20 minutes of Under the Dome to complete. I made two miscalculations while making this block…I’m not telling! This block is 9 inches square. I bought the pattern with the set:…

Completed August 26th 2013

Fortune Teller paper pieced witchie poo.  Worked on her for a few days but finally got her done during a viewing of the new The Thing. This block is 9 inches square. I bought the pattern with the set:…  completed August 29th 2013

Green Thumb Witch (Paper pieced by hand) she was completed over a couple days and quite a few really bad B movies…used sock monkey fabric for her shoes…she’s very cute!  9 inches square I bought the pattern with the set:…

Completed September 1st 2013

My cluttered mind

So much to do. So much left to contemplate.  Most of which is on the QT…so I can’t really splash it all over the headlines at the moment. Let’s just say my address will be changing…for the better.

Natalia heart

I’d really like to sit at the sewing machine and finish the pile of diapers sitting there, or better yet do the top stitching on the stack of receiving blankets.  But I don’t.  I look at the sewing table a mere 6 feet or so from my chair with the piles of flannel and cotton beseeching me to sew and I can’t make myself cross those 6 feet to just do it.  I know once I sit over there I can accomplish the lot of it in a few hours, then I can throw the blankets in the wash and then pin and package the diapers, have those piles completed and out of my mind…it’s those 6 feet of space and the overwhelming jumble of thoughts crowding my mind that keep firmly in my seat watching the TV blindly.


monkey madness

monkey madness

What do I keep, what do I donate, what do I give to someone I know, what do I unceremoniously throw away?!?  Have been living in this little death trap for 20 years.  Wow. I type that 20 years and I realize I have aged as healthily as the craptacular abode I’ll soon be escaping with its 70’s linoleum and so many horrible memories.  Do I pack the memories too? Will they slither along with the boxes of books and breakables to take up new residence? Of course they will.  Natalia’s memory came with to this trailer from those apartments.  Oh to just erase all the bad and just keep the good…deal with it, cope with it, accept it…sigh.  I’ve been living with so much tripe taking up space in my mind and heart for so long I’m tired of it.  Oh I’ll hang on to the memory of Nat even if I have to have the memory of her death.  I’d like to totally loose all memory of the first marriage mistake but keep all the memories of the lovely children that occurred because of that union.  I’ll give up the memory of the ridiculous rebound marriage too, but keep the memories of my girls and the birth of the sweet grandson. It’s a shame you can’t have selective memory loss…of course no offence meant to anyone’s anyone suffering from memory loss.

Natalia N Tabitha

See it’s all these stinking memories clogging my mind when I’m busily cramming more stuff in there: appointments to get to, things to remember to ask at said appointments, things to revise, things to do.  Pay the property taxes ASAP, pay the rent, pay the medical bills, oh go to work and be productive so you get paid.  Clean the fish tanks, yeah plural.  Feed Akmed. Feed Helga. Make Shamus’ vet appointment…find out how much that will cost.  Hey that big bag of chopped up monkey bodies…sew those together you freak! Ship out boxes to the 4 corners of the planet…gotta keep acquiring that good Karma, I’ll need it this coming year for sure.


Lists. Post-its. Scribblings on napkins, envelopes, sketchings of furniture placement, contemplations of decorating in a cool yet not really ‘me’ way.  Can’t be wicked cool…will have to be subdued…ugh…dare I say adult.  Unhappy face.  What of my posters? Yeah, SO juvenile but they are so cool.  My muses to keep me going, the rainbow happiness surrounding me goading me to sew, create, envelope me with busyness…a frappe of color and texture…now white…a blank canvas I can’t paint. So very empty of expression.  What of dangling deals in the windows from the ceiling moving slowly in the air currents that surround the life living there?  Dare I hang the witch’s ball in the window? That I do. Shhhh. Perhaps no one will notice.  But the rest, the wind chimes, the mobiles, the oddness hanging from string will all have to go else where with someone else…or in the trash. Another unhappy face.


Garage sale of things I really don’t want to see go? How does one price items they still like? I’m probably a hoarder of some sort, without the dead flattened animals under piles of refuse.  I just like weird stuff.  Odd ash trays (I don’t smoke), weird mugs I’ll never drink out of, postcards from places I’ll never go, statues, glass things, stuffed beasties, spooky dolls.  Things I don’t need but I like to have.  I like to look at.  How do I choose?  Do I keep the weird doll mom made in the 70’s, named Ruthie with the blue face Stevie ‘adopted’, or do I keep the black Kewpie doll? If I keep both do I then get rid of the Shamus dog collection? I can easily say good bye to the crockery and silverware, glasses cups rugs, towels nondescript furnishing and appliances we won’t need.  I can even be OK with giving/selling the Halloween collection I won’t have room for, perhaps even the Giraffe family with their friends the rhinos…but my zombie dolls, Oonies and sock monkeys…I just don’t know if I can part with them…they aren’t essential like oxygen, but they make me happy…too damn many thoughts…too damn many things to decide about.  Which books can leave? OMG…don’t get me started on books! They’re as prolific as DVDs, CDs, records, yeah vinyl, even cassettes…OY, guitars…playable ones, ones left to be built, bodies painted fabulous but that no real hope of completion any time soon…do people buy guitar parts at garage sales?  Unhappy face once again…

pained grin xmas 2009

I’m happy to move, happy to live in a solid actual house.  HAPPY damnit.  This is a good thing for all of us.  A really healthy change for all of us, have to get happy about it.  Fresh start, out with old in with the new.  New is so scary though.  Oh no…here come the what-ifs…they suck as much as the thoughts of getting rid of things.  What if this doesn’t go smoothly?  What if we end up hating each other?  What if this causes more stress and friction in this tinderbox of a family?  What if we all don’t bend and cope and accept life together? This can’t possibly go in a perfectly ordered tidy calm way.  Look at us, a family of freaks with our menagerie of freaky pets, all of us on different schedules for every thing, we’re all odd and don’t even blend with each other much less mashing us with another human being who’s a bit less malleable than any of us could hope for.  Well, guess we’ll aim for a forced frappe, blend this family like no other before it.  Now to just teach Shamus to be incredibly happy in a quiet way and set all the TVs to be read rather than heard…this new chapter will prove interesting if nothing else…and I will be happy about it…damnit…slightly less unhappy face


Surgery +1

one day out from the surgery and I’m working on breathing…crying at home only, think I’m doing pretty good since I’m waiting to get home to break down…Jim is still in ICU waiting for a bed to open in the neurology wing…

as the tumor was a different variety then they thought it was initially he should improve quickly…well quicker than expected in the 1st place.  He’s not as dizzy as before the surgery, dizzy in a different way…more like seeing double when he’s moving rather than spinny barfy…

I visited today till 2 pm and I thought he felt warm when I kissed him for the b-zillionth time…he poo-pooed it since he is such a man…so I told on him on my way out the door…hey…it’s my job to be the man nark…oh he had heart burn too that he was blowing off…told on that too…that’s what he gets for trying to be all tough in front of me…

I’m getting better at driving in the big cities…not truely enjoying it or anything silly like that and I lost the jeep in the parking garage…CHA I know loose a jeep covered in bumper stickers…who would have thunk it…I’m just not getting used to the big city folk…they don’t make eye contact and when I smile and say hi I’m looked at like I just escaped the psych ward…am I such a freak? and those looks are just from the one’s that do make eye contact…the rest are absorbed with their phones or watching their feet walk…I gave up eventually in the tunnel to the garage…I watched my feet walk…not nearly as exciting as looking up…

here’s Jim on the mend…he wanted this picture taked so I could show Oliver that Jim is a little damaged but he’s still rocking on…

on a wacky note…hey this stress crap is a wonderful diet plan…either that or that horrid hospital food I tried yesterday…lost 5 pounds…don’t worry now…as soon as I get him home I’ll pile all that lard right back on!

quilts piecing, bonnets and crabby pants

‘Starlight in my Eye’.

Completed the top of the waiting room quilt! Its 56 inches square give or take.  The center fabulous block was given to me by Anna darknight-sky of Deviant Art the first border is left over rainbow stripes from the quilt with a view at work, the purple border is made of scraps I got in the mail from a friend, then a border of left over monkey squares from last year’s baby quilts, a strip of fun Autism puzzle pieces and white-on-white in between.  Noticed that this picture isn’t horribly clear either…must be a setting on the camera messed up…oy! Nonetheless, this will be keeping my sanity in place during the many visits to assorted waiting rooms.  This one will be kept I think…as it’s dedicated to my ever lovin Husband and Lima Bean Man: Jim to the Myhre.  I plan on making a star template to fit the monkey squares… the center block will be quilted in the ditch…as will the multitude of sashing and borders… the white borders are 3 inches wide so I’m still contemplating what I could put there since this will all be hand work and I’d like to be able to go in one direction most of the time…dispensing with all the flipping of this beast to turn the corner and what not… January 20th 2013

Tiny little ecru burial bonnets.  I think these turned out perfect…love the prints I found at Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia. Need to get more attractive ribbon though, it’s hard to locate ribbon that actually matches the variety of off white fabric out there.  The pattern for these can be located for free at:… half of these will be going to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia , the rest…I’m thinking a hospital the teeny diapers are going to… January 20th 2013

Welcome our newest member of the critter family! Oliver’s hermit crab Sponge Bob (crabby pants) I hope to get a better photo if him very soon.  January 19th 2013

new year’s adventure in staying home

Preemie sized flannel quilt

made from the charm pack from Heavenly Patchwork…didn’t have quite enough girlie shades so I mixed in a couple scrap squares left over from cutting out diapers.  Threw in 2 borders to square it up.  It’s backed with cupcakes on pink flannel with iron on batting and machine quilted…very cute and snuggly.  All of 20 inches square and already boxed and ready to go to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia next pay day! Completed the box with 6 preemie sleepers, 4 lollipop head dolls, 21 set of large Teeny Tears diapers and 13 set of small Teeny Tears diapers…Olie helped package the Diapers! January 1st 2013 great way to start the New Year.

Impromptu jam session…Jim on the acoustic Olie on the electric…no idea what they were playing but it was interesting.  Olie’s newest goal now is to earn a kid sized acoustic guitar…cuteness…December 31st 2012

Oliver bagging teeny tears diapers…2 teeny diapers 1 card in the cellophane bag then the top is folded into a triangle and taped…quite the little diligent little worker…

December 31st 2012

Tab’s wee little person…cool toddler socks she brought home from Wall Drug in Wall SD…finished wee person turned out to be 4.5 inches tall…wee little felt heart added for additional cuteness! January 1st 2013

Sewing furiously for the New Year a fabulously hippy group of 10 sets of large Teeny Tears diapers .  Half will go to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia the other half will be added to the pile to donate to the next hospital I adopt.  January 1st 2013

Super ultra teeny diapers I’ll be adding pin backs to…I hope to send some to the wonderful nurses who help all those mommies and send a few with matching sets of teeny diapers as well. January 1st 2013


Adventures in sizing

I reduced the small Teeny diaper pattern in Picasa making it fit into a 5X7 frame, just to see if I could in fact make an even teenier diaper perhaps for a pendant or a wee broach for a grandma or Auntie of an angel…so incredibly wee…these haven’t had the top stitching done yet but already you can see the dramatic size difference with the tape measure.  Holding the teeniest in your hand really shows it…it fits my thumb.  Oliver pointed out that he could use another one; I let him know the next single I make is for him.  Think I’ll invest in some pin backs for these super teenies and send one with each set I have so all three match. The organization is Teeny Tears the patterns can be found here also. December 19th 2012

oLIE BRAND NEWOlie horizontal stoic

Happy 8th birthday Oliver!

twas 10 days before Christmas

Oliver’s fabulous crabby patty cake December 15th 2012

Olivia trying to escape Neena’s claw like holiday grasp December 15th 2012

Liv has a bow blue and all December 15th 2012

Having a seat in her lovely gown December 15th 2012

Olie just knows this gift is clothing! December 15th 2012

Secret Santa Monkeys for Brendan and Max kiddles of my secret Santa girl! December 15th 2012

Shamus no likes his new Frankenweenie outfit December 15th 2012

Olie and the fabulous cake! December 15th 2012

Contemplating the pile of goodies December 15th 2012

Oliver with his yippee Spongebob Lego kit December 15th 2012

Shall I spin for you? December 15th 2012

Shamus…has gone from dislike to loath…remove this fabric torture! December 15th 2012

Chew toys totally wipe out Shamus December 16th 2012

Olivia can walk this way December 15th 2012

Assorted wee ones awaiting their final destination.  I’m thinking the red white & blue one will go to my niece Meg in the Army.  The pink with the kitty button will go to Judi…the rest…well we shall see! Pattern found in the book: Stray Sock Sewing, Too: Super Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by Daniel December 17th 2012

Choices so many Choices, Oliver has to choose which wee man will go to his friend Neal in Burnsville…the blue 3 buttoned one won! Pattern found in the book: Stray Sock Sewing, Too: Super Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by Daniel December 17th 2012

One newborn sock can make one fabulous wee person in about 1 ½ hours! Pattern found in the book: Stray Sock Sewing, Too: Super Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by Daniel December 15th 2012

A small gathering of wee ones Pattern found in the book: Stray Sock Sewing, Too: Super Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by Daniel December 16th 2012